Wild Audience: Content Marketing Writer
Publicado 18/09/2018

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Headquarters: Barcelona
URL: http://wildaudience.com

How is success defined for this role?

Your role will be an absolute success if you are able to write two high quality articles about marketing per week without missing a single deadline. You must understand Wild Audience’s marketing approach and you are able to quickly make sense of marketing videos created by Bastian and use them to write your masterpieces.


1. You listen to Wild Audience FM interviews (https://wildaudience.com/fm/) where Bastian (CEO) interviews companies like Buffer and HubSpot and marketers like Rand Fishkin or Todd Brown. You quickly grasp the marketing concepts discussed in the interviews.
2. You create article outlines based on WA podcast episodes to plan article structures. You work together with WA’s editor to create a perfect article structure.
3. You write the first and second draft of the article and use your editor’s feedback to improve your article.
4. You enhance your article by doing your own research via Google to find relevant graphics, statistics and link out to third party articles and our own WA articles.
5. You are able to adapt to the Wild Audience voice and ghostwrite for Bastian.
6. You incorporate essential SEO practises (optimized titles, keywords, internal linking, content variation..) into your articles. The keyword research has been done for you already.
7. You create a content upgrade for your articles with the goal to get 10% of article readers to sign-up for the content upgrade.
8. You are able to write 2 articles (around 2000 words per article) per week

Job Description:

1. This is a freelancer role with no fixed amount of hours. You design your job & amount of time that is required to achieve the results that are expected from you
2. Wild Audience & you agree on a budget per article and you get paid per article delivered
3. This role can be remote or if desired, you can be part of Wild Audience’s core team in Barcelona. You can also work remote and join us for a few weeks/months in Barcelona if you’re a digital nomad. If you are located in Barcelona long-term or short-term (for example for a few months):
  • We do team lunches pretty much every day together at the aticco roof terrace with a 360 view over Barcelona and the ocean. We would love you to bring your own food (either cook it yourself or buy it) and join us at the terrace. We usually talk about surfing, traveling, Wild Audience etc..
  • We would love you to join our weekly Tuesday beach morning fitness (fitness+swimming+meditation)
  • Bastian and the WA team enjoy a very healthy way of living. Bastian likes to do sports 3 times a week and eats completely vegan. It's important to him and the WA culture that you respect these values but they are - of course - completely optional.
4. Wild Audience’s editor checks in with you on a bi-weekly basis where you guys talk about your performance, your challenges & goals. He will coach & help you as much as possible on a personal & professional level
5. You are confident with working remotely and communicating via Zoom Video Rooms, Asana, Google Drive & Slack

To apply: https://wildaudience.com/journey/writer/

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