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RapidSeedbox Ltd: Linux Sys Admin Manager Needed
Publicado 06/02/2019

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Headquarters: 100% Remote
URL: https://www.rapidseedbox.com/

We are looking for someone who has experience working across many technologies in the unix/linux space, and wants the chance to lead a team of a hungry, hard-working remote system administrator in a growing company.

Who's right for the job? If you are:

- An ambitious team leader. 
- Driven to go above and beyond for customers. 
- Intellectual curiosity and strong willingness to learn. 
- Have a positive attitude.
- Collaborative team player. 
- Able to collaborate effectively and excel in a team environment. 
- Love technology and stay up to date with the latest best solutions around. 
- Love talking to customers and ship fixes fast. 
- You have excellent verbal, written and presentation skills


- You're practically a Linux guru with many years in the field. (with superior knowledge of supporting software on Ubuntu, Debian, and more.)
- Strong understanding of networking and security concepts.
- Ability to work independently, work in a fast paced environment, and manage workload prioritization to deliver high quality work products on time with minimal direction.
- Understanding of networking concepts, such as load balancing and routing. Ability to carry out basic network troubleshooting in a server runtime.

When and When?
You can work from absolutely anywhere.

We communicate on Slack mainly. Location is unimportant, as long as you are available, enthusiastic, committed, and passionate.

You can work more or less whenever you want as long as we can fit it in around the needs & tasks in hand. We do not have a specific set of times for now. Being flexible is key – We need someone who will be able to work on weekends sometimes as well (and take time off during the week, consequently, if needed)

We are looking for someone asap, the sooner the better, tomorrow wouldn’t be out of the question, in fact, tomorrow would be good.

Reached the end and still interested?

1) Please write an email to admin@rapidseedbox.com with the subject line "Your Linux Team Leader Is Here"

2) In the email, please mention why you’re the right fit for our company.

3) In your message, include the #1 thing that we can do to keep your part of our company for ever.

4) Please use the code/word "linuxlinux" as the first word of your application, or we might ignore your application

To apply: admin@rapidseedbox.com

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