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Publicado 02/01/2019

Mercadeo Ingles

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Headquarters: Work for from anywhere
URL: https://hundred5.com/blog/work-for-hundred5-from-anywhere

All you have to do to find out if this job is right for you, is to take this 10-minute test.


We are looking for an emphatic marketer to tell the world (and company) the story of Hundred5 – how it makes a difference in the lives of recruiters and job seekers.

You will play a crucial role in positioning Hundred5 in the right way, to the right people. Writing value propositions, analysing data and preparing new launches would be on your daily work list.

In other words, if our product could talk it would sound like you.

This is a completely new position in our small team, which, on the one hand, means a lot of responsibility and independent work. But it also gives the opportunity to create and execute your own vision.

Ideally, you are a native English speaker who deeply understands the job of recruiters to talk about how each of our features can meet their needs.


At Hundred5, we want to make recruitment fair.

We believe that you should get the job, if you fit the company and have the skills to do it. No matter where you come from, what your name is or what gender you are. That's what we're here to help make happen. Because that's fair.

So, our team is building a candidate-focused application platform that allows job seekers prove their work skills, not resume writing skills.

Hundred5 grew out from a fully remote company Toggl. There is currently 9 of us – each and every one nice and talented. We have people working from Estonia, United States, Scotland, Serbia and Hungary. By the end of 2019, we're aiming to be at least double the current team size.

To get to know us better, you can read this article.

To apply: All you have to do to find out if this job is right for you, is to take this 10-minute test: https://apply.hundred5.com/05PY1OV97KE7598LF257

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