How do you stay productive? I am currently wrapping up my day of working remotely from home. One thing I have noticed is that when I working from home the amount of distractions is elevated. I find myself working extremely efficiently for pockets of time as opposed to spreading my work out over time while I am in the office. Here are a few things that I do to maximize this 'habit':

Start at your pace: I tend to start from bed or a comfortable spot in my home, I make coffee, comb through my emails and some leftover to-dos from the day before. 

Map it out: make a plan and prioritize, I find a list or setting up a to-do tracker via an app works best. Once you have things mapped out, allocate time to complete.

Task 1: This is probably the most important one, get the most resource intensive and urgent priority completed first. This means digging into the meat of your tasks before the day gets moving. 

Breaks: Take breaks, go for a walk, drink water, avoid unhealthy snacks but keep yourself energized. 

Lastly, communicate: Communicate with your team, working remotely comes with a lot of presumptions and can be very beneficial not only for individual contributors but for your companies as well.

I will be covering a number of articles on Productivity in depth over the month of February. Do you currently work fully remotely? Part-time? I currently work part-time remote and in office for a majority of the week. I find it to be a great balance at my current career stage. 


Samuel Carlos Jr

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Luis Daniel Fonseca · almost 3 years
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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this! 

One tip I like to use very often is: if the task I need to complete will take me 5 minutes or less, I do it immediately.

It has improved my productivity 1000% 🙌