Wild Audience: Content Marketing Translator
Publicado 18/09/2018

Redacción Ingles

Headquarters: Barcelona
URL: http://wildaudience.com

Dear future Wild Audience Translator,

Do you love translating marketing content to Spanish with an SEO approach?
You find joy in getting the right voice when translating content pieces and courses while making it sound as natural as it can be?
Then, this is for you.

What is Wild Audience?
We are a small team working to change how marketing & selling is done. We do this through Respect-Based Marketing.

 Perks & Benefits:
  • Location: Work from Barcelona or remote. Or both!
  • Salary: You get paid a fixed amount per piece you translate  
  • Team Remote Working: Travel together as a team. This year some of us work+surf two months in Ecuador. We also went to France and Portugal

How is success defined for this role?
Your role will be an absolute success if you are able to translate 1-2 high-quality articles to Spanish (about marketing) per month without missing a single deadline. You’re also able to translate our online courses (about sales funnels) to Spanish. You must understand Wild Audience’s marketing approach and SEO keywords to use them when translating our masterpieces into Spanish.

  1. You read https://wildaudience.com/articles/ and quickly grasp the marketing concepts discussed in the articles
  2. You come up with a clear structure on how to translate the masterpieces and online courses with realistic deadlines
  3. You write the first draft of the article and use your editor’s feedback to improve your translation
  4. The first project to translate will be this article https://wildaudience.com/marketing-funnel-online-course/
  5. You are able to adapt to the Wild Audience voice and translate it to Spanish
  6. You incorporate essential SEO practices (is already done in the masterpieces) into your translations. The keyword research also has been done for you
  7. You’re able to come even with better content upgrades than the masterpieces for your translations with the goal to get 10% of article readers to sign-up for the content upgrade
  8. You are able to translate 1- 2 articles (around 2000 words per article) per month
  9. You’re capable to translate a whole online (around 12 lessons) course without missing deadlines. Deadline yet to be decided

Key Performance Indicators:
  • #of articles translate per month
  • # of comments received per article
  • # of new lead sign-ups per article
  • # of unique visitors per article

  • Perfect Spanish and English writing skills
  • Persuasive writing skills and attention to detail
  • Organize and creative eye
  • Persuasive writing skills
  • Ability to figure shit out
  • SEO writing approach

Key Role Blend:
  • 100% writer and translator 

Job Description:
  1. This is a freelancer role with no fixed amount of hours. You design your job & amount of time that is required to achieve the results that are expected from you
  2. Wild Audience & you agree on a budget per word or article and you get paid per piece translated
  3. Wild Audience’s Spanish editor checks in with you on a bi-weekly basis where you guys talk about your performance, your challenges & goals. He will coach & help you as much as possible on a personal & professional level
  4. You are confident with working remotely and communicating via Zoom Video Rooms, Asana, Google Drive & Slack

To apply: https://wildaudience.com/q/translator/

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