Do It! Marketing: Enrollment Coach (Sales)
Publicado 12/04/2019

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Headquarters: (Virtual) Your home office
URL: https://www.doitmarketing.com

Want to work remotely in a fun, fulfilling, and challenging sales role for a company that helps high-achieving consultants, speakers, coaches, and experts build, rebuild, and accelerate their speaking-driven business?

Want to earn $1,000-$1,200 per sale and speak to ambitious experts and future thought leaders from all over the world every day? (Your goal will be to take home $4,000-$4,800 per week)

I’m David Newman, and I’m the founder of The Speaker Profit Formula, our flagship mentoring and coaching program. My team and I help people from around the world market their smarts as a paid professional speaker AND all the accompanying revenue streams such as coaching, consulting, training, facilitation, online courses, licensing, sponsorships, and more. 

We have a steady stream of inbound leads who are interested in speaking to a member of my team to learn more about this program, and how they can work with us to grow their dream business as a high-profit speaking-driven entrepreneur. 

As one of my Enrollment Coaches, YOU would be the person on our team that our prospective clients would speak to first. 

I’m looking for a passionate, persuasive person who can speak to these eager and excited prospective clients and help me decide if the client is a great fit for our program as well as help the right people commit to working with us on their marketing, sales, and business development goals.

If you want to...

  • Make great money while making a difference and crafting a fulfilling career on your own terms
  • Work from anywhere (seize your digital nomad dreams!)
  • Speak to 3-5 people every day who are excited to talk to you
  • Do absolutely NO cold calling and no spamming strangers
  • Feel proud of the work you do and the way you are helping change lives
  • Work on a fun, collaborative, diverse team
  • Start part-time and have the chance to be promoted to full-time based on your performance
  • Receive guidance and mentorship from a successful, caring, and fun 7-figure entrepreneur who will deeply care about your success…
…Then this position might be for you.

Apply to join our team if you have these qualities:

  • You are available for at least 30 hours per week Monday – Friday
  • You must value professional development and transformational marketing/sales trainingthat includes a strong emphasis on mindset and consistent application of proven principles
  • You are a positive person. You know how to find the good in adverse situations
  • You are a person who follows through on her commitments. You don’t jump ship or give up when things get hard
  • You like speaking on the phone. You know how to connect and communicate well with people you cannot see face-to-face
  • You like people. You do not have to be an extrovert for this position, but you must like speaking with people (on a 1-on-1 basis), connecting with people, and helping people
  • You are detail-oriented and methodical. 
  • You are an honest person with high integrity. You must be willing to turn people away who are not a good fit for our program, even it means that you won’t get a commission for that sale
  • You must be looking for a LONG-term commitment, working with and for us. If you are trying to fill your time in between gigs, or while building your own business, DO NOT apply!
  • You have consistent access to reliable internet. Our team is primarily remote, so you’ll need your own laptop and reliable, fast internet connection
  • Must be tech-savvy and proficient in learning new online tools/apps. We run a fairly tech-heavy sales operation with our CRM, scheduler, calendars, questionnaires, webinars, etc. and you need to learn fast with our guidance - but without a lot of hand-holding.
  • As part of our hiring process, YOU will arrange for reference calls with former bosses and managers to discuss your performance, sales results and professional track record.

How to Apply:

1. Create a 1-3 minute video explaining why you are the best fit for this position. Upload it to Youtube, mark it as unlisted (NOT private. If you mark it as private, I won’t be able to see it), and send in the link to info@doitmarketing.com

2. Complete the full job application using our Topgrading system here.

Video Tips:

  • Do not send a video that is longer than 3 minutes
  • Do not submit a video that is filmed vertically with your phone
  • Sit with your light source facing your face. For example, sit facing a window and film with your laptop webcam. The light source should be behind your camera—not behind you
  • You do not need to make the video fancy. Filming with your webcam is fine

Application Deadline: 

Friday, April 26, 2019 at 5pm US Eastern

To apply: https://doitmarketing.topgradingonline.com/job_openings/enrollment-coach-sales?utm_campaign=direct_links&utm_medium=job-boards&utm_source=we-work-remotely

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