Vision: Defining the Problem [Inglés]

Samuel Carlos Jr

In my last entry I wrote about what productivity looks like through the lense of Product Development.

How do we stay productive? Well to start we have to focus on the story we are telling - what is the vision, what is the strategy, and what are our tactics. I want to talk about the 'Vision', what are we doing? Why are we doing it? Step one, what are we trying to solve -what is the problem? A problem is defined as an event or situation that causes hindrance and needs to be addressed or solved. The reason the problem statement is so important when working on a project or progression is because it allows us to refocus over and over. A majority of our work should be focused on defining the problem to such a degree of detail that it is prioritized over and over again. A problem statement can help focus our thoughts, here is an example of a template Problem Statement:

Stakeholder (describe person using empathetic language) NEEDS A WAY TO Need (needs are verbs) BECAUSE Insight (describe what you’ve learned about the stakeholder and his need) 

This statement is home - when we think of productivity, we think efficiency, purpose, and intention. This is how we do it. In product development there is a constant scale of comparison in projects and initiatives and how they relate to our problem statements. Is this feature more important than the other? Which one will contribute to the solution of our Problem Statement more? How will we break things down to priority - this is productivity. We great a vision of what the need and actions are and we paint it. Then we create. 

Let's do a quick exercise, copy and paste the example above and plug in a 'need' you believe you should address in your day to day. 


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