Mi Vida - Covid-19, Remote Work, Professional Development [Inglés]

Samuel Carlos Jr

Hi All,
It has been a few weeks since I last posted but wanted to share a few things. It goes without saying that that Covid-19 is affecting all industries in an unprecedented way, how is your industry doing? How can we help? If you are a freelancer feel free to share your email, website, contacts and I would be happy to share your information on my LinkedIn and Twitter.

My company had us transition to fully remote work until the state mandated quarantine period in Oregon has been lifted. These last two weeks have been eye opening when it comes to fully remote exposure, I am constantly communicating with my team. This has been crucial in developing an efficient system to support our team and clients. I work for an eLearning company called OpenSesame, this last week we released a promotion that allows anyone to access 15 courses from our content library until May 15th that revolve around Covid-19, Remote work, and digital communication. Feel free to visit www.opensesame.com to check it out! This is a great time to invest in furthering your skillset and add value to your quarantine period. Let me know if you have any questions!

I am spending the little free time I do have filling it up with opportunities to learn and add to my skillset, I am reading when I can and practicing SQL on my breaks. This is the perfect opportunity to take maximize our social distancing. 

Reach out if you would like to chat, I would love to hear about how you or your company is handling this pandemic and how you are all adapting to the daily changes.


Samuel Carlos Jr

Product Support en OpenSesame
Oregon, US


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