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Ruby Together: Head of Growth
Publicado 21/02/2019

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Headquarters: Remote Worldwide
URL: https://ruby-together.breezy.hr/p/3d0aae712e8f-head-of-growth?source=weworkremotely

About Ruby Together

Ruby Together exists to make Ruby open source made better for everyone, by using funding from the community to pay developers to maintain the open source tools that Ruby software is built on. Bundler, RubyGems.org, and other Ruby open source tools have millions of users and power the software behind trillions of dollars worth of businesses. Despite those numbers, each tool has spent years with just 1 or 2 people sacrificing their personal time during nights and weekends to keep things working.

Our goal as a company is to create and sustain a new model of community funding for open source software, by paying open source developers for their work, and providing reliable and well-maintained tools for everyone in the community to use and depend on. For more detail, check out our Vision, Mission, and Values, as well as our website, rubytogether.org.

What We Are Looking For

As the first growth-related hire for Ruby Together, this individual will lay the foundation for engaging current and future Ruby Together members in a meaningful way. Part membership recruitment, part happiness maintainer, we are looking for someone who is excited about the Ruby community, open source, and engaging with developers and engineering management about supporting Ruby Together.

This is a great opportunity for an individual with previous community building experience, an ability to be creative and provide outside-the-box ideas, and a level of professionalism and persistence that allows them to follow up with individuals and companies in a meaningful way.

We expect this position to be approximately 20 hours per week with some travel involved.

This position is remote-friendly, and will most likely involve travel to attend and/or speak at conferences.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Work with the executive director to reach out to potential company sponsors
  • Engage with RT members, companies, and potential members and companies to increase excitement and interest in Ruby Together
  • Plan and run Ruby Together events at national and regional conferences
  • Provide active Ruby Together members with ways to engage their communities at local meetups and encourage others to become members of Ruby Together
  • Write regular blog posts for various media to promote the Ruby Together organization and projects
  • Create a community engagement and outreach strategy to increase knowledge of and interest in Ruby Together
  • Recruit and manage regional ambassadors


  • Salary of $80,000, with work expected to be roughly half-time
  • Expenses reimbursed for working conferences
  • 7 days per year of PTO

To apply: https://ruby-together.breezy.hr/p/3d0aae712e8f-head-of-growth?source=weworkremotely

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