Headquarters: New York, NY
URL: http://www.getharvest.com

The DevOps Team and Why We鈥檙e Hiring

The Harvest DevOps Team currently consists of the DevOps Lead, five Operations Engineers, and one Database Engineer. Collectively, the DevOps Team is responsible for keeping all applications running smoothly. The team has a wide range of responsibilities and lots of leeway to have fun in the process. Engineers on the DevOps team can self-select which projects to work on, choosing what interests them most.聽

We are currently looking for another Database Engineer to work closely with our Senior Database Engineer. We are designing new production systems in Google Cloud and this will be a good opportunity for someone who has specific experience designing cloud database infrastructure.聽

Database Engineer Responsibilities
Working alongside our friendly Senior Database Engineer, we鈥檇 be looking to you to guide our efforts in all areas of database design, performance, and reliability. You'll champion performance, and encourage best practices, on all database projects across multiple teams. We rely heavily on MySQL to store our data, but we also use Elasticsearch, Redis, and Memcache currently.聽
Collaborating with product developers, and operations team members, you'll be working to make sure our database infrastructure performs reliably. This typically includes translating application requirements to schema, examining indexes, query analysis, deploying clustering tools, designing backup solutions, investigating caching issues, and more.聽
You might see an opportunity to provide value to Harvest customers with enhanced data reporting functionality, and we鈥檇 be looking to you to collaborate with different teams across the organization to help roll new product features out.聽

Experience and Qualifications
  • Managing MySQL infrastructure which is processing tens of thousands of queries per second
  • Collaborating with developers to design great data models and schemas. If you can read Ruby code and wrestle with Ruby on Rails opinions, you鈥檒l fit in really quickly here.聽
  • Troubleshooting and tuning complex SQL queries
  • Improving schema migration processes on large, busy tables
  • Working with ActiveRecord聽
  • Implementing caching strategies
  • Deploying tools like Orchestrator for high availability
  • Devising monitoring tools for database infrastructure
  • Understanding cloud infrastructure
  • Experience with the Go programming language and Kubernetes operators is a big plus, though not required

When You Apply

In your cover letter, please include responses to the following:
  • Tell us a bit about yourself - what are your hobbies and interests outside of work?
  • Why did you decide to apply to Harvest specifically?
  • Let us know what you like about MySQL, or what you really dislike about MySQL. Perhaps you have some strong opinions about PostgreSQL? Do you have a story about an SQL query that was challenging to optimize? Share some thoughts with us that let us know you have spent quality time working with an Open Source RDBMS in a production setting, and we鈥檒l know to pay careful attention to your application.
We are a flexible remote-first work environment, and we are looking for candidates who are able to work hours with a 2-hour to 3-hour overlap to Central Standard Time.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/harvest-database-engineer-1

Headquarters: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
URL: https://www.sectorlabs.ro/

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer you will work on our real estate portals built as SPAs with React, Node and Django as well as on our customer facing tools. These are complex systems with many moving parts and drastic performance requirements. You will have to write new code and understand legacy systems, design new parts and keep an eye on performance bottlenecks.

This is a remote role accepting applicants only from Europe . A high degree of autonomy is offered and we expect you will use it to make decisions and shape the future of our software stack.

Skills & Requirements

Experience and Pragmatism

This role is for somebody who has been through several releases and products built from ground up. We expect some degree of specialization on technology but if that does not align with the one we鈥檙e using at the moment we don鈥檛 mind.

What we expect is:

路 University Degree in CS, CE or closely related
路 At least 5 years of experience writing code professionally
路 At least 3 years of experience in web development
路 A good understanding of all common data structures
路 Ability to write complex algorithms
路 Ability to design software systems with multiple parts across multiple technologies
路 A good understanding of performance optimisation techniques


While knowing our stack is definitely an advantage, it is not by any means a disqualifying factor:
路 Python 3, Django, React, Redux, Node, Express
路 Other technologies and services: Universal Web Apps, Machine Learning, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis, Heroku, AWS, Algolia, CDN鈥檚

What is it like to work for us?

Here are some ideas we have that might help you figure that out:

路 Autonomy: you will choose the tools you want to use and get to make all the technical decisions as long as they make sense (that's for the CTO to approve)
路 Mastery: we will encourage and support you to learn as long as it takes so you can feel proud about your work (the nice side effect of this is having awesome products built by you)
路 Offering the best and expecting to get the same in return: annual allowance for gear upgrades (chair, computer, etc.)

About Us

We're part of a group of companies which operate some of the biggest real-estate web portals in four countries in Asia and Africa. Our purpose is to help provide the technology for these high traffic websites as well as for the back-office operations including sales and marketing

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/sector-labs-senior-full-stack-engineer

Headquarters: Oakland, California
URL: https://solarleadfactory.com/

鈥...solar power will be the single largest source of electricity generation鈥 People do not understand the magnitude of the business. It鈥檚 really very, very significant.鈥

- Elon Musk

Once a fringe thing hippies did, 鈥済oing solar鈥 is now going mainstream. It took over 30 years for the first 1 million solar installations to be completed. It only took another 3 years to install the second million. Over the next 2 years another 1 million homes will 鈥済o solar鈥 and there are 90 million American households to go after that! Solar technology is cheaper, better and more reliable than ever. Unless your head is buried in a coal mine, it鈥檚 becoming abundantly clear that solar is the future.

With rapid growth & mainstream adoption comes massive investment and opportunity in the space. Installation companies are growing quickly, making them hungry for even more growth, and solar continues to accelerate even in a post-COVID world. The last thing you want is the power going out during a quarantine. And it鈥檚 also a product that saves people money, enhances family security, and can be sold over the phone. The technology is dialed, the installation process is clean, but it鈥檚 still a challenge to find customers. Since customers that convert into sales are the lifeblood of any company, sales leads are the raw tool that unleashes massive growth for solar installers.

That鈥檚 why we built SolarLeadFactory.

About Us:

SolarLeadFactory has helped nearly 1 million homeowners looking to buy solar. We have helped hundreds of solar installers grow their businesses - and aim to help hundreds more.

Don't be fooled by our name: we're more than just a 'lead-gen company'. Our business is built on a proprietary software platform allowing us to deliver a best in class product and innovate constantly. We have in-house developers, digital marketing experts, and scientists relentlessly driving the product forward.

Our mission: to unlock consumer demand for solar power.

About You:

You鈥檙e looking for a way to make a huge positive difference in the world & help the companies on the front lines of the solar revolution!

You want to be part of a small but driven team making a big impact on one of the most pressing issues of our time. You share some of our core values including 鈥淢aking Learning the Key Metric鈥, 鈥淗olding Yourself Accountable鈥, 鈥淎lways be Testing Something,鈥 and 鈥淢aster your Craft鈥.

Most importantly, you are a master of pay-per-click advertising who has personally managed large ($250k-$1M/month) lead-generation campaigns.

In order to be successful in this position you must be skilled, highly organized, efficient, proactive, analytical, tech savvy, and an excellent communicator.

Do you want to learn? To grow? To make a difference?

Critical Skills:

  • Skill and experience personally managing large ($250k-$1M/month) lead-generation campaigns.
  • High-level expertise in buying on Facebook and at least one other major advertising platform (ideally Native).
  • Solar experience is not required, but an interest in solar is.
  • Efficient, fast-moving, doer.
  • Ambition to grow.
  • Problem solver with the ability to navigate complex challenges and get things done.
  • Excellent verbal & written skills.
  • Be tech savvy and comfortable with modern software solutions & platforms.
  • Ability to maintain equanimity in trying situations.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team to find great solutions.

Your Mission:

If you鈥檙e excited by the prospect of accelerating the adoption rate of solar power through pay-per-click advertising, this is the role for you.

You will be asked to develop, own, manage, and rapidly scale advertising campaigns which in some cases could be uncapped--as long as quality and margin metrics are achieved. This means you need to be proficient at every level of campaign management, from day one to managing an increasingly large monthly spend.

You will, with the help of our team, build new campaigns from the ground up: determining campaign targeting using our internal algorithms for identifying key markets, as well as responding to timely shifts in market demand. You will also work to develop new ad copy and tests as well as improve the performance and conversion rate of our current funnel.

This will be a fast-paced but extremely rewarding position. Want to help us put a whole lot of solar panels up? Please apply below.

What you get out of this:

  • Competitive salary & performance-based bonus.
  • Work within a results driven organization.
  • Remote location - work from anywhere on a North American time zone.
  • Your input matters! We look for the BEST. Period.
  • Work in an amazing industry. Your friends & family will say 鈥渨oah, that鈥檚 cool!鈥
  • Fast-growing, fun-loving company. Get on the rocketship now!
We are shaking up our industry and working day in and day out to get solar on everyone鈥檚 roof. Come shape your future & the future of the world.

If you鈥檙e game to make a big difference and reap the rewards, come join us!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/solar-lead-factory-media-buyer-needed-for-rapidly-growing-solar-startup

Headquarters: Lyon, France
URL: https://wp-media.me

Are you an experienced Python and Django software engineer? Do you love building SaaS APIs and apps? Does building new features, squashing bugs, and continuously improving quality challenge you? Does legacy code make you want to refactor it to current best practices and standards? Does performance and making the web better, faster, and lighter excite you? Do you have a knack for teamwork with people from different backgrounds and skills?

If you answered yes to these questions, we are sure this position will sound super exciting to you. 馃ぉ

We are looking for a friendly person in love with Python, Django, web performance, microservices, reusable code libraries, and quality to join our Product Software Engineering team. 馃殌

Keep reading for more details! 馃摑

Become Our New Software Engineer!

In your job as a Software Engineer, your primary focus will be building new features, fixing bugs, optimization, and continuously improving our SaaS products.

WP Media
is the French company behind successful WordPress plugins like WP Rocket and Imagify. WP Rocket is the premium caching plugin for WordPress used by +1,000,000 websites and +120,000 customers worldwide. Our plugin makes sites go at the speed of light in just a few clicks. Imagify is our free image optimization service, including a free WordPress plugin: we have already optimized more than 1,000,000,000 images! 馃槻

You will join our Product Software Engineering Team, which is spread across the Canada, Egypt, Nicaragua, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and U.S. To facilitate this international teamwork, we require you to work in a time zone between UTC+2 to UTC-7. We are so curious to know which new country will be added to our distributed team map! 馃實

What You Will Be Doing:

Here is a list describing the tasks involved in this position (do you happen to like making lists? So do we!):聽
  • Contribute to building, testing, and maintaining our SaaS products, APIs, and apps including new features, optimizations, bug fixes, and continuous improvement initiatives
  • Scope, contribute to, and collaborate on technical solutions and specifications for each user story in our backlog.
  • Join our the cross-functional Scrum Team in each sprint to pull in ready-to-build user stories and get each built, tested, demoed, and ready to ship
  • Review pull requests to ensure each meets our standards, achieves the desired feature epic, story, or fix outcome, and does not cause side-effects
  • Seek opportunities to make our products run faster, be easier to maintain, and be more reliable, robust, and scalable
  • Collaboratively contribute to our code libraries, code reviews, process improvements, and technical decisions.
During this journey, you will get cross-training and growth opportunities by working with your teammates on internal projects.

What Do You Need To Excel at This Job:聽

Being Yourself.

The WP Media team is diverse and composed of people from all over the world. Respect, collaboration, and inclusivity are some of our core values (more on this below). Every day of work is an exciting opportunity to get in touch with fantastic people who will enrich your cultural and professional background.

Proficient knowledge of English.

Empathetic and collaborative communication is key: you are comfortable writing, speaking, and listening in English with technical and non-technical teammates.聽

Passion and humbleness.

You are a skilled, passionate, and humble engineer who is friendly, collaborative, and supportive. Solving problems and building solutions that help people are the values that make your work special and rewarding.

Considering how your work impacts others.

Your code is a pleasure to use, read, and understand. When working in the codebase, you leave things better than when you found them. You value personal growth and constructive feedback. People feel good around you because you love sharing what you know while continuously improving yourself, remaining thoughtful and flexible in your approach.聽

Proven Django API expertise.

You are a skilled Django API engineer. You鈥檝e built, maintained, scaled, and continuously improved APIs. You follow agile processes in collaborating during sprints with the rest of the team.

Do you want to know a few other things we appreciate about our candidates? Don鈥檛 worry if you don鈥檛 have experience in any of these areas. We鈥檒l teach you.聽
  • Worked in agile development, preferably Scrum.
We are an agile development team using the power of Scrum and 2-week sprints to focus our energies and efforts. You have experience working in an agile environment either with XP or Scrum. You love self-organizing, empowered Scrum teams. No experience in Scrum? Don鈥檛 worry. We鈥檒l coach you.
  • Automated testing.
You have experience with automated testing, i.e. unit, integration, and maybe even e2e acceptance testing. You value how granular tests prove that your code works as expected even in unexpected conditions. Never built tests before? We鈥檒l teach you a testing mindset and how to leverage automated testing suites to improve your code, our products and our libraries.
  • Previous freelance or remote job experience.
Slack will be your virtual office, where all the life of the company takes place.
  • Know the web performance.
We will train you for this, and we will always have your back, don't worry! But if you already have experience with web performance optimization, let us know. 馃槈
  • The involvement in the software community.
We support our teammates to attend and/or speak at conferences, and to volunteer within the community.
  • Love for cats or Corgis! 馃樃馃惗
What would our working days be without our four-legged friends?

What Else You Should Know About Our Company: WP Media聽

Founded in 2014 in the beautiful Lyon, France, WP Media is an equal opportunity employer with a distributed team of +25 teammates living around the world.聽

Do We Share the Same Values?

Mutual respect, collaboration, and inclusivity.聽

These are the fundamental values that support our life as a team.聽

Healthy balance between work and private life.聽

We encourage our employees to enjoy their family and their hobbies with flexible working hours and minimum vacation policy (you should take a minimum of 5 weeks per year: really, we don鈥檛 count them!).聽

We care about the work you do, not about the hours you sit at your desk.

You can organize your working day with flexible working hours. There are no time cards to stamp, just customers to make happy and friendly teammates to work with!

Transparent culture.

We have a public salary grid. Once a year, when the company does well, we share our profits with the team in the form of bonuses.

We like to see each other in person whenever possible.

Every year, we organize a trip with the whole team and spend a week of coworking and fun activities together.

To give you an idea, so far we have traveled to Spain, Portugal, and Mexico:

Now that we've told you so much about us, it's your turn. 馃槈

Let us know why you would like to become our Software Engineer and why you think you are the person we are looking for.

We can鈥檛 wait to receive your application! 馃専

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/wp-media-python-django-software-engineer-remote

Headquarters: Cheltenam, United Kingdom
URL: https://sozodesign.co.uk


We're looking for strong PHP back-end skills primarily, but ideally you will have experience in SASS and JS.
  • Strong PHP/MYSQL skills
  • Ideally you will have experience of backend Wordpress development
  • Experience of working with APIs
  • Comfortable in Git and Node Build processes
  • CSS experience - SASS ideally
  • Competent in Javascript and jQuery

  • Hands-on, motivated self-starter with ability to take direction and manage tasks with minimal supervision within an energised, collaborative and entrepreneurial environment
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) and great listening skills
  • Experience of remote working
  • Be willing to travel to the UK a number of times a year to meet your colleagues and engage in social team building activities
  • Flexible and resourceful
  • You build clean and qualitative high-end code

  • Unique job role in an innovation friendly company with a very flat management structure.
  • We are a forward-thinking innovative agency who are passionate about the internet. We allow you to develop your skills and enhance your knowledge.
  • You will be given an interesting range of projects and work within a diverse team who all like to collaborate and share their knowledge.
  • Salary depending on experience

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/sozo-design-limited-experienced-php-wordpress-developer

Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia
URL: https://toggl.com/hire/

Toggl Hire is the newest product made by the Toggl team. Tried and tested in-house for years, we offer a radically new way to recruit better candidates, faster. No more reading countless resumes - instead, the hiring process is automated and the best candidates shortlisted based on actual skills without the recruiter lifting a finger.

Our team is looking for a Frontend Developer to help companies hire smarter and faster. Apply for this position and experience the product first-hand.

You love to code slick and fast web apps. You take pride in products you build. You believe React and components are the future. You live and breathe JavaScript, HTML & CSS. Webpack is your bread and Babel is the butter.

Remote work and traveling ring your bell. A culture of freedom and flexibility makes you motivated and productive. You are a team player. Sound like you? Then, you'll fit right in!

The starting salary is EUR 48,000 annually, based on experience.

About the team

Toggl Hire is on a mission to revolutionize the way hiring happens. We are big believers that modern day recruiting should be effortless and enjoyable. That means no more resumes or cover letters, no more endless hours screening through applications, no more interpreting past roles into current experience.

We are a fully remote team, with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. Our people are highly skilled, highly motivated, and most importantly, a fun, friendly bunch. We value transparency and communication, and have regular meetups all over the world!

Find out more about Toggl Hire.

Some benefits

  • Freedom to choose when and where you work from.
  • 24 days of paid time off a year, plus your local holidays.
  • 2 company retreats and 2 team meetups a year (expenses covered) for team-building.
  • Laptop and a 鈧2,000 budget to set up your home office.
  • Reimbursement for co-working space rent or internet service at home.
  • Opportunities to attend trainings, workshops or conferences.
  • Monthly reimbursement for gym membership, massage and other things to improve your health.
  • Support for buying a phone, eyeglasses or tools you need for doing your best work.聽

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/toggl-frontend-developer-for-toggl-hire

Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://raisely.com

Raisely powers online fundraising for ambitious organisations, to improve the well-being of people and planet. While technology gets us part of the way, we know that we have our greatest impact when we鈥檙e helping our customers do incredible things with our product.

We鈥檙e looking for a Customer Success Specialist to join our growing team. We want to find someone passionate about technology, who thrives on building relationships with customers, and is passionate about a world that puts people and planet first. If that鈥檚 you, we want to meet.

We want you to become a Raisely product expert, and a savvy digital fundraiser.
You鈥檒l be a trusted advisor for our customers, working through questions in our support channels, recommending how to improve customer campaigns, and producing high-quality help content (videos and articles).

This is a full-time, permanent role. Raisely is a remote company. We are looking for someone to cover the US afternoon and Australian morning.聽

Permanent, full-time (38hrs/week)
Location: Remote (we鈥檒l help you set up your home office!)
Timezone: We鈥檇 like your hours to be within 6pm GMT - 4am GMT. We think this will suit people in: West Coast US/Canada/Mexico, New Zealand and the Pacific.

On a day-to-day basis you will:聽

  • Work through our support queue, quickly and efficiently providing expert replies to questions from Raisely customers
  • Update and grow our help and how-to guides
  • Recording how-to videos that help customers become Raisely experts
  • Advise charities on how to build, improve and run their fundraising campaigns on our platform
  • Provide basic technical support to customers, including simple CSS and HTML changes to campaigns
  • Work with our product designers and engineers to make sure customer feedback plays a key role in our product roadmap
  • Welcome and train new customers, and partner with them to create successful fundraising campaigns and use their data well
  • Improve anything. Your job description doesn鈥檛 end with these bullet points.

About you

  • You love to help, and are energised by solving problems for others. You don鈥檛 find a queue of complex questions daunting.

  • You鈥檙e an excellent writer, and clear verbal communicator. You easily dismantle complex concepts. You鈥檙e fluent in English with an engaging, clear, and conversational tone.

  • You鈥檙e technical. You throw away the manual and figure things out for yourself. Online products just make sense to you. You know basic HTML and CSS.

  • You鈥檙e a go-getter. You thrive on finding problems and can鈥檛 rest until you solve them. You welcome an environment where you can learn and work independently. You make sure you get the job done.

  • You鈥檙e not comfortable with the status quo. You鈥檙e not in this for a quick dollar; you think the world needs to be better and that technology will get us there.

We need you to:

  • Be a native English speaker with clear written and verbal communication
  • Have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Be able to legally work where you live (we can鈥檛 sponsor a visa)
  • Have 2+ years experience in a customer facing role (previous experience in SaaS is beneficial)


We hope you鈥檙e excited by our unique product offering, our team and what we鈥檙e trying to achieve. But, to sweeten the deal, we offer these great benefits:

馃挼 Salary 鈥 We try to pay above-average salaries, adjusted for where you live and your experience. This role pays US$52,000 a year.

馃彞 Healthcare 鈥 We will contribute up to US$3000 towards health insurance if you live somewhere without a public health system.

馃搱 Ownership 鈥 We are focussed on building Raisely as a team, so we鈥檒l offer you the chance to be a part-owner of the company with our Employee Share Scheme

馃捇 Technology 鈥 We鈥檒l get you a laptop and screen when you start, plus help you set up your home office.

鉁堬笍 Retreats 鈥 Every 6-ish months we fly you somewhere pretty for our team retreats. (Once we鈥檙e able to safely again)

馃椇 Annual Leave 鈥 Everyone gets 4 weeks paid leave plus 11 days of public holidays, to be taken when you like. Plus, you are entitled to generous paid sick leave.

馃尨 Work remotely 鈥 We鈥檙e a remote-first company - live and work wherever you鈥檙e happiest. We鈥檒l cover a coworking space if you鈥檇 like to work there.

Flexibility 鈥 Adjust your hours as you need, within the window set above.

馃し Training 鈥 We鈥檒l support you with time when you want to learn new skills or pay for conference or course tickets.

Why Raisely?

We鈥檙e actively working to improve the world
We鈥檙e an impact-driven company, we鈥檙e here to improve the wellbeing of people and planet. Helping charities raise money online is our greatest lever for change. We hold strong opinions, and respectfully refuse to work with people we disagree with. We鈥檙e a registered B-Corp, and are working to become carbon neutral.

We鈥檙e remote, and growing
While our roots are Australian, our team hails from all over the world. You鈥檒l be joining colleagues in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico. If you haven鈥檛 worked remotely before, you鈥檒l love the flexibility and won鈥檛 want to go back.

We鈥檙e young, innovate and ambitious
You鈥檙e joining us just at the start of our journey. We鈥檝e been growing rapidly, but we鈥檙e just getting started. We want to help charities all over the world raise more online, through powerful technology paired with world-class customer support. We鈥檙e not settling for average.

How to apply:

You鈥檝e got this far! We really want to hear from you. We do applications a little differently here, so we don鈥檛 want your resume and cover letter.聽

Here鈥檚 how to apply:

  1. Sign up for a Raisely account at https://admin.raisely.com/apply
  2. Explore the account and learn a little about Raisely (you can watch our getting started videos at https://raisely.com/get-started or read our help docs at https://suppot.raisely.com)
  3. Record a simple 2-3 minute video explaining how to use a feature of your choice, as if we were a customer (you can use something like https://www.loom.com/)
  4. Fill out the application form (there鈥檚 a few other questions in here, including an example reply to a support question)

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis until we find the right person.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/raisely-customer-success-specialist

Headquarters: Australia
URL: https://www.smartfertilitychoices.com/

聽About the Business and the Role

We鈥檙e a small online business in the women鈥檚 health industry seeking a Social Media & Community Manager. We鈥檙e looking for someone with a strong work ethic to join our team as we expand our worldwide audience.

This position requires a tech-minded, self-reliant person with the ability to wear many hats. Being able to teach yourself what you don鈥檛 already know is an essential skill you鈥檙e likely to need frequently. This is a remote/work from home position so you can be based anywhere, however you must be available to work during the afternoons and evenings Pacific Standard Time (see below).

In terms of the community support side of the position - this isn鈥檛 your typical support role as having an ability to express genuine empathy with our audience is essential to the success of the role. This job would suit the kind of person that their friends and family regularly turn to when they need encouragement or support. All support will be provided in written communication (email, live chat and social media) and no phone support is required.

While this job would start out as part-time position for the first few months as we focus on training, assuming that the successful candidate demonstrates a willingness and ability to take on additional tasks, our intention is to make this a full-time role. We鈥檙e looking for someone wanting a long-term job in a growing company.

This position is available for immediate start and any required training will be paid.

Initial Job Responsibilities

鈥 Community management and customer support (this includes resolving simple technical support issues for our online programs & products via written communication 鈥 no phone support will be required)
鈥 Social media marketing
鈥 Cheerleading and providing compassionate support to our program members
鈥 Content management
鈥 Online event management
鈥 Sometimes you will need to be available to work until 8pm PST and occasionally available until 10pm when we run our online events.
鈥 6 days a week (Sunday to Friday) and we will try to make hours on the Sunday minimal (around 3 hours per day depending on the online event schedule).

Must Have Skills and Qualities

鈥 Interested in women鈥檚 health
鈥 Kind, compassionate, and patient
鈥 Excellent written and communication skills
鈥 Web/tech savvy
鈥 Experience with WordPress
鈥 At least a small amount of HTML/CSS experience
鈥 Attention to detail
鈥 Excellent problem-solving skills
鈥 Quick learner
鈥 Self-motivated
鈥 Honest and reliable
鈥 Someone who takes ownership in their work
鈥 Organized
鈥 Someone wanting a long-term position

Nice To Have Skills

鈥 Knowledge of online marketing and social media
鈥 Email marketing experience
鈥 Background in health and/or science

This is a great opportunity for someone to join an exciting and growing online business and to gain valuable experience within the industry.

You can learn more about our company here.

To apply for this position please send your resume and cover letter to kym@smartfertilitychoices.com. In your cover letter please explain your hourly rate expectations, your availability (both the days of the week you are available and the hours you are available during those days), why you want a long-term position, and why you think you are a great candidate for this role.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/smart-fertility-choices-social-media-community-manager-wanted-in-the-women-s-health-industry

Headquarters: Maryland, USA
URL: https://mindoula.com

Mindoula is a next-generation behavioral health management company that delivers tech-enabled, team-based 24/7/365 behavioral health support across the continuum of care. we are building the best population health management and analytics platform by using latest technologies in big data and data science. Also, we are developing comprehensive platform to address the needs of pre and post hospital care for large populations.

We are currently seeking to fill in multiple roles in technology and data to help build great technology helping Mindoula to grow faster.

Role: We are looking for a talented data scientist who has great passion of solving business problems by providing data insights through data modeling and analysis. You will work with senior leadership and data/technology teams to understand and solve complex business problem by developing data models and various techniques to analyze the health populations.

  • Derive insights from data analysis and modeling using multiple datasets, derived from the company platform, data provided by our customers etc.
  • Develop comprehensive profile of the patient/member using the data available.
  • Apply statistical techniques to understand health data and analyze outcomes.
  • Apply data science algorithms and techniques to understand the member profile and prepare the data such that these insights help the care management team in addressing needs of our customers and members.
  • Be part of the data team, collaborate with product and engineering teams in developing the data required to support the functionality and new features of our platforms.
  • Must be self-driven and a quick learner.
  • Requires strong problem-solving, analytical and communication skills.
  • Healthcare data experience (claims, groupers) is a plus.

  • Data science: Analysis/Machine learning/AI algorithms and modeling.
  • Data Platforms: Spark, Python/Scala.
  • Strong SQL experience.
  • Databases: Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Hosting: Microsoft Azure
  • Tools: Github, CircleCI, CodeClimate

  • Competitive salary.
  • Generous benefits
  • This position is open to both as an employee or as a contractor/consultant.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/mindoula-health-inc-data-scientist

Headquarters: Maryland, USA
URL: https://mindoula.com

Mindoula is a next-generation behavioral health management company that delivers tech-enabled, team-based 24/7/365 behavioral health support across the continuum of care. we are building the best population health management and analytics platform by using latest technologies in big data and data science. Also, we are developing comprehensive platform to address the needs of pre and post hospital care for large populations.

We are currently seeking to fill in multiple roles in technology and data to help build great technology helping Mindoula to grow faster.

Role: We are looking for a talented data engineer who is well versed with SQL, database optimization, data processing platforms & analytics.

  • Be part of the data team, collaborate with product and engineering teams in developing the data required to support the functionality and new features of our platforms.
  • Mange ingestion process of various input data sources (healthcare, claims data etc) and develop/maintain the common schema to store the healthcare information of members.
  • Manage tools and processes to process the data to derive key insights and analytics to power the intelligence of our platform.
  • Must be self-driven and a quick learner.
  • Requires strong problem-solving, analytical and communication skills.
  • Healthcare data experience is a plus.

  • Data Platforms: Spark, Python/Scala.
  • Strong SQL experience.
  • Databases: Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Hosting: Microsoft Azure
  • Tools: Github, CircleCI, CodeClimate

  • Competitive salary.
  • Generous benefits
  • This position is open to both as an employee or as a contractor/consultant.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/mindoula-health-inc-data-engineer

Headquarters: Maryland, USA
URL: https://mindoula.com

Mindoula is a next-generation behavioral health management company that delivers tech-enabled, team-based 24/7/365 behavioral health support across the continuum of care. We are developing comprehensive platform to address the needs of pre and post hospital care for large populations. Also, we are building the best population health management and analytics platform by using latest technologies in big data and data science.

We are currently seeking to fill in multiple roles in technology and data to help build great technology helping Mindoula to grow faster.

Role: We are looking for a senior software engineer/full-stack developer who is proficient in front-end/back-end development and database technologies. Ideal candidate should be comfortable with managing production environments while being a part of the development team developing new features etc.

  • Be part of the engineering and product team in developing new features in a fast-paced development environment, but also highly quality oriented.
  • Maintain the product and engage with users in resolving any issues or bug-fixes in the production environment.
  • Manage deployment and releases.
  • Must be self-driven and a quick learner.

  • Back-end/API: Ruby, Rails, Elastic Search, Sidekiq
  • Databases: Postgres
  • Front-end: Angular, ES6.
  • Hosting: Microsoft Azure
  • Tools: Github, CircleCI, CodeClimate

  • Competitive salary.
  • Generous benefits
  • This position is open to both as an employee or as a contractor/consultant.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/mindoula-health-inc-full-stack-developer-senior-software-engineer

Headquarters: Virtual
URL: https://deepconsulting.solutions

(Remote, Full-Time, Anywhere in the World)

Automation is becoming increasingly important in the world we live in. It helps businesses to better serve their customers, properly organize their employees, and minimize human error in their operations. At Deep Consulting Solutions we make automation solutions to organize and manage small niche companies and enable them to grow big while staying effective and delivering their best service.

Do you want to be part of a no-nonsense consultancy that grows successful and effective businesses with effective software solutions? Our Global Software Team is looking for Product Design Architects to design effective systems that will run our clients' interesting niche companies. We need flexible and organized thinkers, passionate about effective Software and UX design, to help us craft powerful solutions.

What We Do

We find niche and successful small companies who have problems running their complex internal productions as they scale. The first thing that we do for them is effectively re-organize their operational processes so that they can most effectively attract, service and retain their customers and run their internal production in the way most optimal for quality and profitability. The second thing we do is build and implement a software solution that will administer and enforce the new and improved operation model.聽

Our Software Team builds highly custom solutions to run our clients operations - which usually include ERP and CRM systems to run the internal company operations, custom web portals to interact with clients and partners, ticketing systems to run support and case resolution operations, and integrated automated telephony to streamline the sales and customer support systems. It is critical for us to build solutions that effectively deliver on the business objective in a highly relevant way, yet are technically flawless and as simple and flexible as possible - thus we always make a point to use readily available platforms and leverage ready-made technologies, such as Zoho CRM, ERP, and Ticketing Systems, along with pre-built components for our front end custom applications. Our design arm of the Software Team focuses primarily on designing software that is functional and pays a lot more attention to functional components and logic of the software rather than its UI and looks.

What You Will Do

As the Product Design Architect, you will design a software solution that will enable to most effectively execute our business models in the client's company. Your main goal will be to ensure that an effective automation solution will be put together and implemented in the business to enforce our optimized models for the client's business. Depending on your level, you will either be responsible for pieces of the projects - or lead a project team developing an entire product being built.聽

In doing so, you will:
  • Deeply familiarize yourself with the client's business and the improved business model we are aiming to implement as provided by our Business Analysis Team;
  • Design an effective solution to address the project's business objectives based on custom web/mobile applications, customized CRM/ERP systems, automated telephony, and other appropriate technology base.
  • Develop detailed requirements for the Software Engineers and QA Experts to build the technology for your solutions (describe logic, functional requirements, wireframes);
  • Ensure that the intended solution gets built and implemented successfully.
  • Do anything else you deem necessary to accomplish your result.


We have a tight business to run and our jobs require a certain commitment to results and willingness to accept responsibility for the individual actions on the part of our employees. Therefore, we require our candidates to:
  • Understand that an activity by itself is useless unless it produces a useful outcome;
  • Be ready to self-organize and self-manage and make own decisions about what to do in order to deliver the result;
  • Be willing to re-examine approaches and methods when results suggest that current approaches aren't working;
  • Be willing to endure hard work to achieve success and not expect instant gratification;
  • Approach matters rigorously and analytically;
  • Act on the above.
The following skills/experience will be necessary:
  • Experience with successful software implementations in real business applications (web or mobile);
  • Strong logical reasoning and analytical skills to do your research, articulate ideas in detail, and solve problems;
  • Proactivity to come up with solutions and follow their implementation without supervision;
  • A solid understanding of effective software design and good time-management to create solutions quickly and effectively;
  • Good verbal and written English to communicate clearly with our international team;

The following will help:
  • Experience with CRM/ERP systems, programmable telephony, and other niche technologies;
  • Experience with highly complex applications;
  • Experience with modeling and design tools.聽

What We Offer
  • High Performance Oriented Management
The organization is consistently and constantly managed for performance and results. High performers are rewarded. Excuses are not accepted and employees who make them are ejected. Long, unnecessary, bloviating meetings do not exist. Direct, quick and clear feedback is given on everybody's work. The owner personally manages the business and there is little to no middle management present. If you prove yourself to be a reliable and effective employee, you will have all the necessary authority, resources, etc. made available to you in order to deliver your results.
  • Results Based Compensation
Successful projects and results you deliver determine your income. There is base pay and project bonus pay. Base pay varies significantly by the Architect's level of ability and responsibility (Lead/Associate/Assistant) that the Architect takes on projects - this level is reassessed after every project that the Architect completes. Projects upon completion are rewarded with a bonus - bonus depends on the the solution's ability to successfully fulfill the necessary business objectives, timeliness of putting together the design, design efficiency for solution buildout, rate of design flaws and errors in the solution, and the amount of management attention needed in the project to correct them. Architects who responsibly design effective business solutions to serve our clients in fast time frames and with little corrective action by management are rewarded highest with bonuses and praises.
  • Practical Business Solution Design
Our designs are primarily focused on functional business-related features that bring real value to the client, as opposed to just pretty applications or websites. Our Software Team works on real, implementable, No-BS applications only.
  • Work on Your Own Time
You can work from anywhere and at a time that best suits your preferences provided that you can deliver results. There isn't a 9-6 or any other hourly schedule in place and there are no time logs made. There also do not exist any time-wasting activities and everybody's time is respected. That being said, the amount of work that you'll need to put in to get results will by all means make this a full time job and require a full time professional commitment from you.
  • Opportunities to Practically Develop and Enhance Your Expertise
We work with many complex and niche companies and our approach requires both a deep understanding of specific industries and effective applications of software in various business contexts, which you will develop quickly. Every project will show you real and meaningful results and provide an opportunity to see how your software solutions perform in real business.
  • Growth Within Our Organization
Our organization is dynamic, growing, and quite new. Employees who prove themselves to be responsible, effective, and motivated will have the opportunities to take increasing responsibilities as the company develops.

Hiring Process

Our candidate selection process is designed to objectively assess people's ability to deliver. We do not have long and pointless rounds of interviews filled with hypothetical questions and we do not make decisions solely by looking at somebody's resume. Instead, we follow the below sequence:
  1. Job Application Form.
  2. Pre-Screening Online Skills Assessment.
  3. Short Interview.
  4. Practical Test Assignment.
  5. 鈥婨valuation of the Assignment and Decision on Hire.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/deep-consulting-solutions-product-design-architect

Headquarters: NYC
URL: http://vaangroup.com

Hi there! First and foremost, I hope you're well in the face of coronavirus. That said, let's make this personal. My name is Xavier Armand and I am the co-founder of The Vaan Group (www.vaangroup.com): a fully remote UX design and engineering agency with headquarters in NYC. We鈥檙e looking to hire a full-stack web developer to work on e-commerce projects. In general, I hate the term full-stack but it's a popular phrase so I'll use it here. We're specifically looking for someone with React and Node.js background and experience.

We believe awesome technology powers the best brands. So we build it. Our technology becomes the foundation upon which businesses scale their operations, escalate their marketing efforts and grow their sales. Most of the time we're building e-commerce engines. Other times we're architecting software. It's always all digital.

Our clients range from large e-commerce enterprises (>$100M per year) to successful mid-stage ($1M - $40M per year) direct to consumer e-commerce brands. You can see the full range client work/portfolio at our website.聽

We鈥檙e a realistic group, not looking for rockstar ninja wizards. Our team resides (or is working from) New York City, Warsaw, Lisbon, The Netherlands, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Norway. We do regular team meets up all over the world.

We're looking for an experienced聽 full-stack developer to join our team. Typical work would include:
  • Maintaining and extending Node.js applications for e-commerce stores doing $20M-$40M per year
  • Building custom admin panels for Shopify
  • Implementing a headless architecture using ZeitHQ and Elliot.store
  • Custom theme design on Shopify Plus
A perfect candidate has well-formed opinions, great discipline, naturally established work habits, and takes delight in their work.

A great quote about what we're looking for from people who have been managing remote teams longer than us:

"Everyone has to be an A-player. Remote team members are used to four to six hours of focused, uninterrupted work every day. You have to be able to get through problems on your own and be productive without asking for help. There鈥檚 no substitute for skill and experience in those cases."

We have specific work to be done so can hire quickly. Shopify experience optional but a plus!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/the-vaan-group-full-stack-web-developer-for-e-commerce-agency-react-node-js-1

Headquarters: Washington DC
URL: https://www.viidigital.com

Seeking a highly motivated Media Buyer with 4+ years of experience to join our Paid Social Media team. Smack in the heart of the fast-pace dynamic marketing industry, you will work closely with cross-discipline client account teams in meeting and exceeding client goals.

The Senior Facebook Media Buyer participates in all aspects of executing high profile and complex paid social media campaigns on networks like Facebook and Instagram (bonus for Google Ads experience). This includes initial planning, implementation, monitoring, optimization, analysis and reporting. The Sr. Media Buyer is often the lead day-to-day subject matter expert (SME) for their clients, providing strategic recommendations, analysis, and reporting as well as responding to ad-hoc requests.

Paid Media's ability to target customers, create compelling and engaging ads and deliver outstanding performance demands detail oriented, strategic and creative thinkers with the drive and dedication to impacting their client business and the world at large.

The Senior Facebook Media Buyer is also a key resource for each account and is expected to support the team in strategy, education, and paid social thought-leadership.

  • Actively manage paid social campaigns to the achieve clients鈥 goals 鈥 which may vary from direct response, engagement, lead generation, etc.
  • Analyze performance data and provide intelligent synthesis, interpretation and appropriate action plans based on conclusions
  • Communicate with clients on all elements of the campaign, including planning, performance, and project status
  • Develop and manage execution of campaign plans
  • Maintain a high level of up-to-date knowledge of best practices and strategies in social media and paid social media (betas, ad network updates, innovation opportunities, etc.)
  • Maintain knowledge of the dynamic digital ecosystem (search, social, native, display) and how channels work together
  • Assist in development of media strategy and building paid social media plans (including audience targeting and segmentation, messaging, flighting, budgeting, etc.)
  • Thoroughly understand client鈥檚 business strategy, goals and KPIs
  • Develop, grow, and maintain relationships through exceptional client service
  • Provide creative guidance to clients, partner agencies, and internal teams to help clients tell their stories
  • Evangelize the value of paid social media and the best practices
  • Build effective relationships with all vendors 鈥 ad networks, technology partners, etc.
  • Support and assist in developing team members to optimize their performance, contribution and job satisfaction

  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in buying cross-platform paid social media ads within native platforms. **Direct Response experience strong plus**
  • Experience with direct client relationship responsibilities includes regular reporting, collaborative strategic planning, and performance management
  • Strong Excel and data visualization skills
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment, under tight deadlines
  • Demonstrated analytical and data interpretation skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Exhibit enthusiasm, passion, and commitment

Additional Information
This position is full-time and the expectation is exclusivity (no other projects in conjunction).

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/vii-digital-senior-facebook-media-buyer

Headquarters: Washington D.C.
URL: http://oddball.io

Oddball believes that we can bring change and improve the daily lives of millions by bringing quality software to the federal space. Our team is full of experienced engineering, product, and user experience professionals who love bringing scalable solutions to life as much as they love working with clients to solve problems. We value learning, growth, and the ability to make a big impact at a rapidly growing company.

We are looking for a Business Process Analyst that can collaborate with clients, stakeholders and technical teams. This role will be providing the support to translate business and system requirements from the stakeholders鈥 into actionable software requirements in order to ship great products. The Business Process Analyst will effectively communicate and incorporate business investment themes into the Software Development Life Cycle, while being able to escalate any potential gaps or issues to clients and stakeholders.聽

We are looking for an analytical, business-savvy and communicative Business Process Analyst to join our team and help deliver quality products for our clients.聽

What you'll be doing

The ideal candidate will be working collaboratively with stakeholders, engineering and operation teams to translate business needs into acceptance criteria that aligns with the software team. This individual will effectively communicate the needs of the clients and stakeholders鈥 as well as be able to resolve any gaps that present to be a challenge.

We are looking for someone with the following qualifications:

  • 3+ years experience writing software requirements in the form of user stories or epics that adhere to best practices
  • 2+ years of experience working with the development and quality assurance teams which identified gaps and created robust test cases
  • Capable of understanding the business value of a project and can provide support and alignment with engineer and release teams
  • Solicit requirements and user stories through customer interviews, working sessions, and/or existing systems documentation or procedures
  • Possesses process driven analysis skills and a background in various requirements elicitation methods needed
  • Ability to effectively communicate and synthesize complex requirements to any audience, from engineers to stakeholders
  • Work with the team to develop project plans, roadmaps and manage backlog. Communicate team plans, report impediments for escalation, identify risks/concerns to relevant stakeholders to help resolve
  • Work with product owners and stakeholders to refine vision and establish goals and metrics
  • Detail oriented with strong verbal and written communication skills including technical writing skills. Must be able to communicate effectively and confidently with users, team members and management
  • Has strong analytical and problem solving skills, and is able to identify multiple approaches to problem solving and recommend the best solution
  • Self-starter who can come up to speed quickly. Works with little direction and supervision, makes time for unplanned assignments, and adaptable to changing priorities
  • Must be able to multi-task and prioritize assignments in accordance to program goals
  • Team player who must be able to work professionally and collaboratively with the government customer and other contract members of the project team
  • Ability to obtain VA Medium-Background Investigation clearance
  • Bachelor's Degree
Additional Desired Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of relational databases concepts and SQL
  • Experience with UI/UX practices
This is a full time, remote position. Oddball offers a tech and continuing education stipend.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/oddball-business-process-analyst

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://airhouse.io

Airhouse is simplifying ecommerce operations and logistics for modern companies. We make distributing modern consumer goods鈥攆rom pet products to beverages and beyond鈥攁s easy as flipping a switch, taking over the dozens of workflows and integrations needed to get orders out the door and into customers' hands every day.聽

We鈥檙e looking for a skilled Account Specialist to own the day-to-day management of our customer and partner experience. In this role, you'll become an expert in all things related to modern ecommerce to keep our customers' operations on track and help them get the most out of using Airhouse.聽

This is an individual contributor, not management role, with opportunities for advancement.聽

  • Manage the full customer onboarding experience via email, Slack and phone, from implementation, landing their inventory and sending their first shipment to continued day-to-day questions, account modifications and projects
  • Become an expert in our product, our operations, and shipping/logistics tasks more broadly to help customers use Airhouse and troubleshoot problems
  • Work with warehouses to guide setup for new accounts onsite, reconcile inventory counts, standardize packaging operations and work as go-between with customers and receiving/packing leads to resolve issues
  • Own creation and maintenance of help documentation
  • Send proactive customer communications about service updates and new feature releases
  • Partner with Customer Service Specialists respond to customer questions on time-sensitive SLAs and refine processes to ensure this scales, surfacing challenges and bottlenecks
  • Work across all teams, including: product and engineering to develop product features and scalable internal tools, finance to process invoices and claims resolution, and sales to assist with contract adjustment and pricing projects
  • Own and report on efficiency SLAs around error resolution, onboarding and other core customer-related success metrics
  • Inform our operations roadmap and help source new partners with leadership based on efficiency and needs
  • 2-3 years prior experience working with startups/in tech
  • Enjoys the challenges and ambiguity of working at an early-stage startup
  • Prior experience in a customer- or partner-facing role a must
  • Loves creative problem-solving, high energy, adaptable
  • Strong writer, great at breaking down complex projects and topics into simple instructions
  • US-based, EST/CST preferred
  • Salary, equity based on experience
  • Remote-first company headquartered in downtown San Francisco
  • Comprehensive health insurance (medical, dental, vision, ancillary)
  • Flexible time off policy (take it when you need it)
  • Paid parental leave, short-term and long-term disability insurance
  • Perks including team retreats and remote setup stipend

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/airhouse-account-specialist

Headquarters: Leesburg, VA
URL: https://crowdox.com

Are you a caring and empathetic individual? Do you love to help others? Ready to work with a fast paced industry with exciting and fun products? We help small businesses grow through Crowdfunding and eCommerce.

We're looking for a Customer Success Representative to join our success team.

Everything you do centers around making our customers happy and successful. From teaching them how to use our software, but also to proactively look for ways to make them happy and to empower and educate them to build better businesses.

You will do this by listening, teaching and jumping in to ensure their success. You will get to understand their needs and advocate those to the product team!

  • Scheduling calls with customers to answer and aide them in using our software
  • Answering incoming emails, real time chat and the occasion incoming phone call with customers
  • On-boarding new customers, setting expectations and walking them down the path toward success
  • Contributing well written articles to our help center based on real customer questions
  • Monitoring accounts and progress to ensure customers are completely taken care of
  • Respond to every single customer request
  • Take ownership and drive your own tasks and initiatives
  • Native-level English (additional languages a plus!)
  • Have a natural curiosity to learn about how things work
  • Excellent, cheerful and fun written and verbal communication
  • 2+ years of customer support experience
  • Ability to define metrics of success and hold yourself and others accountable for it
  • Able to use and teach others to use various online tools: Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, etc
  • Work from anywhere (we're 100% remote)
  • Generous vacation policy
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work hours
  • Full health, vision & dental insurance for you and your family

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/crowd-ox-customer-success-rep

Headquarters: Dubai UAE
URL: http://beema.ae

About the Role

Beema are looking for a Full-stack engineer to join our growing start-up. Innovative, accessible and enviable; Beema envisions insurance in a new way - We are a tech start-up that offers innovative, digitised products & solutions.

About us
  • We are a Ruby on Rails company that enjoys crafting lovely code on a majestic monolith.聽
  • We are a remote company. Your time and your calm for doing your craft is key for our team.
  • We don鈥檛 embrace microservices as a way of architecting Beema. As of now, we value our delivery pace and happiness too much to enroll in that journey.
  • We understand the need for Single Page Applications and frameworks like React, but we are not using them in Beema. We aim for high performance via server side rendering of HTML (Turbolinks, Caching and Russian Dolls). End to end feature delivery is in the DNA of our team.
  • We have many exciting challenges in front of us and we plan to face them with a small team of highly experienced and skilled developers with a similar mindset. Numbers don鈥檛 make a massive difference in software development.
  • We are excellent to each other. Egos and dramas are not part of our culture.
  • We love solving problems for human beings. We work collaboratively with designers and product owners to evolve our product on a weekly basis.

We are looking for someone who:
  • Has 5+ years professional experience with Ruby / Ruby on Rails
  • Enjoys writing code as part of a diverse and multiskilled development team
  • Believes that writing tests as part of the development process is fundamental to build great products.
  • Has real passion for solving customer frictions through simple and effective softwar
  • Has experience with Postgres, Sidekiq and Redis
  • Has Front-End development knowledge and experience (JavaScript, CSS, HTML)聽

What we offer you:
  • Great team and a friendly and inclusive environment
  • The opportunity to work from anywhere with great colleagues
  • Really exciting programming challenges聽
  • $45,000 - $60,000 USD per year, depending on experience;

  • Anywere (UTC to UTC + 3)

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/beema-full-stack-ruby-on-rails-engineer

Headquarters: Chicago, IL
URL: https://fingerprintjs.com

We鈥檙e looking for a full-stack developer to help us build a high performance, high accuracy online fraud prevention service. We need someone who has experience building React apps and server-side APIs.

Our company is fully remote with open-source first culture.

Our stack:
  • JavaScript, TypeScript (Node, React)
  • AWS (Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB)
  • PostgreSQL

Send answers to the below question in an email to work@fingerprintjs.com with a link to your GitHub/GitLab profile.

  • How would you represent a credit card in JS?

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/fingerprintjs-full-stack-javascript-developer

Headquarters: San Francisco
URL: https://www.letsdeel.com/

As our International Strategy Lead, you'll be playing a crucial role in the management and development of relationships with legal firms and accounting tax partners around the world, and figuring out complex solutions. Our partners are a key driver in our compliance features and huge support for our sales team, ultimately driving the bottom line forward. The day-to-day role includes outreach and relationship management with our partners, learning and understanding the legal/tax nuances from country to country, and pushing forward that information into the platform itself and into resources for our sales and marketing teams.

What you will enjoy working on

  • Drive Deel's compliance feature by building partnerships with lawyers and accountants
  • Generating and developing relationships that will turn into fruitful partnerships for both parties via calls, emails, and campaigns
  • Learn the ins and outs of different laws and tax requirements around the globe
  • Build a world-class database of regulations and rules that are, at the moment, very convoluted and sometimes inaccessible
  • Owning the whole relationship and information cycle from initial outreach to close, and management of the relationship with different Deel teams

We cannot wait to meet you if:

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit/experience with a strong growth mindset
  • You are proficient in spoken and written English and have strong research skills
  • You have a way with words and can write email copy and sequence campaigns that convert
  • You are adaptable and comfortable with a fast-paced environment
  • You are an active relationship builder who can collaborate with internal and external teams to consistently improve processes and communication workflows

We鈥檇 especially love to speak with you if:

  • You have worked for an HR or Fintech company
  • You've worked at a fast-growing startup
  • You have previously successfully worked in a remote & distributed team
  • You have 1+ years of experience in any form of sales/partnership role


  • Competitive equity
  • Embrace distributed work
  • Flexible work hours
  • Inclusive work environment
  • All-expenses paid international company offsites

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/deel-international-strategy-lead

Headquarters: Chicago, IL
URL: https://fingerprintjs.com

We鈥檙e looking for a researcher to help us build a high performance, high accuracy online fraud prevention service.

Our company is fully remote with an open-source first culture.

You should have deep understanding of:
  • Browser JavaScript
  • Networking
  • Cryptography

You鈥檒l be working on challenging problems in the browser-based security space.

C/C++/Go/Rust programming experience is a plus.聽

To apply, send your CV to work@fingerprintjs.com and answer to:
  • How would you approach creating a new technique for private mode detection in Safari?

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/fingerprintjs-javascript-researcher

Headquarters: Boca Raton, FL
URL: https://gorilladesk.com/

Remote Inbound Sales Specialist (B2B Software)

Serious applicants will need to fill out this short questionnaire to be considered for this position:聽 https://gorilladesk1.typeform.com/to/elOWnnIY

Job Location in East Boca Raton / Anywhere: Inbound Sales Specialist

We are looking to add an Inbound Sales role to our growing family!

About Us:

GorillaDesk provides service business software designed to help companies save time, organize and scale their growing business. GorillaDesk is a cloud-based SaaS software that combines CRM, job scheduling, and invoicing in one solution. Today we empower over 7200 service professionals in the field.

Our big hairy audacious goal is to impact 50,000 service companies globally!

Inbound Sale's Mission:

Maintain integrity with new trial and sales follow-up behaviors. We believe the follow-up is the most critical part of the sales process.

Core Values: [T.I.G.E.R]

  • Tinker: test and try new experiments, be hungry, bring high energy and drive growth
  • Integrity: be whole and complete with your team and customers, do what you say you're going to do on time
  • Growth: always be learning, if you're reading books on support and success you're probably a fit
  • Empathy: place yourself in the customer's shoes as well as your co-workers, be a great listener
  • Remarkable: create experiences others will remark positively about


  • 2+ years of sales experience, preferably b2b software聽
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Very comfortable working with many software applications such as live chat, CRM software and screen sharing tools
  • Love listening to and assisting customers with business/software goals
  • Great listening and troubleshooting skills
  • Thirsty for knowledge and reading to constantly grow
  • High-achiever mindset

Position Habits:
  • Product Knowledge must come first
    • Exceed the teams's expectations by diving deep to absorb our product as quickly as possible so you can perform your position with confidence
  • Check the calendar for any scheduled inbound sales calls for that day
  • Own the inbound sales communication cadence:聽
    • Throughout the trial, users are receiving an automated 14 day communication trial drip聽
    • Handle welcome SMS to all users who fall into the Free Trial bucket聽
    • Tag each new trial and prospect with the correct industry custom fields聽
  • Respond to any SMS/email responses and try to set up sales calls with those users. Otherwise, answer any questions they have via email/text. Position your main call to action to book a closing sales call.
  • On sales calls, tag the account with the appropriate custom fields such as: Currently using, bad fit reasons, and sales call (y/n).
  • Add detailed call notes for the main struggles they鈥檙e hoping GD can help them solve. Also, find out when they are looking to make a decision.
  • After the initial call, stay in integrity with the follow-up sales email & sms process
  • Most Importantly:聽 Know how to Ask for the sale聽

Job Type: Full-time聽

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/gorilladesk-remote-inbound-sales-specialist-b2b-software

Headquarters: Bucharest, Romania
URL: https://themeisle.com

Are you a creative person, passionate about quality?

We are looking for a Quality Assurance (QA) engineer to help us create the absolute best customer experience for our users by writing and executing exploratory and manual/automated tests to ensure software quality for our products.

About us

We're a friendly group of designers, developers, testers and marketers having a great time building themes at ThemeIsle, sharing the best content at CodeinWP and straight-up innovating with Optimole.

Our mission

Make it easy for anyone in the world to launch & grow their online presence, through education, high-quality products, and reliable support.


What will you do

  • Develop and execute exploratory and manual or automated tests.
  • Constantly collaborate with the development team.
  • Learn something new every day.

Great if you have

  • Creativity, initiative, attention to detail
  • Good English writing and communication skills
  • Previous experience in Quality Assurance (QA)

Even better if you have

  • Previous experience with WordPress


What is in it for you

  • Possibility of working either at the office or from home.
  • Central office, near Piata Romana.
  • Be part of a diverse team - we're 25 people spread across three continents.
  • All expenses paid conference at your choice each year.
  • All expenses paid trip to our annual retreat.
  • Annual employee profit share.
  • Private medical healthcare plan.

You'll get to work with a team of WordPress enthusiasts, programmers, designers, and even active bloggers and writers. We want you to be independent and pursue your personal projects, as long as you're able to get your primary job done.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/themeisle-qa-engineer

Headquarters: Techifide Limited
URL: https://www.techifide.com/

BRAZIL ONLY - If you are not located in Brazil, please don't apply

We are looking for a 5+ Years Experience, Senior QA Analyst to work remotely from Brazil. You will be working in a remote Agile (Scrum / Kanban / XP) Environment. You must be ready for challenging and be challenged.

Required Experience
  • Experience with software testing automation
  • Cypress
  • Postman
  • JavaScript聽
  • Agile聽
  • HTML5聽
  • RESTful API
Desired Experience
  • OWASP Top 10

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/techifide-limited-senior-qa-automation-specialist

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
URL: https://thetaproom.com

We're looking for Business Development Representative to reimagine our sales process and secure new business.

Location: Remote
Type: Full-Time
Experience: Mid-level
Compensation: Salary + Commission

As Business Development Representative, you'll source new potential clients, follow up with direct inquiries, and close deals for e-commerce companies in need of our service offering. We're looking for someone who is eager to bring fresh ideas to our sales process. We work with high-growth e-commerce businesses looking for full projects and retainer work, so you'll have an opportunity to let your creativity shine on each proposal.

A Day in the Life:
  • Develop a strong pipeline and build business relationships
  • Utilize Linkedin and lead generation tools to prospect potential clients
  • Qualify potential clients via email and phone
  • Create proposals based on business needs
  • Present proposals and pricing options
  • Monitor and follow up on opportunities
  • Work with the internal team to scope e-commerce projects
  • Work with current clients to find opportunities for new work

We're looking for:
  • A passion for e-commerce and technology
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and leadership skills
  • Experience with SaaS, marketing or e-commerce sales
  • Solid problem-solving and creative thinking skills
  • Experience with requirements gathering, proposals and pitching new business
  • Experience finding opportunities to upsell additional services
  • Inbound and outbound sales experience
  • CRM experience

  • 3+ years of sales experience
  • Proposal writing and pitching
  • Networking and lead generation tactics

  • 1+ years of experience with sales for technology
  • Agency experience
  • Shopify experience
  • Basic web development knowledge

About The Taproom
At The Taproom, we create high-powered Shopify e-commerce solutions for high-growth businesses. We鈥檙e all about getting to know our client鈥檚 brand and making it stand out in a crowded digital world. We鈥檙e a small, distributed team with a home base in Atlanta, GA, bringing unparalleled enthusiasm, expertise, and creativity to every e-commerce project.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/the-taproom-business-development-representative

Headquarters: Dublin
URL: http://www.internationalopenacademy.com

KnowHowDo is the Irish company behind some of the fastest-growing e-learning brands: International Open Academy, Trendimi, EventTrix, Holly and Hugo, and Tilleo. Our global team members are based in more than 15 countries - all working remotely adhering to European working hours.聽

To facilitate the dynamic expansion of our team, we are looking for an experienced Affiliate Manager. In this role, you will drive the affiliate sales channel.聽

  • Grow and implement global affiliate strategy聽
  • Maintain and develop affiliate marketing programs, mostly through affiliate networks
  • Manage the affiliate channel budget and successful achievement of sales KPIs
  • Work with internal stakeholders on affiliate marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Recruit and onboard new affiliates and partnerships
  • Negotiate and evaluate affiliate advertising agreements
  • Hands-on affiliation account management across several international markets
  • Regularly monitor campaign performance and compile campaign performance reports
  • Review monthly invoices to affiliate networks and individual partners聽
  • Handle the buying, renegotiation of rates, renewing or canceling of media placements, and other advertising programs.

  • Min 2-3 years experience in affiliate marketing platforms such as CJ, Webgains, or similar
  • Experience and positive results in the negotiation and management of online media campaigns
  • Experience in hands-on campaign management聽
  • Demonstrable publishers/media contacts is a plus
  • Knowledge in ad-serving technologies
  • Creative 鈥渙ut of the box鈥 thinker, curious and ambitious
  • Impeccable communication skills聽
  • Passionate about driving sales
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Must be available to work 8hrs a day Monday to Friday - with start time between 7 and 9 am UK time


To apply, please send us your CV to hr@knowhowdo.com with the subject line: WRR Affiliate Manager
Due to the high volume of applications, we cannot personally respond to every applicant. Thank you for your time.聽

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/international-open-academy-affiliate-marketing-manager

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
URL: https://harvestdp.com/

Our Mission

Harvest is a mission-driven company, striving to empower government and its citizens to collectively deliver a better future for people and place.

Our vision is to strengthen democratic processes through technology by helping citizens become聽 actively aware and engaged in projects that affect their cities and communities. Our goal is to help the public sector make more informed and smarter decisions based on the collective intelligence of its citizens.

Our Product

Our citizen engagement software The HiVE is the world鈥檚 most versatile and feature-rich platform of its kind, boasting over 30 content tools, nine participation tools and a host of additional functionality. It helps our customers create interesting and meaningful digital experiences that better connect them to their communities and enable meaningful participation in civic life.

The HiVE supports customers across Australia as well as internationally, primarily in New Zealand, Canada and the USA.聽

Our Culture

Harvest is an award winning digital product company made up of a small but diverse and ambitious team. All of us are passionate about technology and design and are interested in how these tools can be applied to help improve our cities and the communities they support

We value people who share an enthusiasm for democratic principles, community participation, social issues and technology and have a natural curiosity and interest in self learning so that we can continue to push the envelope of what鈥檚 possible.

Our office and headquarters is located in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia however we are a progressive organisation which embraces modern work practices including a remote-first culture meaning our staff have the flexibility to work from home or another location.

Who You are

A passionate and multi-faceted full-stack web developer with a strong portfolio that can demonstrate knowledge and experience in PHP and JavaScript to help us take the The HiVE to the next level by improving existing features as well as contributing towards the building of new solutions from the ground.

You love problem solving and working autonomously to find solutions to squash bugs or build new features in creative ways. You are aware of technology trends and are constantly looking for new ways to improve any features or functionality to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

You possess solid communication and problem solving skills and be able to demonstrate that you can work well with creative direction, technical direction, tight timeframes and client feedback.

The Role

As a full stack web developer you will be working within our small but growing team and will be responsible for overseeing and delivering both the back-end and front-end of core features and functionality. We have regular major release cycles and are looking for someone with strong technical skills and an engineering mindset, who wants to build logical, clean code that is extensible, performant, reusable and maintainable.

You will often be working autonomously or within a small team so will be expected to have attention to detail and deliver a good user experience as part of the development of any solution.聽

Expected skills and experience

  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and web standards
  • Have strong skills in PHP and understanding of OO programming techniques
  • Have strong skills in SQL and understanding of RDBMS (MySQL)
  • Have strong skills in JavaScript and knowledge of modern JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js
  • Experiencing working with MVC frameworks鈥 such as Laravel / Symfony
  • Experiencing building and working with RESTful API鈥檚 and JSON data objects
  • Knowledge of front-end build and workflow tools such as Grunt / Webpack / Babel
  • Proficient at using version control systems such as Git
  • Experience writing PHP and JS unit tests
  • Knowledge of PHP doctrine database migrations
  • Knowledge of web accessibility and best practices
  • Knowledge of Docker Containers

When Responding

We like to hire passionate people who love technology and believe in our company mission. So if you are keen to apply we would appreciate if you could respond to the following question in your cover letter along with your CV:
  1. In what ways do you think technology can create positive impacts on cities, communities and society?聽

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/harvest-digital-planning-full-stack-developer-php

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
URL: https://www.trychameleon.com

Chameleon is a platform for product success; enabling our customers to achieve their user engagement goals through effective in-product experiences.

We already have some incredible content on our blog and we鈥檙e looking for a Head of Content to help us produce high-value posts and execute their distribution.聽

If not already, you will become an expert on product-led growth, UX, user psychology and product management, product marketing and more!

The role (what you will do)

  • Help create content strategy
    • SEO research and tracking that maps to company strategy

    • Own content roadmap; plan posts based on keywords and audience

    • Determine focus on channels (e.g. blog posts vs. webinars vs. e-books)

    • Create partnership strategy and establish marketing relationships

  • Manage production of content
    • Create outlines to help freelances write expert-level articles for our niches

    • Manage distributed team of writers to meet quality and time expectation

    • Publish content via our website CMS, editing as necessary (images, links, SEO, etc.)

    • Collaborate and partner with external blog managers for guest posting

    • Write or directly product content where relevant (e.g. customer case studies)

  • Execute distribution of our content
    • Own growth of our blog traffic and newsletter email list

    • Manage and execute promotion of our content to a wider audience, e.g.聽 outreach campaigns to mentioned & associated companies/influencers, ads and other

    • Nurture relationships with partners and other content managers

    • Manage repurposing of our content (e.g. Quora answers, Slideshare slides, YouTube videos etc.)聽

Your skills (what we expect)

  • Excellent understanding of content for a product audience

  • Reliability and commitment to publish pieces on time and on quality

  • Ability to coach, manage, and edit a team of multiple remote writers聽

  • Ability to adjust tone and style to match our audience (product managers, product marketers, product designers etc.)

  • A keen interest in product / UX / user onboarding topics

  • An advanced understanding of SEO and how to incorporate effective SEO into content

  • Past experience as a content manager within the SaaS space with a portfolio of examples and campaigns run

  • Past experience nurturing marketing opportunities with partners; guest posting, exchanges, etc.

Our ways of working

  • Remote-first team; mainly based on US West Coast

  • Reporting to Benjamin Brandall (Head of Marketing); working with Pulkit Agrawal (Co-founder & CEO)

  • Collaboration tools: Google Docs, Slack, Trello

  • CMS: Statamic (similar to Wordpress)

  • Other relevant tools: Buffer, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Heap


  • Competitive salary and equity

  • Work on your own schedule

  • Budget for home office equipment

  • Work with great people with high quality standards and lots of hustle

Apply by sending an email to marketing@trychameleon.com with examples of your writing and prior work.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/chameleon-head-of-content

Headquarters: Remote
URL: http://m.tri.be/1ak-

The Opportunity

The Modern Tribe Agency Marketing Content Specialist will be our lead copywriter for all communications supporting the agency business.We鈥檙e looking for an absolutely stellar copywriter鈥攁 creative mind who can understand audience needs and craft a compelling narrative that resonates. You鈥檙e great with grammar and comfortable with both conversational and technical tone. You ask thoughtful questions about the goals of a piece and its intended audience. You鈥檙e comfortable speaking with subject matter experts, building a narrative and extracting the information you need to support your story. You are familiar with using a brand鈥檚 guidelines, voice, and strategy to deliver a message. You start with outlines, ensuring a thoughtful information architecture for your copy.聽

You understand what it means to write for SEO/keyword strategy, and you know how to do it. You infuse creativity and intentionality into your work, and you鈥檙e capable of taking complex technical subjects and making them approachable for broad audiences. You dig writing, you鈥檙e really good at it, and you have solid experience copywriting in a marketing capacity.You鈥檒l work closely with the rest of our marketing team on content creation for campaigns, blog posts, websites, and events. You鈥檒l collaborate with our marketing producer to ensure that our content is thoughtful, creative, and speaks to specific goals and audiences. You鈥檒l work with our internal discipline directors to gather input for content pieces, and you鈥檒l partner with designers to ensure that copy and design work in concert to create high-value content.

TL;DR: We鈥檙e looking for a talented and experienced copywriter who鈥檚 passionate about messaging and connecting with audiences across a variety of channels. You鈥檙e excited to collaborate with other team members to produce high-quality content that engages your audiences. You understand what it means to 鈥渨rite for marketing.鈥 You鈥檙e a *creative,* motivated, and organized self-starter.聽

Inclusion Statement

Modern Tribe is committed to a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. We foster an environment of collaboration, open engagement, fairness and respect regardless of differences in age, race, disability, national origin, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status. As a hybrid workspace ranging from distributed contractors to traditional employees, we value the unique perspectives and experiences of our global team.

We come from all walks of life. We are small business owners. We are tattoo aficionados and 80鈥檚 movie buffs and ex-pats. We are homeschool teachers. We are single parents. We are musicians, college drop-outs, and entrepreneurs. We are travelers, feminists, runners, volunteers, and makers. We are a Modern Tribe.

Everyday we strive to fulfill our motto: live well and do good work. We hope you will consider joining us.聽

Personal Competencies
  • Strong communication and/or experience working as part of a remote team
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, strong organizational skills, with a methodical approach to all tasks
  • Ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work independently with minimal oversight
  • Fluent English speaker
Required Knowledge & Experience
  • At least 3-5 years copywriting experience with a focus on content marketing and a portfolio that demonstrates the ability to translate a strategic brief into engaging and compelling content
  • Experience writing for SEO/keyword strategy
  • Experience writing for B2B audiences
  • Experience conducting independent research for content
  • Highly creative, able to put self in audiences鈥 shoes (empathetic)
  • Excellent understanding of various marketing channels and how to optimize content for each
  • Super-solid organizational skills
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Collaborates well in a team environment; self-starter who asks questions when need be and isn鈥檛 afraid to dig in to contribute at a fundamental level
Additional Experience (Bonus Points)
  • Experience writing about technology or other complex industries
  • WordPress experience (either experience working in the ecosystem or experience publishing content within the platform)
  • Content strategy development experience
  • Ability to translate ideas to various channels and formats, including short-form web copy, social media, emails, blog posts, and long-form content assets like ebooks or white papers聽

Want more? Here鈥檚 a breakdown of how we see someone like you spending their time.
  • Content Concepting and Development聽
    • Collaborate with Agency Marketing team to brainstorm content ideas based on key priorities and opportunities for agency growth聽
    • Collaborate with Marketing Producer on brief/outline for each piece 鈥 content goals, audience definition, topics/outline definition, etc.聽
    • Conduct research for marketing content, including interviews with internal subject matter experts, sourcing third-party reference material, or contributing to questionnaires or surveys for broader input.聽
    • Collaborate with designers on creative content direction (intersect of design and copy)聽
    • Source appropriate curated content and content inspiration聽
    • Contribute to broader content strategy as opportunities allow聽
  • Copywriting聽
    • Write original blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, content marketing collateral (whitepapers, ebooks, etc.)聽
    • Optimize copy for goal and audience聽
    • Optimize copy for platform聽
    • Ensure adherence to established voice and tone, as well as brand standards聽
  • Copyediting and Optimizing聽
    • Provide editorial review of content if content is authored by another contributor聽
    • Proofread content and ensure consistency with AP Style聽
    • Tag, classify, and organize content聽
    • Optimize existing content optimization work (SEO or accessibility optimization, for example)聽
  • Evaluating聽
    • Assess and uphold content quality standards (written, visual, etc.)聽
    • Assist in identifying what content types and topics are providing the most value聽
    • Provide recommendations for content improvements聽

Work from anywhere and join our distributed team working across the globe. If your timezone is outside of US business hours, but you work at least 3-4+ hours of overlap each day, let鈥檚 chat. You should be fluent in English and just need a computer and a strong wifi signal to support daily video chats with the Tribe.


The content specialist role at Modern Tribe is a freelance contract role. Pay range is between $40-50 USD per hour commensurate with qualifications and experience. We are currently looking for freelance contractors about 15-20 hours a week for this gig.聽

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/modern-tribe-agency-marketing-content-specialist-1

Headquarters: Chicago, IL
URL: https://www.builtinchicago.org/company/built

Hello, We鈥檙e Built In

Built In unites companies and people around their shared passion for tech and the universal need for purpose. To help our partners attract qualified talent, we create content that tells their story in a way no job post ever could 鈥 and we put their jobs in front of people who were born to do them. Our audience of sought-after candidates use Built In to find their professional purpose and connect meaningfully to the tech community, including by reading our content, networking at our events and applying to jobs at companies they believe in.

Headquartered in Chicago, we also serve Los Angeles, Colorado, Austin, New York, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, and Nationwide.

When you work for Built In, you have the opportunity to change lives by giving talented people access to purpose, not just a paycheck. And you鈥檒l make an impact on some of the most exciting companies in tech, helping them hire their next wave of elite talent. Be part of Built In, and be part of the future of tech.

We're looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer (Chicago HQ or Remote)
  • We are a dynamic team of engineers that iterate on ideas and products for a growing company that is dedicated to building meaningful tech communities. Here, we can provide interesting challenges and puzzles to solve as our technical stack rapidly evolves. You will be able to work with new technologies and architectures in a forward-thinking organization that looks to push boundaries.
  • Full stack software engineers work both on the front and back ends of our platform. The tasks you will have will require you to visualize and work with the entire platform. We want to implement solidly-designed systems that function well and provide a beautiful experience for our users.
  • You will work with Go, JavaScript, and TypeScript to build services.
  • You will be responsible for technical ownership of projects, including their definition and direction.
  • You will be a critical member of our team, regardless of your level of experience, and we want you to grow with us. We have clearly defined paths of progression, whether you want to design systems, manage engineers, or put your head down and code.
Your background
  • You have programmed with modern frontend and backend languages. A small list of examples for such languages include Go, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript, and CoffeeScript.
  • You will have at least 4+ years of experience.
  • You love solving puzzles. Maybe that's writing code on personal projects; maybe that's doing thousand-piece jigsaw puzzles; maybe that's rubik's cubes. You strive to understand how things are put together and why they aren't working.
  • You want to be a part of a team that succeeds as a unit, and you want mentorship from other engineers as much as you want to mentor those engineers yourself.
  • You understand that communication and transparency is vital to being part of any functional team.
We鈥檇 love to have you aboard

The team members we鈥檙e looking to hire will work out of our office at 203 N La Salle, located in the beautiful city of Chicago. We offer health, dental, and vision insurance benefits, commuter benefits, 401(k), casual dress, catered lunch (Monday - Thursday) and cold brew coffee on tap.

What We Value

We鈥檙e revolutionizing tech recruitment. So we question everything, because the best answers sit just to the right of a question mark. That鈥檚 our heritage as a disruptive company 鈥 as a company whose future depends on our capacity to innovate with a sense of drive, purpose and urgency. If you join Built In, you will work from this set of values:

  • Be Unreasonably Passionate. Our passion is borderline obsessive, and we鈥檙e ok with that. No one ever built anything great on a 鈥渕eh.鈥 We work with outsized passion to fulfill our mission.
    Be Humble. You don鈥檛 have all the answers. Luckily, you don鈥檛 have to. Don鈥檛 worry about being right. Be humble instead.
    Stay Curious. Curiosity is a springboard to the future. It can transform the wisp of an idea into a breakthrough. We ask 鈥渨hat if.鈥 We work with wonder. It鈥檚 how we innovate.
    Lead with Solutions. Question everything. But offer solutions as you do. Raise issues. But propose a few answers. For every hole you poke, offer a way to patch it up.
    Own the Result. We have no time for blame or shame. When you stumble, own it, learn from it + get back to business.
    Do More. Do more than your job description. Take initiative. Take charge. No job is beneath you, and no job is too big. Be a leader and do more 鈥 do whatever it takes.

Built In is an equal employment opportunity employer and values diversity. Qualified candidates are considered for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, military or veteran status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/built-in-senior-full-stack-engineer

Headquarters: Washington D.C.
URL: http://oddball.io

Oddball believes that the best products are built when teams understand and value the things they are working on. We value learning and growth and the ability to make a big impact at a small company. We believe that we can make big changes happen and improve the daily lives of millions of people by bringing quality software to the federal and commercial space.

As Test Automation Engineer, you will work in tandem with the software development team to validate, document, test, and deploy applications making a positive impact on millions of Americans' daily lives. You鈥檒l work with various teams, contractors and clients to ensure that our work is scalable, deployable and of the highest quality (no pun intended鈥). 聽

What you鈥檒l be doing:
  • Provide technical guidance and expertise to team members and/or colleagues.
  • Work with Software Engineers, System Engineers, and DevOps Engineers in the correction of any defects found.
  • Guide and implement strategies to help engineering and leadership make quick and decisive decisions.
  • Build and implement test reports, communicating the results to multiple stakeholders.
  • Make decisions based on strategy and context, and roll out changes as needed to boost efficiency.
We are looking for someone with the following skill set:聽
  • 3+ years experience working with growing, technically minded companies.
  • Bachelor's Degree.
  • Experience delivering test scripts, test cases and test plans that are in alignment with Business-Driven Development/Test Driven Development (BDD/TDD) using tools such as (Selenium/Web Driver, Cucumber, Geb, Spock, SOAP UI, Postman).
  • Ability to apply appropriate test methodologies, including writing test plans and test cases.
  • Knowledge of at least one development language, including Java, C++, C#, or Groovy.
  • Experience with test methodologies, QA process, software release cycle, test effort estimation, and tracking.
  • Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).聽
  • Knowledge of Agile, Scrum, and SAFe.
This is a Remote position. This is a salaried role. Oddball offers both a tech, and a continuing education stipend.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/oddball-test-automation-engineer

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.doximity.com

Doximity is transforming the healthcare industry. Our mission is to help doctors be more productive, informed, and connected. As a software engineer, you'll work within cross-functional delivery teams alongside other engineers, designers, and product managers in building software to help improve healthcare. 聽

We put mobile first. We have built and maintain multiple fully-native Android and iOS apps that healthcare professionals use on a daily basis to increase productivity and provide better patient care.聽

We have recently re-designed and re-architected our main Android app using Clean Architecture, written 100% in Kotlin. It utilizes a modular reactive architecture, which has drastically decreased feature development time and has made the development process much more pleasant. Click here to get more information about our stack on each platform聽

We are looking for a talented Android Software Engineer to join our team of 8 Android engineers. Doximity is based in San Francisco, CA, but our entire Android team is remote!聽

Our team brings a diverse set of technical and cultural backgrounds and we like to think pragmatically in choosing the tools most appropriate for the job at hand.聽

One of Doximity's
core values is stretching ourselves. Even if you don't check off all the boxes below we encourage you to apply. Doximity is full of exceptional people that don't fit a mold, join us!

About You
  • Advanced knowledge of Kotlin and have substantial experience building Android apps
  • Some experience with Clean Architecture
  • At least 5 years of professional experience with Android development using the Android SDK
  • You stay up-to-date with latest patterns and libraries from the Android community
  • You have a good understanding of how to test on Android
  • You possess a deep understanding of design patterns and with an eye for detecting their use case in the code
  • Experience with async patterns, and network communication
  • You are able to self-manage and have impeccable follow-through
  • You are an clear communicator able to get your point across concisely and cohesively
  • You have the desire to teach others how to excel as software engineers

How You'll Make an Impact
  • You'll collaborate with a team of product managers, designers, QA, and other developers to drive mobile projects from beginning to end
  • You'll be included in decision-making and will weigh in on balancing factors like scope, complexity, and timing
  • You'll architect your code in a way that encourages and allows for flexible, modular, and reusable code
  • You'll encourage growth within the team by participating in mentorship, knowledge sharing, and thorough code reviews
  • You'll help keep our apps robust by writing tests, monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting bugs

Benefits & Perks
  • Generous time off policy
  • Comprehensive benefits including medical, vision, dental, Life/ADD, 401k, flex spending accounts, commuter benefits, equipment budget, and continuous education budget
  • Pre-IPO stock incentives
  • .. and much more! For a full list, see our career page

About Us

We鈥檙e thrilled to be named the Fastest Growing Company in the Bay Area, and one of Fast Company鈥檚 Most Innovative Companies. Joining Doximity means being part of an incredibly talented and humble team. We work on amazing products that over 70% of US doctors (and over one million healthcare professionals) use to make their busy lives a little easier. We鈥檙e driven by the goal of improving inefficiencies in our $3.5 trillion U.S. healthcare system and love creating technology that has a real, meaningful impact on people鈥檚 lives. To learn more about our team, culture, and users, check out our careers page, company blog, and engineering blog. We鈥檙e growing fast, and there鈥檚 plenty of opportunities for you to make an impact鈥攋oin us!聽

Doximity is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and committed to providing employment opportunities regardless of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, age, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, or any other protected classification. We also consider qualified applicants with criminal histories, consistent with applicable federal, state and local law.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/doximity-software-engineer-android-kotlin

Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA
URL: https://rechargepayments.com/about


With over 10,000 online merchants launching subscriptions and over 1,000,000 subscribers powered by ReCharge, we have a lot of store owners to support. Our mission to make repeat orders easier began five years ago as a bootstrapped startup and today we're at the forefront of recurring billing software with over 200 remote-first employees around the globe processing tens of millions of dollars in sales every week.

We鈥檙e looking to hire a Senior Data Architect to provide technical leadership, guidance and to identify, define and build data solutions. This is a ground floor opportunity within a young, rapidly scaling start-up where your data expertise will guide and influence ReCharge鈥檚 data adoption and how we incorporate data into processes and various functions.

The centralized Data and Analytics team at ReCharge delivers critical analytic capabilities and insights that drive definition and implementation of our business strategies. The Senior Data Architect opportunity is ideal for someone who is passionate about wrangling and building pipelines for multiple large sets of data from disparate sources to provide end to end data solutions, empowering the organization to meet key business objectives.

As a Senior Data Architect, you will provide critical leadership and architect Recharge鈥檚 data landscape. You will combine product usage, behavioral, transactional, business systems, and third-party data into the analytics pipeline. You will work closely with our analytics and engineering teams to implement solutions to answer complex questions and drive business decisions.

What You'll Do

  • Live by and champion our values: #ownership, #empathy, #simple-solutions.
  • Hands-on leadership, influence, and development of all things data services.
  • Develop modern data architectural approaches for business intelligence reporting and analytics, including that for machine learning models and data science, ensuring effectiveness, scalability, and reliability.
  • Design, develop, implement, and optimize existing ETL processes that merge data from disparate sources for consumption by data analysts and scientists, business owners, and decisions makers.
  • Complete current evaluation of new ETL software options, propose recommendations, and implement the solution.
  • Facilitate data transformation, normalization, cleansing, aggregation, workflow management, and business rule application.
  • Detect data quality issues, identify their root causes, implement fixes, and design data audits to capture issues.
  • Distill technical requirements into the product development and operational process via continuous collaboration with product, engineering, and analytics team members.
  • Influence and communicate with all levels of stakeholders including analysts, developers, business users, and executives.
  • Use analytics to influence product development, surfacing data around product usage and customer behavior.
  • ETL tool evaluation and implementation to prepare for scaling and efficiency

What You'll Bring

  • Typically, 6+ years experience in a data engineering related role (Data Warehouse Developer, ETL Developer, Business Intelligence Analytics, Software Engineer) with a track record of manipulating, processing and extracting value from datasets
  • Experience designing and developing ETL processes in a variety of platforms (Matillion {preferred}, Pentaho, Microstrategy, Talend, CloverETL, FiveTran, Stitch)
  • 4+ years of hands-on experience in collection, mining, reporting, and analysis of large amounts of data
  • Experience designing and implementing database tables, as well as performance profiling and tuning of database processes and table usage
  • Experience in a variety of data storage platforms (Snowflake {preferred}, Redshift, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Redshift, RDS)
  • Expert proficiency in SQL
  • Proven track record of innovation and expertise in data engineering
  • Tenure in architecting and delivering complex projects
  • Deep understanding and application of modern data processing technology and real-time/low-latency data pipeline and ETL architectures
  • Strong stakeholder interaction and influence experience at executive, business stakeholder, and engineering team levels
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent experience

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with log aggregation and extraction (Elasticsearch) and Business Intelligence reporting tools (Tableau, etc)聽
  • Experience with analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc)

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/recharge-payments-senior-data-architect

Headquarters: US
URL: https://audienceops.com/

Write your very best stuff at Audience Ops.

We give you steady writing work, a proven team-driven process that allows you to research each audience, come up with topics that matter, and we鈥檒l support you so you can produce stuff that will resonate and genuinely help those readers get ahead.

Here鈥檚 why our writers love being part of the Audience Ops team:

  • Steady, longterm, reliable freelance retainer.
  • You get to brainstorm and research your own topics to write about.
  • Our editors and other teammates are here to support you.
  • Work from anywhere, any hours (we just care that your weekly deadlines are met)
  • The best team Slack chat on the Internet 馃檪

Read what our teammates have to say about working here

The most important quality we鈥檙e looking for is your ability to write for industries that are relatively unfamiliar to you. You love asking questions and turning research interviews into compelling articles. You鈥檒l be able to build your knowledge as you write for niche clients over a long period of time.

On the other hand, there are some industries/areas that come up quite often across our client base. It would be great if you have experience with some of these:

  • SaaS
  • Product development
  • Online marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • App/software development
  • WordPress
  • Email marketing
  • Sales and sales funnels
  • Freelancing
  • Web design & development
  • Podcasting

US timezone preferred. You鈥檙e comfortable working remotely, with steady, ongoing part-time availability.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/audience-ops-blog-content-writer-for-b2b-saas-long-term-steady-retainer

Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://knack.com/about

Hi, we're Knack, a no-code platform used by thousands of customers 鈥 from non-profits to the world鈥檚 biggest companies 鈥 to easily build custom apps, workflows, and databases.

We're looking for a nice and brilliant front-end engineer to help us meet the enormous challenges around making it easy to do useful things with data.聽

This is a 100% remote role, with a flat culture that gives you the autonomy to define how you can do the best work of your career.

In this role, you will:
  • Work with Vue and ES6 to build and maintain Knack product features.
  • Improve and implement UI through design libraries, accessible markup, and modular CSS.
  • Propose and implement architectural approaches for new features and refactoring legacy code.
  • Improve the quality and confidence of a complex codebase with tests, audits, and performance metrics.
  • Code every day. Although we expect technical and product leadership, this is primarily an executional role.
  • Be an inspiring and supportive teammate by participating in PR reviews, pair programming, active feedback, idea generation, teaching, learning, and in general being a delightful human being.

We鈥檙e looking for someone who is:
  • A problem solver. You aren't afraid to go deep, experiment, learn on the fly, and do the work.
  • Experienced as a meaningful contributor to a complex front-end architecture at scale.
  • An expert in JavaScript and modern reactive frameworks: preferably Vue, or a desire to leverage React experience to master Vue.
  • Humble but opinionated. You have lots of ideas, yet you are happy to shift directions when a better path emerges. You take your work much more seriously than you take yourself.
  • Proactive and flexible. We're early in our process of building out this team and process. We need someone willing to use the best of their experience to advocate for best practices, but聽 also open to embracing a bit of chaos along the way.
  • An active collaborator. You want feedback on your work early and often, and you get a kick out of a collaborative process because it challenges you to do better work.
  • Engaging beyond 1s and 0s. You understand that empathizing with our customers, building relationships with your co-workers, and going deep on the product makes you a better teammate and a better engineer.
  • Hungry for meaningful work, and space to do it. Knack is a complex product in a complex space and the work is extremely challenging - but also deeply rewarding. Knack makes a major impact in the work of thousands of companies and organizations.

Our Stack
  • Front-end: ES6, Vue, Vuex, Vue Router, Webpack
  • Components & Design: Storybook, Atomic design, Saas, Post CSS, CSS Modules
  • Testing: Mocha Unit Tests, Cypress.js, Ghost Inspector
  • Back-end: Node.js, Mongo, SQL, Redis, AWS

About Knack

Knack makes it easy for anyone to build applications and workflows to make their data useful. Our customers use Knack to run their processes, departments, or even their entire companies.

We've been growing steadily since 2012 as we鈥檝e built our team, perfected our product, and nailed our product-market fit.

So how are we different?
  • We鈥檙e bootstrapped: we鈥檝e had to build something our customers actually pay for. This changes how you do things.
  • We鈥檙e 100% remote: and have been from the beginning. Every decision we鈥檝e made has been based around optimizing our remote operations.
  • We鈥檙e all a little weird: and we like it that way. We鈥檙e more than just chat avatars; we鈥檝e all gotten to know each other, have grown together, and love working with each other.
  • We enjoy the journey: we鈥檙e in this for the long haul. We鈥檙e not chasing an exit or the next round of funding. We鈥檙e building something we鈥檙e proud of and want to keep improving on.

Learn More

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/knack-frontend-engineer-2

Headquarters: Greensboro, NC
URL: https://logistimatics.com

Why we need your talent

We've grown tremendously since starting three years ago and we are embarking on a new phase of the company where we aim to provide a world-class tracking experience that stands apart from the rest of the industry.

In the first few months, you will help us launch our rebranded mobile app, web app, and eCommerce site!聽 A large part of the work will be understanding and optimizing the user experience of our existing applications (which, to be clear, aren鈥檛 bad).

What you鈥檒l get to do

Create and maintain scalable, beautiful applications that customers depend on day-to-day.

Be intimately involved in setting development priorities and product direction.

Work with talented, easy-going developers who understand that the top priority is serving customers.

Continually design and implement improvements to our backend systems for processing tens of millions of GPS locations per day.聽

What success looks like in this role

Bachelor鈥檚 degree and 5+ years of experience as a developer, crafting and coding mobile and web applications.聽

Experience in design and building mobile-first UI.聽

Experience building and consuming APIs to interact with other applications using REST or GraphQL.

Experience in React and/or React Native is strongly desired.

Strong desire to solve problems simply, quickly, and with a minimum of fuss.

Experience building on AWS.

What you鈥檒l get from Logistimatics

  • Competitive salary with health benefits.
  • Work from home or coworking space.
  • Be a part of a rapidly growing team and company.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/logistimatics-full-stack-engineer

Headquarters: New York
URL: https://wemakewebsites.com/

About the job

We Make Websites are a Shopify Plus only agency with offices in New York and London. Our team of 60+ design and develop e-commerce sites for some of the world's largest companies. Brands including: Hasbro, Crabtree & Evelyn, BBC, Aarmy, Paul Valentine, David Beckham Eyewear, Bulletproof, Revant Optics, Missoma, Harper Collins and The Economist.

As a front-end developer, you'll be working as part of a cross-functional team of developers, designers, solutions consultants and agile project managers, to build best-in-class e-commerce websites on Shopify Plus.

Your job will see you working closely with our team of UX/UI designers bringing their designs to life, creating exceptional e-commerce experiences: from high-converting homepages to perfectly crafted product pages.

You'll be doing this alongside a talented team of developers, using a continually evolving set of modern front-end tooling.

What we're looking for

  • Excellent knowledge of modern cross-browser HTML5+, ES6+ and CSS3+ (SCSS)
  • Experience building high-quality, responsive layouts and with smooth interactions, transitions and animations
  • Ability to apply best practice modular web development
  • Fluency with version control and Git flows
  • Fluency in interpreting and working with third-party APIs
  • Awareness of the most established libraries, their ecosystems and how to choose between them
  • Awareness of web performance best-practice, developing for accessibility and SEO
  • Experience with cross-browser and device testing websites
  • Experience working within agile environments including Scrum / Kanban
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Bonus points if you have...
  • Passion for design
  • Knowledge of Continuous integration/deployment
  • Experience with Vue.js
  • Experience with Figma, Invision or Sketch
  • Experience working with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Hybris or Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


  • Salary based on experience.
  • 15 days vacation + your birthday off + Public holidays
  • Accrue 1 holiday day per year served, uncapped
  • Fun, challenging projects for interesting, creative clients.
  • We are a social bunch so expect to have fun with monthly team socials and an annual company-wide event.
  • The opportunity to travel to and work at our New York and London offices.
  • We invest in our team and aim to provide anything you need to expand and nurture your skills including training and equipment.
  • We also reward talent and leadership skills, with a clear promotion path for those who excel.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status.聽

No recruiters, please.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/we-make-websites-front-end-web-developer-1

Headquarters: Seattle, WA
URL: http://www.growordie.com

We鈥檙e building a top-tier content team to go after the B2B search category.

One of the key roles on that team is to upload and configure all the new posts that need publishing. The stakes are high, several elements on every post need to go out perfectly every time.

That鈥檚 where you come in. You鈥檒l be uploading content, putting the final touches on each post, and hitting the publish button yourself. You鈥檙e the final gate keeper before content goes live.

Your Responsibilities

  • Upload content from Google Docs into WordPress.
  • Configure all required WordPress settings.
  • Edit and clean HTML as needed within each post.
  • Edit settings for shortcodes within WordPress.
  • Publish new posts.
  • Update internal documentation that tracks each post.

How to Tell If You鈥檒l be a Great Fit

  • You enjoy roles that involve completing the same task over and over again. This role is extremely repetitive.聽
  • You鈥檙e extremely detailed oriented. You鈥檒l be the last person to touch each post before it鈥檚 published. While many typos and mistakes can be fixed later, there are several elements on each post that must be 100% correct every time. You should be the type of person that insists on double, triple, and quadruple checking these items on every post. Even after you鈥檝e published thousands of them.
  • Editing HTML should be very comfortable for you. Having to upload and edit an entire post in WordPress using only the HTML editor should not be be a scary task.聽 You should also be able to identify messy inline styling or HTML elements that should be simplified. While you won鈥檛 have to code any CSS, you will be editing lots of HTML elements and WordPress shortcodes.
  • WordPress should be second nature to you. If this is the first time you鈥檝e worked on a WordPress site, this role is not a good fit.
  • Initially, this will be a contractor role. You鈥檒l be paid per upload. As our program builds, it could turn into a full-time role down the road.
  • No education or certifications required.
  • Must be US-based.
  • 100% remote company, work from anywhere you like.

How to Apply

Email recruiting@growordie.com with answers to these questions:
  1. What is your process for verifying that all the WordPress settings are correct?
  2. Let鈥檚 say a critical error is discovered on a previous post that was already published. What would be your next steps?
  3. What鈥檚 your experience with WordPress?
  4. What would you prefer to earn for each post upload?

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/grow-or-die-wordpress-specialist

Headquarters: Austin, Texas
URL: https://www.getfilecloud.com/

聽CodeLathe, (an Austin, TX, USA based company) is looking for a passionate technical support/sales engineer to provide technical support and sales demos for our customer base around the world. This is a remote-job position and will require working remotely with other team members.

Top Ten Reasons to Join Us
  1. 聽 聽 Work with a world class engineering team that is out to change the world
  2. 聽 聽 Fast growing company with lots of growth opportunities
  3. 聽 聽 Strong engineering and product focused culture
  4. 聽 聽 100% Remote Job 鈥 Work comfortably from your home office聽
  5. 聽 聽 Unique, customer driven software development process
  6. 聽 聽 Work on the challenging technical problems 鈥 File Systems, Search, AI, Distributed Systems.
  7. 聽 聽 Work on widely used cutting edge tech stack
  8. 聽 聽 Gender diversity 鈥 Men (60%), Women (40%)
  9. 聽 聽 Part of a huge 10+ Billion $ and growing market space
  10. 聽 聽 Competitive compensation based on experience and location
  • Perform Manual and Automated test of CodeLathe鈥檚 products (FileCloud, Tonido) before release
  • Test CodeLathe鈥檚 products (FileCloud, Tonido) before release
  • Review requirements specifications and technical documents to provide feedback
  • Identify the test scenarios and write test plan documents based on functional requirements
  • Identify and document test cases based on the functional requirements
  • Identify, record and document thoroughly and track bugs using the issue tracking system
  • Set up and maintain test labs with multiple testing environments
  • Maintain the automated unit and system test cases
  • Reproduce reported customer problems to help developers troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve issues聽
Required Qualifications:
  • Bachelors Engineering degree with 2 or more years of professional software testing experience is required
  • Strong knowledge of QA methodologies, tools and processes.
  • Must be able to identify and write clear test scenarios, test plans and test cases from the requirements document
  • Must be proficient in Windows environment
  • Must have a working knowledge of Mobile devices with iOs and Android OS
  • Must be able to communicate with a diverse development team and product management
  • Must be available online from 8 am to 1 pm US Central Time
  • Having a basic working knowledge of Linux is a plus
  • Experience writing Unit Test, System Test or Load Test is a plus
  • Experience with performance or security testing is a plus
  • Experience with PHP is a plus
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-starter, highly motivated and works with little or no supervision聽
Location: This is a remote position. If you are interested, please send your resume to jobs@codelathe.com. Compensation is based on experience and location. Please note the Job ID:QAE2 in the email subject.

Ask us in our chat channel!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/codelathe-technologies-inc-quality-assurance-engineer-1

Headquarters: Miami, FL
URL: https://simpletexting.com/

We鈥檙e seeking a hard-working Customer Support Specialist to help customers troubleshoot tricky (and not-so-tricky) problems all day, every day. This is an entry-level position, but prior experience at a B2B tech company is a must. The ideal candidate is comfortable switching gears quickly, and passionate about helping people. We pride ourselves on amazing customer service. In this role, you'd be the heart and soul of SimpleTexting.

About Us

SimpleTexting is the leading web-based platform for SMS marketing and business texting. Our software gives organizations the ability to send marketing campaigns, share important alerts, and provide 1-on-1 customer service using text messages. Thousands of organizations in North America rely on SimpleTexting to connect with their audiences. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, healthcare providers, churches, schools, and more. And with a powerful suite of features that includes segments, autoresponders, data collection and analytics, our platform is designed to help businesses start and scale their engagement through SMS.聽


  • You're a superhero, but with a computer instead of a cape. You'll clarify the customer complaints, determine the cause, select and explain the best solution, then follow-up to make sure the issue is resolved. The whole enchilada.
  • Respond to email tickets, online chat or phone calls to help SimpleTexting customers with their issues
  • Participate in writing excellent help documentation鈥攂oth for internal use and for our customers
  • Log tickets with the development team and escalate appropriately based on the impact of the issue
  • Become a SimpleTexting power user鈥攂efore you can support others, you must know the product yourself
  • You'll work weekends as part of a regular rotation with the rest of the customer success team

This Role Is For You If

  • Multiple chats and calls happening at once doesn't make you sweat
  • You thrive in fast-paced environments
  • You're as comfortable hopping on the phone as you are writing super clear emails
  • Investigating issues when you don鈥檛 have enough info to resolve them is your idea of fun
  • Going above and beyond for customers gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling
  • You've worked alongside marketing, product, and engineering teams in the past
  • You have no shame geeking out about business and technology


Minimum qualifications:聽
  • At least 1 year of experience working with customers, preferably in SaaS
  • Familiarity with chat (Intercom) and CRM platforms
  • You can translate technical ideas for non-technical audiences
  • Ability to learn new software platforms quickly
  • English is your primary language. Secondary languages are a plus.
  • Demonstrable critical thinking, communication, and creative problem-solving skills
  • Self-starter, positive attitude, ability to continuously develop and adapt to a growing team
  • Highly organized. You can manage and prioritize several different projects.

Bonus points:
  • Bachelor鈥檚 degree, preferably in a related field of study
  • 2+ years in customer support role
  • You鈥檝e worked in SaaS


  • Remote

Compensation and Benefits

  • Compensation commensurate with your proven abilities
  • Unlimited flexible time-off policy
  • Remote

How to Apply

Follow this link to apply: https://bit.ly/37P7r5T

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/simpletexting-customer-support-specialist-saas-product