Breeze Church Management: Full Stack Developer (PHP)
Publicado 04/12/2018

Programación Ingles

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Headquarters: Grand Rapids, MI
URL: https://www.breezechms.com/

We're currently accepting applications for a full stack developer that has experience working with CodeIgniter (PHP, MySQL), jQuery, Vue, React and Python to join our team. The position would focus on both the front-end interface (jQuery, Vue) and backend (PHP, MySQL, Python) of Breeze. 

Required Experience

  • 5+ Years PHP Experience
  • 5+ Years MySQL Experience
  • jQuery Experience
  • HTML/CSS Experience
  • MVC Framework Experience
  • Git Experience
  • Server Management Experience
  • Microservices Architecture (Docker)
  • Unit Testing Experience
  • Have an iOS or Android phone

To apply: Submit Resume https://breezechms.freshteam.com/jobs/V55HHIhh9x8v/full-stack-developer

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