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Loco2 Ltd: Experienced Software Engineers
Publicado 05/02/2019

Diseño & UX/UI Ingles

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Headquarters: London
URL: https://loco2.com/en

Loco2 is looking for experienced Ruby engineers to join our existing team, where you'll help us maintain and improve our existing infrastructure, integrate new rail operator booking systems and scale effectively for our rapidly expanding user base.

This is a Full-time, working office hours, usually from 9.30-6 GMT. There’s flexibility in working hours and we offer a generous holiday allowance, and a salary that reflects your experience.

This is a remote position, you might however, be required to visit the office at Old Street to attend to business meetings, events, and so on.

The role

  • Our software stack consists of a pure-Ruby backend library which we use to communicate with train booking APIs, a modern Rails application, a PostgreSQL database, and two native mobile applications (iOS and Android).

  • We’re integrated with multiple rail operator booking systems (with our current team we usually complete at least 1-2 major integrations each year), and we’re increasingly consuming other types of data too (e.g. timetable data for routing, real-time arrivals/departures etc).

  • We need to diligently manage technical complexity, as each external system works in a slightly different way, with its own features and quirks. SOAP is (unfortunately) used by many operator APIs, which is why we released our open source library, LolSoap.

  • Some of the most difficult challenges we face relate to routing and making sense of lots of data. Which routes are best to get from A to B? Which booking systems should be queried? How might we cache data without affecting accuracy of results?

  • We’ve recently released mobile applications for iOS and Android. Further developing our mobile strategy is a key goal for the business.

  • Because Loco2 is the merchant of record for all transactions we are also responsible for fraud prevention, and handling currency and other finance-related issues.

  • We frequently release new features that drive rapid organic growth, and so it’s vital that we anticipate and address scaling challenges before they occur.

    Essential Skills & Experience

  • Has 4+ years of professional programming experience

  • Has deep knowledge and experience of Ruby

  • Is fluent in English and confident communicating and sharing complex information and learnings with both technical and non-technical team members

  • Has a good working knowledge of modern devops technologies such as Docker

  • Is comfortable designing object oriented software from scratch, not just implementing CRUD Rails apps; a pragmatist who can see the trade-offs involved in the different approaches to solving a problem

The ideal candidate

  • Strives to discover and understand the root cause of problems, suggesting new and improved solutions, rather than treating the symptoms.

  • Actively considers future maintainability when deciding how to implement something.

  • Has a keen appetite for self-improvement and growth, but doesn't hesitate to ask for help when needed.

  • Enjoys getting their teeth stuck into complicated problems, as well as being willing to pitch in on some of the more routine tasks which inevitably arise.

  • Is willing to participate in an on-call rota to cover technical emergencies out of hours.

  • Can work hours that have some overlap with London daytime.

  • Is motivated by Loco2's mission.

Some questions we'd like you to include in your application:

  • What are some of the most challenging/interesting programming tasks you have worked on?

  • Why do you want to work for Loco2?

  • In what country and timezone do you live?

  • What are your approximate salary expectations? (please state currency)

To apply: https://loco2.com/en/careers/software-engineer

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