Senior Front-end Engineer

Programación Ingles over 1 year

Headquarters: London, England

About us

We are a team of seasoned technologists with over 10 years of experience in building large-scale content management solutions. We believe that the modern digital world demands a new paradigm for the CMS space – one that gravitates around content, not around the channels it gets to, or the technologies used to get there.

We are building Edit, a developer-centred content management solution for modern applications. We have an idea or two on how to create a great product and we’d love for you to build it with us.

You can find most of us out and about in London, England, but we are a distributed team working from all over the world. We realised early on that great talent isn’t necessarily within the boundaries of big cities, so we’re looking to work with the best people in the industry, no matter where they are.

We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply, especially candidates from under-represented groups in tech. We can’t wait to meet you!

About you

You are a self-driven individual who is comfortable working remotely and as part of a wider delivery team.
You take pride in writing clean, efficient and testable code.

You can adjust quickly to changing priorities.

Technical skills

To excel in this role, you’ll benefit from experience in:

  • Writing vanilla JavaScript, including language features from the latest ECMAScript specifications;
  • Authoring semantic and accessible HTML;
  • Writing and maintaining large CSS codebases;
  • Building stateful client-side applications, using modern JavaScript application frameworks such as React, Vue or Svelte;
  • Writing unit and integration tests.

Bonus points

To really knock it out of the park, you will have:

  • Experience in Node.js;
  • A passion for developer tools, such as build tools and command-line interfaces, and some level of understanding of how they work under the hood;
  • An understanding of developer experience (DX) and an interest in finding new ways to improve developer workflows;
  • Experience in working with continuous integration/delivery pipelines;
  • Built APIs and have an opinion on different design paradigms (e.g. REST vs GraphQL).

The gig

Immediate impact

This is a ground-floor opportunity for the right person to make an immediate and significant impact on our product. We’re interested not only in the code you write, but also in your vision for what makes a great product.


We’re interested in the amazing work you can produce, not so much in how long you spend at your desk*, or whether you’re an early riser or a night owl. We want to make the job work around your life, not the other way around.

(*) By “desk” we mean a sofa, a sun lounger or an actual desk. Whatever works for you.

Innovation and growth

We’re constantly pushing ourselves to become better at what we do. If there is anything that can help you keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices in the industry, like purchasing a book or attending a conference, we’ll be happy to make that happen.

A great culture

We’re biased, for sure. But we do honestly think that we’ve got a great thing going on. Our (virtual) office is a relaxed and inclusive environment, where people are encouraged to answer questions and question answers.

Competitive salary

We offer a competitive salary, based on experience, and we commit to reviewing your package as your impact on the product grows.

How to apply

Send a copy of your CV and/or a link to your LinkedIn profile to Make sure to include examples of your recent work.

If you’re a recruiter, please do not contact us. We simply don’t respond to cold calls.

To apply: