Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://www.greenbacktaxservices.com/

Over the last 12 months, the Greenback team has been growing and evolving- and we’re now ready (drum roll, please!) to hire an accomplished business leader- our “glue” that will hold it all together- our Integrator!

Reporting directly to the CEO, the Integrator (otherwise known as the General Manager or COO) will be responsible for executing towards the vision created by the CEO, end to end across the business. The overall purpose of this role is to manage the team, run the day-to-day business operations, and to lead the team to long-term growth.

Specifically, here’s what this role will be responsible for:
  • 100% people management of the 10 person team, day to day. You report to the CEO, everyone else reports to you. This means you will lead, manage, and hold the team accountable, as well as ensure everyone is rowing in the right direction, at the right cadence and without any stumbling blocks. Our philosophy at Greenback is that the only way to provide incredible customer care and grow rapidly is to have an extremely high performing team. We believe in right people/right seats, and in 100% A players. People management means setting the bar high, ensuring complete clarity around accountabilities and expectations and doing what it takes to enable the team to achieve their goals.
  • Faithful execution of the business’s strategic plan, meeting or exceeding all P&L objectives. The CEO, with the input and support of you and the leadership team, will create the company’s vision, the annual strategic ROCKS, and you will deliver upon those. As we all know, the best plans often require refinement based on unexpected opportunities or risks. Your role will be to ensure that the strategy gets adhered to 100%, and the goals are met, while adjusting plans real time throughout the year. You need to be focused and an effective problem solver.
  • Set the tone and ensure compliance of our core operational model (Traction). What does this mean? It means ensuring that not only is our business producing the right results but it’s doing so in the right way. That means we have documented and established SOPs that are followed, that we use structure and process as our guide, that we have no single points of failure, that we manage our risks and issues proactively and in a controlled way. Essentially you will make sure that the team is organized, disciplined and following the Greenback way of operating.
  • Collaborate with the Visionary (CEO) to take the company vision and strategy and put it into place and translate that to the management team.
  • Simplification and streamlining. We are looking for someone who not only enables the business to achieve goals, but also does so in the simplest, cleanest way possible. You will be constantly looking for micro ways to improve, simplify, make easy.
  • Brand champion. At the core of our business success is an exemplary brand. The DNA of our business is excellence in customer care. You need to live, eat and breathe that philosophy, and make sure that all our people, process, product and systems do too.
  • Full P&L and KPI ownership. You’re responsible for meeting the business goals on revenue as well as costs. You will own the financial reigns of the business, including forecasting, reporting, and bookkeeping (all done by our manager of business admin, but overseen by you).

Is this you:
  • Managing people to outstanding outcomes comes naturally to you. You know how to get the best out of a team, keep the bar high, and create a culture of A player performance. Specifically, we’d need to see evidence that you can do this in the context of a 100% remote team.
  • You’re an effective project manager, disciplined in the way you use systems and processes, and genuinely enjoy SOPs. You create order out of chaos, and teach your team to do the same.
  • You love being the glue. Cross collaboration, coordination and effective problem solving come naturally to you.
  • You genuinely and deeply care about customers having a delightfully excellent customer experience.
  • You’re calm under pressure, resilient, and can shift quickly as needed. As a tax business, our deadline driven nature means there are times when stress is high, deadlines and tight leadership is required to keep everyone calm. You need to be someone who creates that environment.
  • You are fast paced, highly energetic and ambitious (we’re that way as a team, so need someone who can lead that way too!).
  • You love data and understand how to use it effectively to make decisions.
  • You are tech savvy and have used Salesforce CRM (or a similar CRM), and at least one online project management and collaboration tool (we use Podio, but there are many similar ones). You’re comfortable learning software without a tech team or a manual.
  • You are excited to help execute against the CEO’s vision and translate that back to the team day to day. You like to work independently and are comfortable taking direction and running with it.
  • You have experience working with a company in the $3-$15M revenue range, in a fast-growing business.
  • You are in a US friendly time zone (i.e. can work M-F 9-5/8-4 style schedule, overlapping with EST or PST).

Company values:
  • We cherish feedback and consider it a gift to each other and from our customers.
  • We build trust by providing a painless tax preparation experience that our customers can’t help but tell their friends, family, and expat communities about us.
  • We make decisions quickly and effectively using data with customer needs always in the forefront of our minds.
  • We strive for simplicity and seek to continually improve processes both internally and externally.
  • We think and strategize like a large company while maintaining the heart, passion, and pace of a small company.
  • We understand that expat taxes are not one size fits all and provide confidence to our customers through our deep expertise in expat tax.
  • We believe that detailed planning and flawless execution are critical for a smooth-running operation.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we are accountable for the success of our role within the business. Being accountable includes an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence, and to do things in ways that further the goals of the business.
  • We approach each day and the new challenges it brings with a positive attitude, an open mind and a can-do spirit! We celebrate and honor each other’s contributions proactively.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/greenback-expat-tax-services-integrator-coo

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
URL: https://www.amazowl.com/

We're a fully-remote Amazon marketing & training agency with global clients.

We're seeking an Amazon Content Manager to:
  1. Oversee & guide the creation of Amazon A+ content & Amazon Storefronts
  2. Oversee, guide & review copywriting for our clients' Amazon product detail pages
  3. Manage clients' product catalogs across vendor & seller central 
  4. Participate in and lead client training if/when necessary  
You will oversee a team of Amazon content designers, copywriters & Amazon product catalog experts - therefore deep understanding & experience of these areas is crucial.

NOTE: We ask a LOT of questions (see below) in our application process. Why? Because we're interested in finding great team members who are seeking long-term roles where they can grow their skills & responsibility.


QUESTIONS - Please answer ALL questions below in your cover letter.


Where are you physically located?

In which timezone do you prefer to work?

What do you like about working remotely?

What do you NOT like about working remotely?

What remote working tools have you used? (Asana, Slack etc)

If you're NOT a native English-speaker, how did you achieve Fluency in English?

Please rate your spoken English on a scale out of 10.

Please rate your written English on a scale out of 10.

Do you currently have a day job with fixed hours? If so, tell us about it.

Tell us about your last/previous day job.

What are you great at?

What do you struggle with? What do you need to work on?

What is your project management experience?

Do you have any experience leading teams?

Would you be comfortable leading a team of Amazon-focused designers, copywriters & catalog experts?

Give us an overview of your experience working with brands on Amazon?

What is your specific experience with Amazon A+ Content?

What is your specific experience with Amazon Storefronts?

What is your specific experience with Amazon Product Listings? 

What is your specific experience with Amazon Copywriting? 

Please include a link to your LinkedIn profile

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/amazowl-amazon-content-manager-a-stores-listings-copy

Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York
URL: http://soar.sh

Hey 👋
We're an early stage growth team with a ecommerce-centric business model. We sell growth packages for technology companies in the SEO and virality space. Our services range from backlinks and written-for-you blog posts to done-for-you reddit marketing.

Our clients love us because we're affordable, we guarantee results, and our customer success team is always around to help. Not to mention the services are one-of-a-kind.

We're looking to hire our first non-founder leadership team member, who will work closely with the founder to manage and lead the company.

A great applicant will have a strong background in growth, digital marketing, and project/program management.

So let's dive into day-to-day responsibilities...👇

Role Responsibilities

The Head of Operations role is going to be responsible for managing and leading our Services and Customer Success teams. You'll be managing our departments heads, as well as tinkering and constantly optimizing how our marketing processes work.

Broadly speaking, your day-to-day will be broken down into 3 buckets. Realistically, these will constantly change as the company matures and develops.

Leadership & Management
  • Ensure all departments have organized, standardized & up-to-date SOP's. Clean up, standardize and operationalize how each service is fulfilled.
  • Be a role model to our department heads and internal leaders, develop a regular 1-on-1 cadence to discover problems and opportunities
  • Work with CEO and department heads to set OKR's, goals & key results
  • Help us grow by hiring and onboarding new roles as needed
  • Evaluate and discover revenue driving initiatives using our team's capabilities
  • Create and manage a company-health dashboard with an end-to-end financial reporting process. We need to know how much money we're making, where it's coming from, and how we can optimize it.
  • Create and launch an in-company profit-sharing program. Our top employees should be rewarded as the company grows.
  • Figure out the COGS for every marketing service we offer. Improve how our team tracks our work so that all hours are accounted for toward projects
  • Ensure our services are highly profitable on a monthly basis. Create and me
New Projects
And of course, we're always building new projects and services. We need constant help laying out strategies, brainstorming, and defining and executing new projects. Roll up your sleeves and jump into our new project development process.

Our leadership team is. based in Brooklyn, in Williamsburg. We'd love a local NYC/Brooklyn hire. That'd be a bunch of fun. But we're a remote-first team, so it's totally OK if you're remote as well.

Our compensation is competitive with the role, and includes a percentage of profit component. Please email us with a subject line that contains "Applying for the Head Of Operations Role". Please include a link to your resume and your linkedin profile as well. 

Look forward to meeting you :)

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/soar-head-of-operations-manager-of-business-administration

URL: https://scopicsoftware.com/careers

Work from anywhere – Flexible hours – Training & travel opportunities 

Scopic is seeking a Remote Recruiting Manager to join our team of 250+ professionals in almost 50 countries. We are looking for proactive, tactical team leader that requires limited guidance but welcomes input. The selected candidate will be responsible for managing the company’s recruiting pipeline, supervising a team, and aligning recruitment with Scopic’s strategic objectives. 

  • Initiating new hiring requisitions in coordination with the Resources team 
  • Coordinating with department managers to forecast future hiring needs 
  • Communicating departmental updates regularly with the CEO 
  • Creating accurate and marketable job descriptions 
  • Conducting and coordinating interviews 
  • Managing the candidate pipeline and engaging with candidates 
  • Weighing in on hiring decisions 
  • Collecting strategic data to measure process effectiveness and optimizing accordingly 
  • Leading a team of 5 recruiters: assigning/reviewing tasks, liaising on priorities, reporting on performance, and forging a team ethic 
  • Creating and managing the Recruiting department budget 
  • Overseeing recruitment marketing initiatives and enhancing the visibility of Scopic’s employer brand
  • Managing the development of internal applications, tests, and practical test tasks to support recruiting efforts
  • Contributing to company-wide strategic planning
  • Building the company’s network and maintaining relationships with external recruiting partners

This is a dynamic, multicultural environment, and the ability to multi-task is crucial. Openings and priorities vary widely, requiring flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly. 

At Scopic, we believe great professionals can be found in every corner of the globe, and talent shouldn’t be limited by location. Our employees work from whenever they feel most comfortable, and our work environment benefits from this diversity of perspectives and expertise. 

Grow Your Skills and Your Career, Fast 
We offer training opportunities to keep your skills sharp and encourage you to stay up-to-date with ever-evolving technologies. As your skills grow, you will have opportunities to move up in the company. If you work hard and deliver quality results, you will do very well here. Pay raises and promotions are completely merit-based, so your success is in your hands. 

Become a Valuable Part of a Small, Dynamic International Team 
Unlike huge tech corporations like Google and Microsoft, Scopic employees don’t get lost in bureaucracy or sidelined doing the same routine tasks day after day. Most projects last six months to one year, so all team members have the opportunity to try their skills on a diverse range of applications. Scopic employees work independently and are entrusted with considerable responsibility. 

Why Work with Scopic? 
  • Flexible working hours, set your own schedule
  • Freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world
  • Ability to work wherever you are most comfortable (home, office, café, etc.)
  • Reliable, consistent workload
  • Flexible payment options in $US – salaried and hourly positions available
  • Annual pay increases for good performance
  • Paid training and other professional growth opportunities
  • International travel opportunities (not required)
  • Interesting, challenging projects using the latest technologies

  • Near-native or native fluency in English
  • Stellar written and verbal communication skills
  • 2+ years of technical recruiting experience
  • 2+ years of experience in a supervisory/management role
  • Experience in a remote, international corporate environment
  • Knowledge of the IT/software industry and programming technologies
  • Copywriting experience
  • Ability to work independently, take leadership initiative, and report on progress
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Bachelor's degree or higher
  • Location in a time zone between GMT-5 and GMT+1

This is a full-time, remote position. Part-time will not be considered. 
Compensation: Hourly and salaried offers available, depending on skills and experience. 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/scopic-software-remote-recruiting-manager-us-expat

Headquarters: Washington D.C.
URL: http://oddball.io

Oddball believes that we can bring change and improve the daily lives of millions by bringing quality software to the federal space. Our team is full of experienced engineering, product, and user experience professionals who love bringing scalable solutions to life as much as they love working with clients to solve problems. We value learning, growth, and the ability to make a big impact at a rapidly growing company.

We are looking for a Business Process Analyst that can collaborate with clients, stakeholders and technical teams. This role will be providing the support to translate business and system requirements from the stakeholders’ into actionable software requirements in order to ship great products. The Business Process Analyst will effectively communicate and incorporate business investment themes into the Software Development Life Cycle, while being able to escalate any potential gaps or issues to clients and stakeholders. 

We are looking for an analytical, business-savvy and communicative Business Process Analyst to join our team and help deliver quality products for our clients. 

What you'll be doing

The ideal candidate will be working collaboratively with stakeholders, engineering and operation teams to translate business needs into acceptance criteria that aligns with the software team. This individual will effectively communicate the needs of the clients and stakeholders’ as well as be able to resolve any gaps that present to be a challenge.

We are looking for someone with the following qualifications:

  • 3+ years experience writing software requirements in the form of user stories or epics that adhere to best practices
  • 2+ years of experience working with the development and quality assurance teams which identified gaps and created robust test cases
  • Capable of understanding the business value of a project and can provide support and alignment with engineer and release teams
  • Solicit requirements and user stories through customer interviews, working sessions, and/or existing systems documentation or procedures
  • Possesses process driven analysis skills and a background in various requirements elicitation methods needed
  • Ability to effectively communicate and synthesize complex requirements to any audience, from engineers to stakeholders
  • Work with the team to develop project plans, roadmaps and manage backlog. Communicate team plans, report impediments for escalation, identify risks/concerns to relevant stakeholders to help resolve
  • Work with product owners and stakeholders to refine vision and establish goals and metrics
  • Detail oriented with strong verbal and written communication skills including technical writing skills. Must be able to communicate effectively and confidently with users, team members and management
  • Has strong analytical and problem solving skills, and is able to identify multiple approaches to problem solving and recommend the best solution
  • Self-starter who can come up to speed quickly. Works with little direction and supervision, makes time for unplanned assignments, and adaptable to changing priorities
  • Must be able to multi-task and prioritize assignments in accordance to program goals
  • Team player who must be able to work professionally and collaboratively with the government customer and other contract members of the project team
  • Ability to obtain VA Medium-Background Investigation clearance
  • Bachelor's Degree
Additional Desired Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of relational databases concepts and SQL
  • Experience with UI/UX practices
This is a full time, remote position. Oddball offers a tech and continuing education stipend.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/oddball-business-process-analyst

Headquarters: San Francisco
URL: https://www.letsdeel.com/

As our International Strategy Lead, you'll be playing a crucial role in the management and development of relationships with legal firms and accounting tax partners around the world, and figuring out complex solutions. Our partners are a key driver in our compliance features and huge support for our sales team, ultimately driving the bottom line forward. The day-to-day role includes outreach and relationship management with our partners, learning and understanding the legal/tax nuances from country to country, and pushing forward that information into the platform itself and into resources for our sales and marketing teams.

What you will enjoy working on

  • Drive Deel's compliance feature by building partnerships with lawyers and accountants
  • Generating and developing relationships that will turn into fruitful partnerships for both parties via calls, emails, and campaigns
  • Learn the ins and outs of different laws and tax requirements around the globe
  • Build a world-class database of regulations and rules that are, at the moment, very convoluted and sometimes inaccessible
  • Owning the whole relationship and information cycle from initial outreach to close, and management of the relationship with different Deel teams

We cannot wait to meet you if:

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit/experience with a strong growth mindset
  • You are proficient in spoken and written English and have strong research skills
  • You have a way with words and can write email copy and sequence campaigns that convert
  • You are adaptable and comfortable with a fast-paced environment
  • You are an active relationship builder who can collaborate with internal and external teams to consistently improve processes and communication workflows

We’d especially love to speak with you if:

  • You have worked for an HR or Fintech company
  • You've worked at a fast-growing startup
  • You have previously successfully worked in a remote & distributed team
  • You have 1+ years of experience in any form of sales/partnership role


  • Competitive equity
  • Embrace distributed work
  • Flexible work hours
  • Inclusive work environment
  • All-expenses paid international company offsites

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/deel-international-strategy-lead

Headquarters: Washington, DC
URL: https://www.uprightlabs.com/

Upright Labs is a go-to trusted e-commerce and operational advisor and offers the leading multi-channel inventory management software within the secondhand retail market. The Upright Labs team has worked with 30+ organizations, representing over $1 billion in retail sales, 1000+ stores, and 2+ million square feet of warehouse space. We have helped customers process, list, and ship over 50 million dollars in products with Upright Lister, our cloud based multichannel listing tool.

Upright Labs is hiring a rockstar Operations Analyst to support our growing consulting services. In your role, you will be tasked with supporting the operations leadership with proposal writing and resource creation. This is a remote role that can be based anywhere in the United States. 

What you'll do 
  • Assist and lead the building of documents, 200+ slide presentations, spreadsheets, floor plans, and more from the ground up
  • Craft proposals for prospective clients and close five and six figure deal contracts
  • Support client engagements, company strategies, and methods to expand Upright Labs' reach to capture key demographics
  • Analyze data and provide resolutions based on analysis
  • Get hands dirty. If we are onsite with a client, you will be asked to help rearrange an operation, you are the first to build a table, move it to a new location, and will stay late to perfect the layout
  • Travel up to 25% of the time for events, conferences, and in person sales meetings

Who you are 
  • 2+ years experience in supply chain, operations, account management, design or similar role
  • 2+ years experience in formal presentation and document creation
  • Excellent written and verbal communicator
  • Dedicate yourself to providing exceptional customer service
  • Passionate about solving problems and educating potential customers
  • Process oriented - you solve the problem for today and tomorrow
  • Experience with e-commerce and/or the secondhand retail space is considered a plus but not a requirement

What you'll get
  • Work from your home or wherever you do your work best
  • The opportunity to work with a high caliber team at a growing start-up
  • Health insurance, 401k match
  • Generous vacation policy
  • Monthly donation matching to 501.3.c organizations
  • Work on a rockstar team!

How to apply

To apply please submit your application via this form. Please note, candidates who do not submit the application form will not be considered. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. We are committed to following up with all candidates and appreciate your interest! 

Upright Labs is a strong and flexible team because of the diverse backgrounds of our staff. This includes professional background, subject matter expertise, culture, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, language, hobbies, etc. We strongly encourage women, minorities, and people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply. Your skills are needed here. 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/upright-labs-operations-analyst

Headquarters: Miami
URL: https://c2-digital.com/

C2 Digital is the go-to agency for Shopify & Shopify Plus. We design, develop and optimize e-commerce websites for some of the fastest growing brands on the planet.

We’re a team of designers, developers, solutions architects, and e-comm consultants. We’ve doubled in size over the last year and are looking for more bright, ambitious and enthusiastic people to join our team.

But enough about us - we want to know more about you.

What we're looking for:

We’re looking for a Project Manager who has a great understanding of e-commerce and Shopify, with a strong desire to learn and improve their knowledge. You will need to be analytical and solution-oriented with unparalleled levels of attention to detail, organisation and communication. The ideal candidate will take charge of multiple projects from start to finish and be extremely reliable.

We’re looking for an individual with at least 2 years of digital e-commerce project management experience, with a proven track record of managing and delivering multiple projects simultaneously.

About the role:

The Digital Project Manager will work closely with both the Client Services and Production teams and will be responsible for the day-to-day management of multiple projects.

  • Scope and manage projects in extensive detail to mitigate risks and avoid scope-creep
  • Ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget and scope while maintaining client happiness
  • Create and organize in-depth creative and technical briefs for the design and development teams
  • Manage and maintain all resource allocation for multiple projects across the business
  • Track project schedules while constantly assessing risk and removing roadblocks for the production team
  • Support the wider project team in client meetings providing technical knowledge and expertise
  • Work with the design, development and client services teams to maintain processes and improve efficiency across the team
  • Manage and communicate all of your ongoing client schedules and workflows with the project team
  • Monitor and provide quality assurance on each project to ensure all tasks are delivered to the highest quality
  • Manage and maintain communication channels within the wider project team
  • Create, manage and maintain technical project documentation to support the delivery of the project

About you:

Personal Attributes
  • You will need a passion for digital marketing and the e-commerce space. E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors and we want somebody who gets what it means to be an agency at the forefront of direct to consumer e-commerce design and development.
  • You will be a strategic, creative, pragmatic thinker and problem solver.
  • You will have unparalleled levels of attention to detail with a focus on risk.
  • You will welcome the concept of change and working in a fast paced environment.
  • You will be extremely organised and have exceptional communication skills
  • You will be an ambitious, articulate, proactive, fast-learning team player with a ‘can do’ attitude!
Practical Experience
  • You will have experience in managing and delivering projects on budget, within scope and on time
  • You will need to have an understanding of e-commerce platforms or other content management systems
  • You will need experience of working across multiple client projects simultaneously; taking control and driving the project forward
  • You will need to have an excellent understanding of creative briefs, including budget and timing restraints
  • You will need to have experience in prioritizing tasks and have the ability to identify and action the most efficient solutions.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/c2-digital-shopify-project-manager-ecommerce-agency

Headquarters: 100% remote
URL: https://www.onthegosystems.com/

OnTheGoSystems is looking for a talented individual, who will manage our work with partners. You will respond to incoming partnership requests, initiate contact, analyze opportunities, manage content production and supervise results.

What you’ll do
You will work inside our marketing team, in cooperation with our development and support teams. You’ll need to analyze different cooperation opportunities, prioritize the best ones, manage their progress, and review the results.

You will plan projects for our content production team, so they can write, design and produce videos. Then, you’ll make sure that our partners deliver on their part and that the cooperation efforts pay off.

How we work
Everyone in OnTheGoSystems works remotely. We work in small teams, allow for flexibility, demand responsibility, and reward excellence.

We always prioritize marketing campaigns that benefit our clients and our partners. We know that this is the way to build lasting relationships. We never engage in link exchanges, spam and other short-term tactics. Instead, we build connections that last for years.

Job requirements
This job requires a unique combination of analytical thinking with creativity. We need candidates to be located in European time zone.

As a minimum, you should:

  • have at least 2 years of experience in a similar position
  • have outstanding communication skills (impeccable English is a must)
  • understand mutual benefit agreements and have a strong ability to generate ROI
  • be familiar with web analytics and be able to interpret data to pair with action and behavior
In addition, you need to excel in:

  • Human relationships
  • Research
  • Project planning

What we offer

  • This is a 100% remote position. Candidates must be self-motivated, focused and organized to succeed.
  • Be part of a team of smart, creative, and like-minded individuals
  • Work on exciting, high-impact projects
  • Get a full-time and steady position
  • Have the freedom to create and implement innovative ideas
  • Meet and collaborate with team members across the globe


  • A generous home-office setup budget to create or improve your work space
  • A yearly scholarship
  • Kindle device and access to our library
  • Paid holidays

A few words about us
We’ve been around since 2008. We’ve been profitable from day one and we plan to keep it this way. Our clients are coming from all over the world, so we’re resilient. We are the makers of the popular WordPress plugins WPML and Toolset, which power over a million commercial websites. We’re proud to have an international team from many countries. 

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/onthegosystems-partnership-manager

Headquarters: London, England
URL: https://www.joinpiggy.com/

Joinpiggy.com is looking for a project manager to work with our development team. The selected candidate can expect to work in a fast-paced environment with a growing company. We are ideally looking for someone in a European timezone.

What We Are Looking For

  • Great educational background, preferably in the fields of computer science or engineering
  • Proven experience working in an agile, sprint-based development lifecycle
  • Solid technical background, with understanding or hands-on experience in software development and web technologies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills
  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Strong working knowledge of JIRA
  • PMP / PRINCE II certification is a plus

The Opportunity

  • Pay commensurate with experience.
  • Collaborative working environment with the full support of a team of industry experts.

Job Functions:

  • Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects
  • Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget
  • Developing project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility
  • Ensure resource availability and allocation
  • Develop a detailed project plan to track progress
  • Use appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in project scope, schedule and costs
  • Measure project performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques
  • Report and escalate to management as needed
  • Manage the relationship with the client and all stakeholders
  • Perform risk management to minimize project risks
  • Establish and maintain relationships with third parties/vendors
  • Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/piggy-llc-project-manager-remote-1