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Architect ( React Native, Hybrid Mobile)

Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: Reston, Virginia
URL: https://moduscreate.com/careers/

Experience Level: Senior

Hello! Are you ready to Work from Home and transform your career?

We're looking for an Architect to join the engineering team at Modus. Want to help our client’s build awesome solutions to accomplish their goals and vision? Are you interested in working from home with some of the best talent on the planet? Then keep reading.

About You

You love building great software. You have professional experience with React Native and JavaScript UI frameworks. You have solid experience developing iOS (Objective-C, Swift), Android (Java) apps and PWA applications using service workers.

You also have experience with webpack and webpack 5 a big plus.

Our client’s tech stack is JavaScript, hybrid mobile app development, primarily using React Native. Familiarity with the various technical landscapes of multi-channel business architectures including CRM, web, mobile, and 3rd-party software systems and the key linkages between them is required. We use modern tools, which means you’ll have the opportunity to work with Webpack, Redux, Flux, and much more. 

You have worked with teams before on large and demonstrable projects. You understand Agile software development, Unit testing and can work closely with other teams to optimize your code. It would be nice that you had familiarity with cloud message APIs and push notifications.

You relish creating high quality code from the comfort of your own home. Your engineering projects will focus on understanding customers' needs and translating those needs from product specifications into functional, production ready code. 

You love learning. Engineering is an ever-evolving world. You enjoy playing with new tech and exploring areas that you might not have experience with yet.  You are self-driven, self-learner willing to share knowledge and participate actively in your community.

Having overlap with your team is critical when working in a global remote team. Modus requires all team members to overlap with EST morning hours daily. In addition, reliable high speed internet is a must.

Things You Might Do

Modus is a fast-growing, and remote-first company, so you'll likely get experience on many different projects across the organization. That said, here are some things you'll probably do:

  • Give back to the community via open source and blog posts
  • Travel and meet great people- as part of our remote-first lifestyle, it's important that we come together as needed to work together, meet each other in person and have fun together. Please keep that in mind when you apply.
  • Teach and be taught: Modus creates active teams that work in internal and external projects together, giving opportunities to stay relevant with the latest technologies and learning from experts worldwide
  • Interact directly with internal and external clients to represent Modus and its values

Why Modus Create:

Our Benefits may vary according to the Country you are located in, so please reach out to our recruiter in case you have any questions.

If you become a contractor we offer:
  • Competitive compensation
  • 100% Remote work (could vary according to the client's needs)
  • Travel according to client's needs
  • The chance to work side-by-side with thought leaders in emerging tech

Do you have what it takes? Apply today!

About Modus Create

Modus Create is a digital product agency that accelerates digital transformation. We use high performing small teams, emerging technology, and “new school” product development tools and methods to accelerate business outcomes. We support our clients across four core delivery areas: business and product strategy consulting, customer experience, cloud services, and Agile software delivery. 

Driven by a team of world-class talent, we have been recognized by the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies 5 years in a row, the Washington Business Journal list of Fastest Growing Companies in the Washington, DC area two years in a row, and a top company for remote work by FlexJobs. We’re also an official partner to Atlassian, AWS, Cloudflare, GitHub, InVision, Ionic Framework, and Vue.js!

Based on the model of an open source team, Modites work remotely, and are located across the globe. That’s allowed us to hire the best talent in the world, no matter where they live. Our highly collaborative, autonomous, and effective working environment is fueled by a team unified by a love of continuous learning. Our years of thought leadership including books, whitepapers, blog posts, conference and MeetUp talks, demonstrate our commitment to sharing what we’ve learned. 

We encourage every Modus employee to do the same. Our company is a platform for the growth of our employees. Through working with our distributed team of experts on challenging projects, every person that joins the Modus team can expect to continue growing and learning every day. This is your chance to be part of building something great. 

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Senior Product Designer

Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://automattic.com/

At Automattic, we believe in making the web a better place. We’re the people behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Tumblr, Simplenote, WordPress VIP, and more, and we’re looking for seasoned Product Designers to keep the web free and open with us.

You’ll join a diverse design team and work closely with engineers, marketers, and customer support from around the world in a fully remote company to create products that make online publishing and commerce accessible to everyone.

What you’ll do
  • Design exceptional products from start to finish, participating in all phases of design, from definition to development and optimization.  
  • Iterate actively with prototypes at all levels of design fidelity, informed by user research, market trends, and business goals. 
  • Communicate and share often in written, verbal, and visual forms to create alignment and move the work towards implementation. 
  • Collaborate regularly with engineers to ship high-quality experiences.
  • Contribute to both Automattic products and the larger open source and design communities.

What we are looking for
  • A keenness for identifying user needs, defining clear solutions, and delivering those through detailed design.
  • The flexibility to design in low and high fidelity and choose the most efficient and responsible process for the job at hand.
  • The ability to integrate feedback, validate, and iterate on our products while being mindful of our customers, contributors, and insights gleaned by our support teams.
  • The ability to connect business strategies, available technologies, and design solutions to deliver best-in-class user experiences.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills — you’ll be collaborating with others and presenting your work regularly.
  • A proficiency in design and prototyping tools and familiarity with development.
  • A genuine interest and familiarity with some of our products and the open source community.
  • Familiarity with remote work (or excitement to try it!).

How we work
We’re a global, distributed workforce in over 70 countries. We value open source, prioritize transparent communication, believe that good ideas can (and do) come from anywhere, so we encourage Automatticians to work together across positions and roles. Together we create, develop, and care for a collection of digital products and services that are committed to democratizing publishing and commerce.
  • We’re kind to each other and our users – we strive to build a positive, supportive, and inclusive culture of cohesive teams focused on delivering value to our customers.
  • We have no set hours, or expectation that you’re online from 9 to 5. You create a schedule that allows you to get your best work done.
  • We travel sometimes to meet up and work together.*
  • We welcome collaboration, and you can be involved in any discussion across our many communication channels. Here’s more about what we expect from ourselves.

*REGARDING COVID-19 AND TRAVEL: The current pandemic is a rapidly changing situation. Automattic is monitoring government and health agency reports closely, and responding however possible to prioritize safety and well-being for our team members and communities. Currently all company travel has been suspended.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Automattic
We’re improving diversity in the tech industry. At Automattic, we want people to love their work and show respect and empathy to all. We welcome differences and strive to increase participation from traditionally underrepresented groups. Our DEI committee involves Automatticians across the company and drives grassroots change. For example, this group has helped facilitate private online spaces for affiliated Automatticians to gather and helps run a monthly DEI People Lab series for further learning. DEI is a priority at Automattic, though our dedication influences far more than just Automatticians: We make our products freely available and translate our products into and offer customer support in numerous languages. We require unconscious bias training for our hiring teams and ensure our products are accessible across different bandwidths and devices. Learn more about our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion and our Employee Resource Groups.

How to Apply
If you’d like to apply, send us your portfolio or samples of your work, your resume, and brief answers to the following:
  • Tell us why you’re interested in working at Automattic.
  • Tell us briefly about the design accomplishment you are most proud of, and why? 
We are lucky to receive many applications, so try to make your application stand out.
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Freelance Writer - Literature Guides

Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: New Jersey
URL: http://www.litcharts.com

LitCharts is hiring writers to help us expand our collection of over 1500 literature guides. We’re looking for writers with a deep understanding of literature and the ability to analyze and explain it to others. Here are two examples of our literature guides:

  • https://www.litcharts.com/lit/before-we-were-free
  • https://www.litcharts.com/lit/speech-sounds

LitCharts writers can work from anywhere, and compensation varies based on the length and difficulty of the work. Pace and schedule are also flexible, though our ideal candidates will have the time to write at least one guide per month (~10-15 hours per week). 

As a company, we value diversity and encourage people of all backgrounds, including those from underrepresented groups, to apply. 

If you’re interested, please send a resume as well as two writing samples to writing@litcharts.com. Samples should be academic papers that demonstrate your ability to analyze literature with insight and clarity. Samples should be at least 5 pages long, and can be up to any length. We will only consider applications that include academic papers focused on literature. 

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Outreach Specialist / Link Builder [100% Remote]

Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://dofollow.io

About the Job
You’ll be in charge of link building tasks on SEO client projects. This includes hands on work, managing multiple projects with time constraints at the same time and adjusting strategy as necessary.
Your main task will be to communicate with various website owners to promote our clients’ content. 
We intend to enter into a long term, project based collaboration. You will receive your assignments from the founders directly.

  • Promote content and articles through concerted email outreach to get authoritative websites and publications to link back.
  • Familiarize yourself with multiple online niches, identify key influencers and start conversations with them. Maintain these relationships to produce positive results for both parties.
  • Discover link building opportunities through industry specific searches
  • Ability to track your link building efforts and report results on a monthly basis.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work within a team and independently
  • Assiduity in performing long-term tasks of the same type.
  • Ability to handle large volumes of projects quickly across various industries
  • Expert level attention to detail is essential

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Basic understanding of SEO and function principles of search engines;
  • Basic understanding of internet marketing;
  • Experience in customer support or customer facing communication 
  • Tech savvy and willing to learn new tools

We offer:
  • Create your desired lifestyle
  • Travel and work from wherever you want
  • Possibility to move your residence in a country of your choice
  • Flexible schedule to allow for an optimum work-life balance
  • Create space for personal plans
  • Opportunity to be with dofollow.io team for a long time. We are focused on long term collaboration more than on one time freelance projects
  • Grow with the company
  • At dofollow.io we find extraordinary talent and build positions around their skills
  • Access to very experienced team members in various Digital Marketing areas. 
  • Every 30, 60 or 90 days propose 1 or more projects you would like to develop for the company. We appreciate and support initiative.

This is an entry-level position which can be a good start for building a career in online marketing.

Apply for this Position
If you’re interested please follow this link, fill out the Google form and provide all the required information. We will contact you regarding next steps.

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Matrix.org Engineer

Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://automattic.com/

One thing WordPress and Matrix.org have in common is a strong, abiding belief in the open web, a rare thing in a world that is dangerously moving towards walled gardens. Instead, both projects give users the freedom to build a website or to communicate on their own terms. No matter what the goal, or whether one uses the hosted versions like WordPress.com/modular.im or hosts their own versions, users always own and control their data.

We’re incredibly happy that Automattic is investing in Element and that we're supporting this truly open ecosystem of communication tools.

We’ll need help, though. We’re looking for a developer to bridge the two software worlds – the one of WordPress and of Matrix.org.

The opportunities for cross-pollination are endless and may include building open-source plugins for either platform, enabling real-time chat and collaboration for business websites, blogs, e-commerce stores, or communities, integration of existing infrastructure. In this role, you will also donate back to the Matrix OSS community. 

Enough about us, let‘s talk more about you. This position might be a good fit if you:
  • Care about open protocols, open communication, data ownership, and the open web.
  • Can work with a loose direction – product design and good experience instincts will be especially helpful in this integration position.
  • Have production experience with several programming languages. PHP and JavaScript will be useful for most integrations, though you may need to quickly learn and adapt for a variety of environments. There are Matrix servers and clients written in Python, Go, JavaScript, Java, Cotlin, Objective-C, Swift.
  • Know about systems architecture.
  • Are highly collaborative and you love participating in code reviews and discussions about architecture, or design.
  • Have experience with project management, developing and managing a detailed project schedule and work plan.
  • Are open and able to travel 3-4 weeks per year to meet up with your teammates in person.

Extra credit:
  • Experience with real-time platforms (whether Matrix.org or others).
  • Experience with decentralized systems and platforms.
  • WordPress or Matrix programming experience.
  • Open source contributions or contributions to programs designed to help underrepresented people enter the tech field.
  • Data analysis experience, and understanding of how analytics can help with product decisions.
  • Knowledge of tooling and build systems.

Speaking of interests and skills, here are some areas in which you can grow and have further impact in the future at the company:

  • Leadership – we offer a variety of leadership options to those who have interest, including becoming a team lead and managing releases.
  • Learning and development – we have a generous personal development budget and encourage you to grow your skills through courses, books and conferences.
  • Architecture – we encourage developers to develop expertise in the systems they work with, guide their evolution and mentor other developers working on them.
  • Engineering effectiveness – we believe in helping other developers become more effective through tools, practices, cross-team collaborations, and process improvements.

These are exciting times for the open web and you’ll have a unique opportunity to shape its future. Join us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Automattic

We’re improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry. At Automattic, we want people to love their work and show respect and empathy to all. We welcome differences and strive to increase participation from traditionally underrepresented groups. Our DEI committee involves Automatticians across the company and drives grassroots change. For example, this group has helped facilitate private online spaces for affiliated Automatticians to gather and helps run a monthly DEI People Lab series for further learning. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a priority at Automattic, though our dedication influences far more than just Automatticians: We make our products freely available and translate our products into and offer customer support in numerous languages. We require unconscious bias training for our hiring teams and ensure our products are accessible across different bandwidths and devices. Read more about our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion and our Employee Resource Groups.

Curious who works in engineering at Automattic? Meet our Code Wranglers – Brandon, Jeremy, Mark, Jennifer, Roy and Kat!

What to Expect

We know applying to jobs can be stressful and we want to ease the stress by giving clear expectations upfront about our process. We’ve outlined everything you need to know here including all of the steps in the process as well as how we approach hiring. We’re always iterating so if you happen to join us in the process, please feel free to offer feedback on what else we can include there!

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Business Developer/Product Manager

Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
URL: https://advisable.com/


Advisable team is looking for a highly-skilled marketing specialist with an excellent overview of the digital marketing industry, prior client oriented project/account management or business development experience as well as acquired expertise in consumer focused roles, building an outstanding customer journey and product.

This full-time role entails two different but interchanging set of activities:
  1. You'll be joining our Business Development team of specialists who push our company and business forward (hence the project/account management expertise)
  2. You'll be in charge of building and perfecting the part of our product that is oriented towards our freelancers (related to Product Management and customer journey creation expertise)


We are a platform that connects top-notch marketing freelancers to brands and companies. Advisable.com’s goal is to make finding & hiring a top freelancer with any skill imaginable as easy as booking an Uber.

This means providing instant recommendations of talent based on complex client queries across hundreds of specialist skills – backed by a no questions asked money-back guarantee.
We’ve made tonnes of progress towards this goal and have been growing fast, doing 7 figures in bookings since launch. Our clients include companies like Spotify, Product Hunt, Stack Overflow, BigCommerce and SAP, and a number of freelancers have earned over $100,000 from their work on Advisable. Clients love our service with an average freelancer rating of 9.33/10.
However, we’re just getting started and we recently raised $2.5m in additional funding from Frontline Ventures, FJ Labs and some of Europe’s leading angels, including the founders of Supercell and Pipedrive.

We truly curate the freelancer segment of our business and look for the best talent out there to join our platform. In December 2020 we have launched the very first freelancer community and platform, Advisable Guild, gathering only crème de la crème marketing specialists who do amazing work for our clients every day.

  • Digital Marketing know how: you are able to understand various marketing fields, from Product or SaaS Marketing, Content Production and Social Media Marketing to Paid Acquisition, SEO and SEM activities
  • Digital Marketing agency experience: you have worked as an account/project manager in a digital agency and have plenty of client communication experience. You understand people, you are easy to talk to and the clients can trust you
  • OR you have been part of a Product Management team in a startup before, focused on building an outstanding consumer-focused product/service
  • Insight into the freelancer world: since you'll be working on the freelancer's customer journey and product, an insight into this industry and lifestyle is very important. They are your end user and you should understand their needs, aspirations and goals
  • Persistent and energetic: you understand the journey of an early stage startup and know how to navigate the numerous ups and downs of the messy middle. You are seeking for a journey rather than an outcome.
  • First-principles problem-solving attitude: while there are proxies for various elements of what we’re doing, much of it hasn’t been done before. You’ll need to be able to think for yourself and own your work and outcome
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: you’re an entrepreneur at heart and are passionate about building new things and defying convention
  • Lean mindset: you know how to hack before you build. You can make anything work at a fundamental level and prove the value before spending the cash building it to scale.
  • You’re highly organised & structured: you can manage, track multiple experiments, multiple channels, etc.
  • You automate/systematise everything you can: you’re not happy doing the same thing every day. You want to automate/systematise things that are working so you can move onto the next win

  • You’re passionate about great products: you want to build towards an outstanding product that users love
  • You want to build something with impact: you want what you build to have a significant impact on real people
  • You want to share in the success you help build: we believe in giving significant equity to everyone working with us
  • You believe in creating win-win scenarios at scale: we’ll only succeed if everyone wins from every interaction
  • You believe in constantly striving: we’re constantly working to be better and improving every element of what we do
  • You’re passionate about learning: learning is essential to what we do so we offer a €50/month book allowance
  • You want to work with an A+ team: our team has scaled startups that have sold to Google, built beautiful products across a range of industries, managed leading accelerators, and also worked in the traditional consultancy world
  • You want to work remotely: we’re remote-friendly and offer €1,000 for you to kit out your remote-work setup
  • You value autonomy & responsibility: while working effectively with the team is key, we want people we can trust to be responsible for their own work
  • You want to help shape our culture: we’re still a small team so every hire will help shape our culture and company as we grow
  • You have a long-term outlook: we’re working towards building something significant for the long-term
  • You want to live a good life: while working hard is important, we believe that building something significant shouldn’t mean sacrificing your personal life

Our team is based in Europe and we would ideally be looking for a candidate in GMT +/- 5 zones.

If you think you might be a great fit for the role, you should do the following:
  • send your CV to hello@advisable.com, with the following Subject: JOB APPLICATION: Business Developer/Product Manager
  • to be sure that we are not missing something between the lines in your CV, send us over a brief video where you tell us a bit more about your experience relevant for this role. We are aware that this is a challenging position demanding excellent communication and project management skills so feel free to tell us why you'd make an excellent candidate. And no stress here, a simple video shot with a mobile phone while you're drinking your morning coffee is just fine!

The process we will apply in the recruitment phase is the following:
  • If we find your application interesting and compelling, you'll be contacted to set up an interview with Marina, our Lead Marketing Strategist
  • If the chat with Marina goes well, you'll have another call with Peter, our CEO
  • If you nail this interview as well, what would follow is a very brief and concise test set up in two parts: 1 mock-up call and another 30-minute assignment

Looking forward to your applications.

Best of luck!
Advisable team

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Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
URL: https://railsware.com/

We're looking for a curious Software Engineer to join our team! The position will include building great products, tackling interesting challenges, and contributing to our engineering culture. We expect you to work in pairs, use test-driven development, be experienced in building complex web applications, and write both clean and maintainable code.


We expect you to work on both Railsware products and solutions designed for our clients:

Mailtrap.io - our headliner in the world of safe email testing (with over 550,000 users)
Coupler.io - a tool for data import between different systems to build smooth data flows
Calendly - one of the most popular scheduling tools in the world
BrightBytes - a platform that empowers school-wide improvement through data-driven insights
OfficeSpace - a powerfully simple facility management software used by well-known companies in Silicon Valley and outside of it

We write Ruby and JS code a lot. Our codebases, however, are often polyglot, and we keep on experimenting with technologies like Elixir or GO in real production. Therefore, additional experience in other languages and frameworks is, of course, a plus.


  • Excellent general programming skills, ability to work with complex codebases
  • Extensive knowledge of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and its testing frameworks
  • Experience in writing JavaScript applications using modern frameworks
  • Practical experience in different DBs (e.g. RDBMS, Key Value / Tuple Store, Wide Column Store / Column Families, Document Store)
  • Experience with cloud hosting providers (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Heroku)
  • Comfortable with the UNIX/Linux command line
  • Experience in test-driven development and pair programming (good to have)
  • Comfortable taking the lead on projects and working without lots of oversight
  • Good English (both written and spoken)

  • End-to-end product development
  • Write reusable and maintainable code
  • Write tests to thoroughly validate the correctness of your code
  • Actively contribute to the identification of problems and their solutions
  • Collaborate in a cross-functional team to ensure the project meets business objectives and compliance standards
  • Work in a flat-structured company

  • Collaborate with us remotely from any location  
  • Flexible hours
  • Get competitive compensation, yearly bonus, access to savings program and microcredits
  • Thanks to our hardware policy, we use the best equipment and can regularly update it
  • 34 days a year as a paid time off (24 standard days + 10 more to cover public holidays)
  • Health policy budget will cover your private sports and healthcare expenses
  • Participate in local and international conferences
  • Every year we go for a 7-day company trip with our families. 
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Software Engineer (Full Time, Remote)

Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: San Francisco, USA
URL: http://42technologies.com

42 is an end-to-end analytics stack for retailers & brands!

Whether it's store managers running a/b tests on new product placement, CEOs looking at their global store performance, or merchandisers planning the next season, our platform enables retailers and brands to get instant visibility in their business.

The majority of retailers don't have the in-house expertise to spin up data infrastructure. Instead, they piece together reports in excel on a daily basis. This works fine for small eCommerce brands, but not for retailers in the $100M-$5B range. That's where we come in.

We offer our customers:
  • Retail-specific dashboard: best-practice metrics / visuals are built-in & customizable
  • No integration: we make their data & systems work with our platform 
  • Hosted infrastructure: we host the pipelines & data warehouse

We also have a special business model for retailers which we're happy to share with
you during the interview :)

  • We have high user engagement & no churn (even during the pandemic)
  • We run the analytics for brands you know
  • We are growing & profitable
  • Seed-stage & YC-backed
  • Small team, lots of opportunities to grow and shape the future of the company
  • We are a no ego, no bs, collaborative group passionate about our product & customers

  • App: NodeJS (coffeescript & typescript), Angular
  • Data: PySpark, SAP HANA (postgres-like)
  • Infra: AWS, GCP, Docker

  • Optimizing our query engine such that every query runs under 5s
  • Automating the integration process by improving our underlying spark framework
  • Creating connectors that allows us to add customer-specific tweaks
  • Generalizing new features so that they work with all of our customers and can support many use cases

  • Rewrite our admin portal from scratch (and choose framework for dashboard v2)
  • Pair program a new customer onboarding
  • Email template editor for our report scheduler
  • Replace our data warehouse with Spark 3.0 + GPUs
  • Spin up an image resizing & caching proxy
  • Data source health monitor
  • KPI triggers: send notification on out of stocks
  • GPT-3 + 42=?

  • Can overlap ~4hrs with UTC-7 (PT) timezone
  • Strong programming skills with languages like JS/TS and/or Python
  • 3+ years professional software development experience
  • Bachelor's degree in STEM (or equivalent) preferred
  • Familiar with SQL and data modeling
  • Familiar with cloud platforms like AWS or GCP
  • Can work well as part of a fast-paced remote-first startup
  • Self-motivated, resourceful and can get things done with minimal direction
  • Passionate about eliminating technical debt

  • Competitive equity package
  • Hardware stipend
  • Company games every 2 weeks, IRL meetup every 6 months
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Special requests welcome!

If this sounds interesting to you, we'd love to hear from you!
Apply via email [careers @ 42technologies.com] or the "Apply for this position" button – and put
THE ANSWER in the subject line to prove you are a human.
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iOS Engineer

Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: Distributed
URL: https://automattic.com/

At Automattic, we believe in making the web a better place. We are currently looking for several iOS specialists to help us take our native WordPress, WooCommerce, Tumblr, and Simplenote apps to the next level.

We want people to be able to blog, post, and manage their site or shop wherever they are, taking advantage of the things that make our mobile devices our most important ones, such as media and notifications. We work closely with multi-functional product teams to improve the WordPress, Tumblr, and WooCommerce experience on phones and tablets — both the apps and their underlying APIs and systems.

About you:

  • You are highly collaborative and you love participating in code reviews and discussions about architecture or design.
  • You are passionate about and accomplished in iOS software development; in particular, with Swift.
  • You are knowledgeable about design patterns and testability; experience with Espresso, performance testing and unit testing is very welcome.
  • You are thoughtful about product design, with good user experience instincts.

Some of our teams are also looking for experience in one of the following areas:

  • Native e-commerce apps.
  • Social or content-oriented native apps.

Extra credit:

  • Experience with React Native development.
  • UI design skills and knowledge of platform design specifications.
  • PHP, WordPress, and REST API backend programming experience.
  • Data analysis experience, and understanding of how analytics can influence product decisions.
  • Knowledge of tooling and build systems.
  • Open-source contributions, particularly involvement in open source (or other) communities.

How do we work?

  • We’re kind to each other and our users – we strive to build a positive, supportive, and inclusive culture of cohesive teams focused on delivering value to our customers.
  • We work as a global and distributed workforce resulting in a unique way of working built around our creed
  • We offer flexible work arrangements allowing our team members to work when they feel best.
  • We open-source! We’re cool with open-sourcing everything except passwords, or secret keys.
  • We ship often, deploying many times daily with the help of peer code review, continuous integration, and our global workforce in over 70 countries.
  • We welcome collaboration, and you can be involved in any discussion across our many communication channels.

Speaking of interests and skills, here are some areas in which you can grow and have further impact in the future at the company:

  • Leadership – we offer a variety of leadership options to those who have interest, including becoming a team lead and managing releases.
  • Learning and development – we have a generous personal development budget and encourage you to grow your skills through courses, books and conferences.
  • Architecture – we encourage developers to develop expertise in the systems they work with, guide their evolution and mentor other developers working on them.
  • Engineering effectiveness – we believe in helping other developers become more effective through tools, practices, cross-team collaborations, and process improvements.
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Junior QA Engineer - Remote

Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: Denver, CO
URL: https://myagi.com/

#qa #saas #hot🔥startup

The role

We’re looking for an awesome Quality Assistance Engineer to join our growing engineering team which spans Australia🦘🇦🇺, US🇺🇸, UK🇬🇧 and Europe🇪🇺. You'll need to be able to work well in a highly autonomous and diverse environment while being able to prioritise effectively.

As a Quality Assistance Engineer, you will be working within a passionate team on both manual and automated testing of exciting products. You will also identify opportunities to drive process improvement across development, testing and delivery activities.

We’re not incredibly hung up on “Years experience” or “Framework expertise” as these are rarely good predictors of good future performance.

What we do care about is a great sense of design, good problem solving abilities, the capacity to learn quickly and an overriding desire to drive success for our customers.

The location of this role will be based in Europe, ideally in UTC+0 to UTC+5 timezones. This is a REMOTE role.

What you'll do

  • You will write test plans to cover different parts of the product, create test automation suites
  • You'll work closely with engineers to resolve issues, help uncover bugs, ensure new functionality is working in all environments.
  • You will work with different browsers, operating systems and devices
  • You will communicate with all our teams (Customer Success, Sales, Marketing) to understand requirements and perform all tasks related to product quality

Who you are

  • You have experience in both manual and automation testing, as well as in structured software testing
  • You have experience of working in a Continuous Delivery environment
  • You know how to write good SRS documents
  • Ideally, you have some knowledge of No-code or Low-code tools

What is Myagi?
Myagi is a VC-backed, high-growth tech startup that’s changing the way brands and retailers share knowledge.

Our business-to-business network connects everyone in the retail supply chain and our SaaS platform combines online training and communication to equip sales associates with targeted brand and product knowledge.

For brands, we enable them to connect and distribute content directly to the retailers that stock their products around the world. There's a direct communication channel to frontline staff and they get real time feedback through detailed analytics.

For retailers, we integrate a combination of external supplier content with internal "tribal knowledge" to ensure that frontline staff have access to the right information, at exactly the right time, to help drive sales and enhance the customer experience.

We have a fast-growing network global customers, including some of the world's leading retailers and brands such as Nike, Gibson Guitars, Bayer, Unilever, Giant Bikes and Garmin... to name a few.

Our Values
We believe teamwork is a craft and we strive to master it. We win as a team of teams. We win and we celebrate together. We lose and we learn together. Just like we tell our customers, we work better together too! Value 1 - One Team Wins

Myagi has a coaching culture. It’s everyone’s job to help each other improve through deliberate feedback. Everyone has the responsibility to practice what they learn from their coaches at work and we invest in continually improving as a team. Value 2 - Everyone a coach, every one a player

We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere in the business and so from our graduates to the CEO and leadership team, everyone has a voice and they are all equally valid. But you have to speak up and be passionate about your view to ensure your message gets through. Value 3 - Respectfully Noisy

Passion is everything to us because we care about the customers we build products for, the teammates we work with and the partners we rely on. We hold each other to account and we take initiative. Value 4 - Give a Shit

Why you'll love working with us
  • Our Attitude: We’re creating a new category from scratch!
  • Our Leadership: We offer the leading tech solution for driving Channel Success.
  • Our ROI: Increase collaboration, increase sell-in, and improve sell-through.
  • Our Technology: Integrations, predictive analytics, and a beautiful user interface.
  • Our Impact: We help our customers make millions of dollars more per year.
  • Our Clients: Great companies like Nike, Giant Bikes, Luxottica, Rip Curl, Bayer, and Garmin.
  • Our Team: A team of collaborators who’ve done this before and are doing it again, but better

Myagi is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all our employees.

We offer a competitive salary, great perks, volunteer days, professional development allowance, fitness or mindful app subscriptions and remote team lunches to help you stay connected.

Myagi is 100% remote and we understand this isn’t for everyone. When possible we organise regular regional offsites and an annual offsite to help you build relationships with the wider team. We have experience of working remotely for over 5 years and so we have all the technology and processes to ensure you stay connected. Ideally you will be based in UTC+0 to UTC+5 timezones.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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Account Executive (High-ticket Closer) At Inclusive High Growth Ecommerce Paid Ads Agency

Ingles 9 days

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
URL: http://kloutconsulting.com

NO prospecting, NO cold calls, & A proven process for closing deals.

Women are encouraged to apply!

What is

We’re an eCommerce paid ads agency. We’re a small team (and we plan to keep it that way) that believes in integrity, client obsession, taking initiative, and prioritizing personal development.

What you will be doing: 

Warm lead sales via phone and Zoom, new client onboarding, content marketing development. Absolutely NO prospecting & NO cold calls – everyone you’ll speak with is already vetted and interested.

Why do you want to work with us?

Klout was founded by Rony Hay. He’s a 20-something backend digital marketer. His strength lies in building small business systems to scale. One of the best parts about working with Klout is that we believe in doing great work with people you care about. Also that you should build your professional life around your personal life, not the other way around😉. The bulk of our clients are between $10-100k per month in revenue. We’re currently experiencing 100% growth per quarter and are aiming to hit $100k per month in revenue by mid-2021

Who we would like for you to “be”:
a “people person” who instantly makes others feel so comfortable that they want to tell you all their problems (about their business). You also need to be able to talk business (P&L, ROI, Sourcing, etc.), why/how social ads on FB, IG, and Google work (FB Ads Manager, ROAS, AOV, CLTV), and tech (i.e. the fundamentals of Shopify, BigCommerce, Woo

We want you to be an A-teamer (someone who takes initiative without handholding) because most of your time will be spent independently greeting new, potential clients and helping them understand why working with Klout is the best decision they’ll make this year.

Tools you’ll use
: Phone, Zoom, Notion.so, GSuite, & Slack

Experience: Yes, you should have experience. But, at the end of the day, we want to work with great people who are outcome-oriented, driven, and love what they do. If this sounds like you, we want you to apply!

How you will be paid: Base + Commission with Quarterly revenue share %. The base will be determined by the level of experience, but a range of $5-7K / month is VERY realistic.

Growth potential: We want to keep the team small around 15 people. Ideal EBITDA is 30%, so we’ll be paying our core players very well. We’re growing rapidly and are looking for long term players to grow with our nuclear team.

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Front-End Developer

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
URL: https://nearcut.com/

About the Opportunity

Nearcut is the industry leader in online booking and marketing software for barbers. Barbershops often don't have the capacity to attract business online and organise their time - on top of providing their barbering service. We provide booking and marketing software to enable business owners to easily take bookings online, manage their time and market to their customers.

We’re looking for a Front-End Developer with a passion for UX/UI/Design to join us at Nearcut. Our business is built on Ruby on Rails, HTML, SCSS, Jquery and JS. As a Front-End Developer, you will work closely with our founder and CEO/CTO as well as an existing Fullstack Engineer. Your work will impact millions of customers and help us to continue to expand across Europe. You will design, implement and improve entire user flows, from the UX/UI through to the front end implementation in HTML/SCSS.

Your Expertise
  • You have multiple years of experience with HTML, SCSS, Jquery and Vanilla JS
  • You have an eye for design and are comfortable using Figma and other design software
  • You learn quickly and action constructive feedback

  • Work in fast-paced development cycles to provide designs for new features and implement these on the front end in HTML/CSS/JS
  • Find weaknesses in the product UX/UI and implement improvements on an ongoing basis
  • Investigate customer UX/UI problems and implement fixes to resolve any recurring problems that customers/staff face
  • Continuously strive to challenge yourself and self-improve

Benefits of Our Working Environment
  • Remote-first: We are a remote-first company. We trust our employees to work flexibility and autonomously to efficiently meet business goals.
  • Flexible working hours: Aside from regular team meetings and availability during the normal workday, we are happy for you to complete your work whenever you’re most productive.
  • Close team: Although we work remotely, our team is close knit and colleagues are always there to help one another.
  • Customer feedback: Our customers are small business owners who are very grateful to have our support. We are privileged to work closely with them to continue to improve our product.
  • Holidays: We provide 25 holiday days per year, in addition to Berlin region public holidays.
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Software Development Engineer- Remote in US

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: Seattle, WA
URL: https://www.pike13.com/careers

Pike13 is a fast-growing Seattle-based company that is always looking for people who are customer-focused, dedicated, accountable, and driven. We design and build software that’s simple to use so business owners can focus on what they do best—serving their clients.

We like operating at full throttle in a collaborative group of both startup veterans and novices who debate the right way to do things and are empowered to take smart risks, find brilliant solutions, and build things that better the well-being of our customers and theirs. We’re doing our best work ever, learning from our mistakes, improving on our successes, and finding abilities we didn’t know we had for using sophisticated logic and business intelligence to make bedrock business principles accessible and intuitive to small and enterprise businesses alike.

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer who is motivated and excited to work on all aspects of our technology stack. Primary responsibilities include designing, implementing and connecting both front-end and back-end applications, so being comfortable working with multiple, different languages, technologies and databases is crucial.
  • Develop new user-facing features
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
  • Design and implementation of data storage solutions
  • Design and implementation of more complex features and enhancements
  • Optimize application for maximum speed, scalability, and availability
  • Deliver fixes, enhancements, and features in accordance with product requirements
  • Ensure code quality via test driven development and continuous integration
  • Contribute code to open source projects
  • Mentor other developers
  • Collaborate with internal teams to identify and solve problems or enhancements
  • Collaborate with external teams, vendors, and customers
  • Effectively manage time to maximize results
  • Provide solutions and proactively identify potential problems
  • Share on-call duty with peers


You care about helping small business owners reach their dreams. You sweat the details of their issues and truly care about the customer experience. In fact, you do whatever’s needed to help our customers succeed. You’re action-oriented, a terrific listener, a diplomatic negotiator, and a discerning communicator. You know your priorities. You see what needs to be done and you're motivated to do it without direction, at the same time looking for opportunities to share ideas and pitch in on others’ projects. You take customer feedback as a challenge to get it right and get joy from building a product that customers love.

  • BS or MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline.
  • 5+ years of software development experience in a technology company.
  • 2+ years of Ruby development experience in a technology company.


  • Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3
  • Basic understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS and SASS
  • Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, i.e. jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, etc.
  • Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX
  • Understanding of security compliance
  • User authentication and authorization between multiple systems and servers
  • Management of hosting environment, resource scalability, and database administration
  • Understanding differences between multiple delivery platforms such as mobile vs desktop, and optimizing output to match the specific platform
  • Creating database schemas that represent and support business processes
  • Good understanding of software testing principles and test-driven development.
  • Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Proficient knowledge of one or more of Ruby, Python, Java or Go
  • Experience with large Ruby on Rails applications
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Proficient understanding of OWASP security principles
  • Understanding of “session management” in a distributed server environment

  • Experience in coding secure applications
  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience with Docker or other container-based platforms

Job Type: Full-time

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Senior Rails Full Stack Developer

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: New York City, NY
URL: http://www.creditglory.com

Fully remote and distributed team is looking for another Senior Rails Full Stack Developer to join our expanding team to help us grow further.

We’re bootstrapped, profitable, and growing with no outside capital so far.

What we’re looking for:
  • 7+ year experience in with Ruby and/or Rails
  • Experience with Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Experience with React is not mandatory, but is a plus
  • Good experience with Testing - both unit, integration and E2E
  • Good working knowledge of Postgres. 
  • Previous experience working in remote team
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills along with attention to detail
  • Great written and verbal communication skills

Role Responsibilities:
  • Working both with complete set of requirements and user stories and sometimes directly with stakeholders to achieve business results
  • Design and develop well tested code
  • Increase overall code quality across all our products

You will be joining a development team that works on:
  • Monolithic legacy Rails app (codebase is ~3 years old)
    • Our core system, runs on Ruby 2.7 and Rails 5.2 (for now, we’ll be upgrading)
    • A lot of integrations - Twilio, Chargebee, LOB, etc
  • Other internal marketing-related apps that support our growth
  • Twilio Flex - React app we customize
  • Few other utility apps in React

To apply, fill out our short application, HERE.
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Customer Support Representative

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: None (Fully Distributed)
URL: https://www.rescuetime.com

10,000 Foot View

  • Hours and schedule: 15 hours/week to start (we’re open to expanding the role to full-time for the right candidate). You’ll have lots of flexibility in which hours you work.
  • Compensation: $30/hr
  • Location: Work from anywhere (RescueTime has been all-remote since before Covid)

Here’s what your average day will look like:

Each day, you’ll assist people through our support channels (mostly a ticket system, but some live chat), lend a hand on Twitter and Facebook, and be on the lookout for opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Having successful customers isn’t just important to our business, but is a core part of the value RescueTime brings into the world. As a tech support rep, you’ll help smart people do more work that’s personally meaningful and important to them. It’s fulfilling but also demanding. 


  • Respond to support requests from our customers via our help desk platform, phone, live chat, and occasionally social media.
  • Pay attention to customer feedback and work directly with the rest of our CS team to improve our processes and product. Our customers have a lot to say and we need to absorb it.
  • Track customer support effectiveness by developing systems to help us understand how we’re responding to customers and track areas where we can improve.
  • Work closely with the engineering team to solve bugs and system issues affecting users.
  • Create and maintain our user knowledge base.

Who’s a good fit for this position?

You’ll be an ideal new coworker at RescueTime if you get satisfaction from:
  • Getting to the root of a customer’s problems and finding solutions that make them smile
  • Learning and mastering new software 
  • Speaking up and being a part of a collaborative team
  • Being focused and efficient–support requests can occasionally pile up and we’re looking for someone who is organized and cool under occasional pressure
  • Finding more efficient ways to help our customers whether that’s through live chat or developing a library of templates for the most common customer issues
This is a front-line position with lots of direct interaction with our customers. You should be able to manage lots of conversations and be patient enough to deal with the occasional customer who is just having a really bad day.

You’ll need these qualifications

  • 2 or more years of experience in a customer support/success capacity (ideally with lots of written and online interaction).
  • You’re a pro at diagnosing peculiar software issues and helping less (and sometimes more!) technical folks navigate their way to success.
  • A proven track record of efficient written communication
  • An even and cheerful temperament.
  • A fast and reliable internet connection, a quiet place to have occasional video calls, and a solid desktop/laptop computer (Mac or Windows).

It would be great if...

  • You’re excited about personal development–stuff like Fitbit, RescueTime, etc.
  • You are genuinely interested in fiddling with technology–software, hardware, mobile, desktop, you name it!
  • You’re a RescueTime user (or you are at least familiar with it)
  • You’re familiar with any of the other tools we use, like Slack, Google Docs, Help Scout, and Coda.
  • You have a keen interest in software usability.
  • You know how things work on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc) and have an interest in marketing and community management there.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team

We think solving the hard problems around meaningful work takes all sorts of perspectives. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, and abilities.

How to apply

Send an email to hello@rescuetime.com with the subject line “Customer Support Representative”. 

Please include a PDF resume or link to an online profile (LinkedIn) as well as a brief description of your most relevant experience. Also, be sure to tell us a bit about your availability. When can you start? Are you interested in part-time or full-time work?

In addition to the standard stuff, please tell us the following:
  1. What new software have you used over the past 5 years that has changed how you work?
  2. If you were a CS rep at RescueTime and a customer requested a new feature that was on our roadmap, how would you reply?
  3. What unusual qualities do you have that would make you stand out from other people interested in this position?
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Senior Art Director, UI

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: Arlington, VA
URL: https://www.phase2technology.com/


The Senior Art Director of UI is a creative visionary and leader who specializes in – and is passionate about – crafting enviable digital experiences, and always thinks BIG. 

Senior Art Directors, along with the UX and Content leads at Phase2, are responsible for establishing the creative vision for our clients’ digital experiences, extending and growing a brand into the digital channel of the web. Senior Art Directors evangelize the power of brand, and are beacons of inspiration and knowledge as it pertains to their area of expertise. 

In addition to being a creative leader who empowers team members to collaboratively create world-class experiences, Senior Art Directors are skilled at communicating visually, verbally, and in the written word when it comes to inspiring internal and client stakeholders. Selling a concept with excitement and passion is equally as important as the creative work – the Senior Art Director shines in this area. 

Understanding that the ultimate output of the creative work is in the medium of the web, Senior Art Directors understand and expertly operate within the user-interface layer, directing and working alongside design team members to fully realize consistent and contiguous, component-based design systems. 

The Senior Art Director of UI will help champion a culture of collaboration, ensuring all relevant perspectives are brought into the design process. It is their responsibility to foster growth and trust amongst their reports and peers. As a Senior Art Director, staff management is a key role that is carried out for the purpose of advocacy, professional development guidance, and mentorship. 

-Lead creative pitches and design reviews with large, high-profile clients
-Work in partnership with key stakeholders to define visual language and establish art direction that extends existing brand guidelines and strategies.
-Create and improve on a range of artifacts and deliverables throughout the project life cycle, including but not limited to creative briefs, element collages, high fidelity mock-ups, style guides, and prototypes.
-Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to facilitate/participate in collaborative design sessions to achieve specific outcomes for a particular project goal.
-Seeks to receive and give critical feedback in reviews with stakeholders and peers by using empathy along with deep listening skills.
-Understand limitations and functional range of what is possible within the realm of designing for the responsive web, but also constantly striving to deliver innovative work.
-Design, develop, modify, and manipulate graphic images, photography, logos, and icons for client and internal web projects.
-Take a role in developing and refining team processes and workflow efficiencies.
-Document processes and techniques for re-use on other projects, or improve existing documentation.
-Understand and provide feedback on clients' existing brand guidelines and strategies.
-Communicate clearly and effectively across non-delivery departments such as marketing and sales.
-Work within project parameters and priorities as defined by the Project Lead on both internal (Sales, Marketing, etc.) and external projects.
-Liaising with outside agencies to help guide and educate on Phase2 design process.
-Has a deep understanding of the value and importance of designing for content and expertise working with content strategists to create experiences that break through the noise


Proactively evaluate and improve Phase2's internal processes, and document/train others on our best practices to improve our ability to deliver for our clients.
-Provide leadership and education to non-design team members in project as someone who can elucidate design practices and process.
-Manage, mentor, and coach staff members in all areas of professional practice and development.
-Must possess 8+ years of digital design experience.
-Experience in all phases of design with a primary focus on concept development and design direction
-Expert knowledge of design elements, the principles of design, and established web design best practices.
-Expert knowledge of typography, color theory, layout, and interaction design.
-Exceptional visual design/communication skills, deep knowledge of user-centered design and good usability.
-An excellent portfolio exhibiting good taste and a breadth of interactive visual design skills and experience that spans a multitude of web properties.
-Comprehensive knowledge of Sketch & Figma, and ability to adapt to new design tools.
-Experience illustrating user interface mechanisms to facilitate client understanding.
-Intensely collaborative and highly practical, with the ability to handle a wide variety of design challenges.
-A BA/BS or higher degree in Graphic Design, Interaction/Digital Design or related field, or equivalent experience.
-Ability to work independently and as part of a team and possess a demonstrated ability to transfer skills to other team members.
-Requires strong communication (verbal and written) skills with team members and clients.
-Intellectual curiosity with an interest in learning new technologies and practices.
-Ability to manage time across a variety of tasks and projects.
Desired Skills

Experience with participating in Agile development methodologies such as SCRUM or Kanban.
-Ability to create animated mockups to convey intended interactions.
-Experience leading and facilitating collaborative design sessions.
-Understanding or experience with online publishing, open government, or community-based systems and business practices.
-Knowledge of web-based solutions including data driven websites, portals, web services, content management systems (CMS), contact relationship management (CRM), e-commerce (EC), membership management and online community solutions.
Physical Demands

Frequently remain in a stationary position, often standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time.
-Occasional adjusting or moving of light objects up to 20 pounds in all directions.
-Continuous communication with others to exchange information.
-Continuous repetitive movements that may include the wrists, hands, and/or fingers.
Mental Demands

Comprehension- Must continuously be able to understand direction and adhere to established procedures.
-Organization- Must continuously be able to gather and classify information.
-Reasoning and Decision Making- Must continuously use logic to analyze and interpret information, and prioritize. 
-Communication- Must continuously express or exchange ideas and meaning with employees.
-Resilience- Must continuously adapt well in the face of workplace stressors.
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Ruby on Rails developer

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: Dubai
URL: http://www.beema.ae

About the Role

Beema is looking for a full-stack Ruby on Rails engineer to join our growing start-up.  We are a tech start-up that offers innovative insurance products making them lovable. An incredible journey with great people to work with.

About us
  • We are a Ruby on Rails company that enjoys crafting lovely code on a majestic monolith. 
  • We are 100% remote, and we love it. Your time and your calm for doing your craft is key for our team.
  • We don’t embrace microservices as a way of architecting Beema. As of now, we value our delivery pace and happiness too much to enroll in that journey.
  • We understand the need for Single Page Applications and frameworks like React, but we are not using them in Beema. We aim for high performance via server side rendering of HTML (Turbolinks / Hotwire, Caching and Russian Dolls). End to end feature delivery is in the DNA of our team.
  • We have many exciting challenges in front of us and we plan to face them with a small team of highly experienced and skilled developers with a similar mindset. Numbers don’t make a massive difference in software development.
  • We are excellent to each other. Egos and dramas are not part of our culture.
  • We love solving problems for human beings. We work collaboratively with designers and product owners to evolve our product on a weekly basis.

We are looking for someone who:
  • Has 5+ years professional experience with Ruby / Ruby on Rails
  • Enjoys writing code as part of a diverse and multiskilled development team
  • Believes that writing tests as part of the development process is fundamental to build great products.
  • Has real passion for solving customer frictions through simple and effective software.
  • Has experience with Postgres, Sidekiq and Redis
  • Has Front-End development knowledge and experience (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) 

What we offer you:
  • Great team and a friendly and inclusive environment
  • The opportunity to work from anywhere with great colleagues
  • Really exciting programming challenges 
  • $45,000 - $60,000 USD per year, depending on experience;

  • Anywere (UTC to UTC + 5)
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Senior WordPress Plugin Developer

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: Nova Scotia, Canada
URL: https://deliciousbrains.com

Hi, my name is Brad Touesnard. I’m the founder of Delicious Brains Inc. We make high quality products for WordPress.

The “we” is currently a small team of developers, one designer, one marketer, and myself. I’m very proud to say that our little crew has been managing to delight thousands of customers, working from our homes since 2012.

Despite the crazy times we’re living in, we have big plans for 2021 and this is a great opportunity to join a small team of talented folks building awesome products before we get bigger.

The Job

I’m looking for a talented developer with lots of experience building WordPress plugins to join Ram and Iain working on our sites:
  • deliciousbrains.com (WooCommerce)
  • bettersearchreplace.com (Easy Digital Downloads)
  • spinupwp.com (custom checkout)

In the past, WordPress development has been very PHP-heavy, but that is changing. React is taking over WordPress core, WooCommerce, and lots of plugins including ours. So although working on our sites is still mostly PHP, the React work will be ramping up.

A specific React project we’ll tackle soon is to extend the new WooCommerce Admin reports to include reporting for our custom software licensing and subscriptions addon. This will be a great opportunity for you to ramp up on React if you haven’t already.

You’ll also join the rest of our whole team in writing new articles and updating existing content for our sites. We send an email to our 11k subscribers every week about our content.

Although this is how you’ll start, we’ve shuffled people around lots in the past and we’ll certainly be building new products in the future, so your role is certainly not set in stone.

  • Develop our custom software licensing and subscriptions addon for WooCommerce that runs on deliciousbrains.com (we aim to turn this into a product someday)
  • Improve the APIs that our WordPress plugins connect to for licensing, support, statistics, etc
  • Build new APIs to add cloud features to our plugins
  • Work with design and marketing teams to implement new sections, pages, promotions, pricing, etc.
  • Chip away at the backlog of fixes and improvements
  • Maintain and write new acceptance tests
  • Test WordPress core and third-party plugin updates and fix any issues
  • Help maintain the servers running our sites
  • Write articles and tutorials for our blog
  • Attend company retreats (see job posting)

  • Expert PHP development skills
  • 5 years of advanced PHP development
  • 5 years of HTML & CSS development
  • 2 years of JavaScript development (ES6/jQuery)
  • 2 years of advanced WordPress plugin development
  • 1 year working with git as source control
  • Experience writing automated tests
  • Experience working with complex APIs like Amazon Web Services
  • Excellent English communication skills (spoken and written)
  • Work hours that overlap some with the EST timezone
  • Self-motivated and work well independently
  • Comfortable working remotely (we don’t have an office)

Bonus Points
  • Experience with modern JS frameworks (e.g. React, Vue.js, Angular)
  • Experience developing with the Laravel framework
  • System administration skills
  • UX and design skills
  • Open source contributions
  • Computer Science degree or equivalent

About You

You’re thrilled to work with the latest hotness language or framework but also thrive working on a “fixer-upper” project. You respect old code, no matter how ugly it looks. You truly enjoy figuring out how old code works, refactoring it, and tackling the challenges that come with it. You have experience doing this type of work and know you love it.

You’re a problem solver who loves to analyze an issue, recreate it and track it back to the source of the problem. You won’t commit any code unless it’s fully tested and solves the problem. Better still, you write the tests to go with it.

You’re curious and love to learn. You embrace the opportunity to level up, learn something new and really dig into it. You’re a disciplined worker and have no trouble getting work done at home on any given day.

You value consistency above preference and will adopt new coding styles, standards, and tools to that end. You are stellar at identifying the simple, elegant solution in a sea of over-engineering possibilities.

Although you enjoy working with people to help you generate ideas and formulate a plan of attack on a project, you do your best work in isolation without interruption. You’re proactive in tackling things that need to be done without direction.

You’re exceptional at communicating in writing via instant message, email, etc. You’re ok on the phone and video chat too. You understand that clear, concise written communication is how remote teams thrive. Putting a pull request up for review without explaining its context is unheard of for you.

You own both successes and failures. When a project you’re leading turns into a disaster, you own it and you learn from it. You never point the finger at others.

You invite criticism and genuinely want to grow as a professional. You’re onboard with pushing each other to be better and are not afraid to give constructive criticism in addition to receiving it.

The Offer
  • Remote First. We have always been a remote company, since the very start in 2012. Working from home has its challenges, but you’ll be surrounded by empathetic folks who have been successfully working from home for many years.
  • Company Retreats. As a remote company, it’s super important to get some face time. In 2019 we had a blast in Berlin but we had to cancel our trip to Portugal this past June. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up again soon. Will you be joining us?
  • Location Independent. Work from wherever you’re happiest. All members of our team currently work from their homes in the US, Canada, the UK, and India.
  • Choose Your Schedule. Most companies claim to have flexible hours, but the reality is often very different. We flex our hours for real. 💪 As long as on average you’re working the number of hours you’ve committed to working each week, we’re good.
  • Personal Development. If there’s a conference or event that will help you level up, the company will cover your expenses. You’re also allotted some time each month to learn something new unrelated to your job, participate in community discussions, and/or contribute to an open source project.
  • Profit Sharing. I present a detailed financial report to the team quarterly so everyone knows how the company is doing. And when the company does well, the team does well. Last year, on average team members received USD $3,600 each.
  • Company Holidays. Things get pretty quiet in late December / early January, so we always treat ourselves to a couple of weeks off to reboot during this time.
  • Paid Leave. For the birth or adoption of a child, the company offers 8 weeks of 100% paid leave for primary caregivers and 3 weeks for secondary caregivers. We also offer 5 paid sick days and 3 days of paid bereavement leave.
  • Health Insurance. Members of the team based in Canada are eligible for health/dental/life/disability insurance on a company plan while those outside of Canada are eligible for a stipend to partially cover insurance costs.
  • Competitive Salaries. The company typically pays salaries that are competitive with the market in which you reside. For this role, typical salary ranges would be:
    • United States – USD $75,000 – $120,000 / year
    • Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand – USD $65,000 – $110,000 / year
    • India, Argentina, Brazil – USD $35,000 – $55,000 / year
      There are situations that call for higher pay even when living in a region with a lower cost of living, so we’re flexible on this.


Fill out the application form:

We are an equal opportunity employer. Application information that is prone to unconscious biases is hidden during the review process whenever possible. We judge the content of the applications on their own without knowledge of the applicant’s race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, or age. We support workplace diversity, but not at the expense of equal opportunity and meritocracy. We’re looking for talented and empathetic people no matter their other attributes.

I look forward to reviewing your application.

Best of luck,

Brad Touesnard
Founder & CEO
Delicious Brains Inc.
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Sales Development Representative

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: Florida
URL: http://www.govspend.com

Here’s the scoop:

We need someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment. The ideal candidate has a positive attitude, works hard, stays organized, and is an effective communicator. We need individuals who seek the culture and excitement of joining a tech startup.

 What you’ll do:

  • Conduct a high volume of calls to set-up product demonstrations (to secure new business).
  • Conduct background research on leads from the Company database.
  • Discover new leads through internet research and social media monitoring/commenting.
  • Capture accurate and complete information in the CRM.
  • Other job duties as assigned to meet the business needs.

What you’ll need:

  • High school diploma or GED required.
  • 1-2 years of experience in sales and/or customer service.
  • Resilience. You’ll have the capacity to learn from every deal (or rejection).
  • Coachability, openness to feedback, and consistent self-improvement.
  • Must be flexible to remote work.

** This is a remote opportunity ( Must be in FL, TX, NV, or Iowa)**

SmartProcure/GovSpend is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We are committed to recruiting, hiring, retaining, and promoting qualified candidates without regard to age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status, physical or mental disability, citizenship, military status, sexual orientation, genetic information or any category protected by federal, state or local law.

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Senior Polyglot Developer

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: Zagreb, Croatia
URL: https://www.testdome.com/

At TestDome, we make it easy for companies to screen job applicants with work-sample tests for multiple skills. We offer assessments for various disciplines, including programming, data science, quality assurance, accounting, marketing, customer support, project management, and more. Some of our customers include eBay, PayPal, and Turkish Airlines.

We are fully remote with a small and dedicated team based around the world. The team works in an agile style using the Kanban framework, prefers documentation over chat, and aims for async communication. You will be working alongside three senior polyglot developers and a content manager. To learn more about the way we work, check our public company manual.

About the job

As our business grows, we need someone to help with managing our programming content:
  • Programming question creation:
    • Quick introduction to a new programming language.
    • Creating questions based on the introduction and your ideas.
    • Vetting submissions and finalizing questions to our standards of quality.
  • Quality control:
    • Improving questions based on score distribution and feedback.

You'll learn the basics of new programming languages and frameworks, create questions that test those skills, and improve your propositions based on the feedback we get from experts. You'll try to understand users’ and candidates' usage of questions, propose ways to improve them, and bring the whole question library to an even higher level of quality.  

If you’d like to learn many different programming languages and frameworks you'll find this job ideal.


  • Strong programming skills

Hiring Process

Our goal is to make an offer within two weeks. We have a structured approach to hiring and successful applications will progress through each step:
  • Take a TestDome programming test to assess your programming skills. It will take about an hour and include 3 reasoning questions, 3 programming questions, and ask for your resume and other details. (Naturally, we dogfood our product. You’ll get a chance to see what we are building to make hiring better.)
  • A video interview with a question content manager from your future team
  • Job offer

What we offer

  • Salary from $35,000 to $50,000 USD per year
  • Work from anywhere with flexible working hours
  • We cover the cost of a coworking space
  • Work-related education costs are covered
  • Paid public holidays based on where you live
  • 24 days of paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid special leave, including parental leave

To apply, start your screening test by clicking on the button below.

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Full Stack Product Engineer

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia
URL: https://www.cleankitchen.ee/

To help us bring our product to millions of users, we're looking for Full Stack Product Engineers, who will help us take our team to the next level.
What you will be doing:
As a Full Stack Product Engineer, you will be responsible for talking to the users, understanding what needs to be built, both front-end and back-end coding, development frameworks, and measuring the impact of your work. You should also be a team player with a knack for visual design and utility.
Your task and responsibilities:
  • Work with the product team to build-measure-learn lean startup
  • Design client-side and server-side architecture
  • Build the front-end of applications through appealing visual design
  • Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications
  • Write effective APIs
  • Create secure products 
  • Build features and applications with a mobile responsive design
Required competence and experience:
  • Degree in Computer Science, Statistics or relevant field
  • Proven experience as a Full Stack Developer or similar role
  • Experience in web development
  • Familiarity with common stacks
  • Knowledge and experience with Java, Spring & Spring Boot, React/Redux, JavaScript, Testing (Unit testing, TDD), OOP, Linux, Networking basics.
  • Familiarity with databases, web servers, and UI/UX design
  • Good communication and organizational skills
  • Excellent written and verbal English
How to apply?
Learn more:

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Rubato Sales Manager

Ingles 10 days

Headquarters: Tennessee, USA
URL: https://www.rubatomedia.com/

Position: Rubato Sales Manager
Salary Range: $60K (additional commission potential depending on experience level)
Type: Full Time Contract 

About Rubato Media 
Rubato Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in paid Facebook & Instagram ads and Google ads including YouTube. More importantly! We are a team of people who want to do two things at once 1. Travel the world and/or have the freedom to be where we want when we want. 2. Have a kickass career, building an industry disruptive product in a highly competitive agency market.

We don’t believe in the traditional agency that sells in clients and “manages” them. Instead, we believe that we are the key to their success as the marketing arm of their businesses. We believe that we are the connectors, connecting our clients’ innovation with a user base who would love to know what they have created. This requires us to not only be elite marketers, but also elite business consultants. We believe this is where the magic happens.

Our mission is to be so good at connecting our clients’ products to their market that our brand Rubato becomes the industry standard. If someone wants to market a product, they come to us.

About The Role: Sales Manager

The Rubato Sales Manager will be an integral part of our team which is currently made up of our Creative Director, Client Growth Director, Head of Media, two Media Managers and our CEO & Founder. We are pacing just under the $1MM ARR mark having 6X’d our growth from last year. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to help build something, you have come to the right place! The Rubato Sales Manager will work closely with our CEO to build out and manage a full cold sales program at Rubato. This will include developing qualified lead lists, building and managing outreach sequences in LinkedIn and Hubspot, scheduling discovery meetings, managing lead nurturing, managing all follow up, and helping seamlessly pass new deals off to the client & media teams. 

Rubato’s goal is true growth, not just quick wins. Our CEO and media managers are more than willing to join calls to fully close deals as long as all follow up is handled by the Sales Manager. 

Desired Skills
  • Hubspot Expert 
  • Process-driven followup on every opportunity 
  • Scientific approach to testing messaging & sequences 
  • Powerful listener
  • Able to easily understand the underlying business needs & concerns of prospects
  • Easily connects with prospects on a personal and professional level 
  • Ability to write targeted sales messaging to speak to prospect needs 
  • A deep knowledge of Rubato products and/or a burning desire & process for learning our products on a deep level 
  • Proven track record of building processes within a small startup environment to increase efficiency/effectiveness 
  • Facebook & Google advertising sales experience 
  • Integrates both themselves and the sales team & sales processes seamlessly within the rest of Rubato 
  • Hungry to always learn more

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and a cover letter to hr@rubatomedia.com. Please be sure to use the subject line: Rubato Sales Manager. We look forward to hearing from you!

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ASP.NET Software Engineer - Help us amplify change!

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://www.noviams.com/culture

At Novi AMS, we have changed the game. Our Association Management Software is the only AMS built by associations, for associations. We believe that our customers should love using our software and that our customers should be an integral part of the development process. Our team comes together daily to innovate and create impact – we like to call it amplifying change. We are looking for a .NET (C#) software engineer who is passionate about their work to join us on our mission.

As part of a small team, you will have an immediate impact on our growing SaaS business by helping us reach the next level in our technology and implementation. We are looking for someone who is mid-level in their career and is ready to level up with us as we continuously improve our platform.

What You’ll Do
  • Work fully remote – collaborate with your teammates using Slack, Zoom, & other tools
  • Contribute directly to our code base - .NET (C#) stack running on Microsoft Azure, with an MS SQL backend and JavaScript frontend
  • Collaborate with the development team to solve the technical challenges of how we build new features & scale our platform with our growing user base
  • Debug & troubleshoot complex support issues using standard .NET stack tools & Azure platform tools
  • Interact directly with our customers in collaboration on new features & support of existing systems

What You’ll Bring
  • 3+ years of experience in the C# .NET stack
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity and to deliver quality results quickly & efficiently
  • Excellent technical design, problem-solving, and debugging skills
  • Ability to self-manage and not require direct oversight of work
  • Experience in interacting and communicating with non-technical team members and customers – especially the ability to translate “tech speak” to something they understand
  • Passion for your work & continuous improvement
  • Based in & eligible to work in the United States
  • Bonus – Experience with trade associations or societies
  • Bonus – Experience with QuickBooks Online or other accounting systems

What We’ll Bring
  • Standards for Wellness – We offer health, dental, & vision insurance, along with health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts
  • Your Time Matters – Enjoy generous PTO, schedule flexibility, and paid corporate holidays
  • Plan For your Future – 401K retirement plan with a 3% company match, as well as life insurance and short and long-term disability benefits
  • We’re Fully Remote – Work where you want without the hassle. Whether you prefer to settle in one place or live the life of a digital nomad, you can take your work with you.
  • Family First – Fully-paid, 12-week maternity, paternity, and adoption leave policies mean you can take time off for growing your family
  • Connection Matters – We were meeting virtually before it was cool. From our Zoom group lunches and “First Friday” virtual happy hours to occasional opportunities to meet in person, you’ll never feel disconnected.
  • Professional Development – We invest in professional development for every employee, so you can pursue your next certification or attend continuing education.
  • Complete Collaboration – We work in 1 or 2 week sprints with sprint reviews & retrospectives. Our open door policy with managers and the company CEO means you’ll always feel heard and supported.
  • Your Own Tech Stack – Computer, equipment, and software is provided to help you thrive in your role. We provide every team member with an internet stipend and other reimbursements, so work never costs you.

Find out more about our culture @ Novi AMS: noviams.com/culture

Ready to join our team? We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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SaaS conversion-focused copywriter for site copy and email projects (freelance)

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: Oxford, UK
URL: https://getellipsis.com

Ellipsis Marketing is a forward-thinking agency for WordPress businesses. WordPress powers 37% of the internet and we support its product and service economy with digital marketing.

We sit at the intersection of digital marketing and the WordPress ecosystem, serving agencies who sell websites to the biggest companies in the world, and product businesses who sell functionality to WordPress users. We help our clients reach millions of users and are helping make the web more powerful and easier to use.

As a 100% remote team, we carefully balance collaboration with an environment that enables everyone to do their best work.

We're looking for freelance copywriters to collaborate with us on creating conversion-focused copy for high-level email marketing campaigns, as well as product/sales pages for our digital clients. You’ll work alongside our Conversions Manager and marketing team to create engaging content that supports our clients’ conversion goals.
If you are a great copywriter and have experience working on digital products/SaaS, please read on!

Requirements: hard skills 

  • Excellent conversion-focused writing skills that drive results for our clients
  • Expert-level CRO
  • Proven experience writing, proofreading and editing 
  • Availability to work ad-hoc on freelance projects, with scope for a guaranteed minimum number of projects per month after completion of trial period
  • Meticulous attention to detail (near-perfect spelling and grammar)
  • Native-level English
Requirements: soft skills
  • Fantastic communication skills: Remote work relies on mutual trust, so frequent and clear written communication is essential
  • Receptive to feedback and solutions-oriented: We share and learn from each other honestly, openly, and easily
  • Proven organisational skills: You must be obsessive with deadlines, managing and updating tasks, and totally reliable
  • Self-driven work ethic: You need to be self-motivated, comfortable taking the initiative, and see projects through to completion
Bonus points if you have:
  • Experience writing for social media
  • Knowledge of the WordPress product industry, or SaaS industry
  • SEO expertise beyond basic keyword research
  • Familiarity with project management and remote-work tools, e.g. Basecamp
  • Knowledge of email marketing platforms like MailChimp/Drip/Jilt
  • WordPress user (advanced usage desirable but not essential), Ahrefs, Google Analytics, GSuite
How you'll work

Our aim is to get great results for our clients, which typically means higher conversions. Our clients are either WordPress product businesses selling WordPress plugins, or WordPress agencies selling websites to clients.

We'd like to work with you on a freelance, ad-hoc project basis. Upon completion of a (paid) trial project, our working process involves discovery to start, followed by copy creation. We'll work with you on edits, and then take it from there.

We'd love to send you regular work, and work with you for a long time. We're fully remote, and this freelance role is fully remote too. If you think you’d be a good fit, we'd love to hear from you.

You can apply here.  We look forward to hearing from you!


- Alex and the Ellipsis team

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SaaS copywriter for site copy and email projects (freelance)

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: Oxford, UK
URL: https://getellipsis.com

Ellipsis Marketing is a forward-thinking agency for WordPress businesses. WordPress powers 37% of the internet and we support its product and service economy with digital marketing.

We sit at the intersection of digital marketing and the WordPress ecosystem, serving agencies who sell websites to the biggest companies in the world, and product businesses who sell functionality to WordPress users. We help our clients reach millions of users and are helping make the web more powerful and easier to use.

As a 100% remote team, we carefully balance collaboration with an environment that enables everyone to do their best work.

We're looking for freelance copywriters to collaborate with us on creating conversion-focused copy for high-level email marketing campaigns, as well as product/sales pages for our digital clients. You’ll work alongside our Conversions Manager and marketing team to create engaging content that supports our clients’ conversion goals.
If you are a great copywriter and have experience working on digital products/SaaS, please read on!

Requirements: hard skills

  • Excellent conversion-focused writing skills that drive results for our clients
  • Expert-level CRO
  • Proven experience writing, proofreading and editing 
  • Availability to work ad-hoc on freelance projects, with scope for a guaranteed minimum number of projects per month after completion of trial period
  • Meticulous attention to detail (near-perfect spelling and grammar)
  • Native-level English
Requirements: soft skills
  • Fantastic communication skills: Remote work relies on mutual trust, so frequent and clear written communication is essential
  • Receptive to feedback and solutions-oriented: We share and learn from each other honestly, openly, and easily
  • Proven organisational skills: You must be obsessive with deadlines, managing and updating tasks, and totally reliable
  • Self-driven work ethic: You need to be self-motivated, comfortable taking the initiative, and see projects through to completion
Bonus points if you have:
  • Experience writing for social media
  • Knowledge of the WordPress product industry, or SaaS industry
  • SEO expertise beyond basic keyword research
  • Familiarity with project management and remote-work tools, e.g. Basecamp
  • Knowledge of email marketing platforms like MailChimp/Drip/Jilt
  • WordPress user (advanced usage desirable but not essential), Ahrefs, Google Analytics, GSuite
How you'll work

Our aim is to get great results for our clients, which typically means higher conversions. Our clients are either WordPress product businesses selling WordPress plugins, or WordPress agencies selling websites to clients.

We'd like to work with you on a freelance, ad-hoc project basis. Upon completion of a (paid) trial project, our working process involves discovery to start, followed by copy creation. We'll work with you on edits, and then take it from there.

We'd love to send you regular work, and work with you for a long time. We're fully remote, and this freelance role is fully remote too. If you think you’d be a good fit, we'd love to hear from you.

You can apply here.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Please note: we're specifically after product page and email copy here, not blog posts. We do also work with freelancers on blog posts, and welcome applications through this form.


- Alex and the Ellipsis team

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Senior Software Engineer

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: United States
URL: https://www.duetdisplay.com

Senior Software Engineer
We are looking for a strong, independent engineer with product experience. At Duet, you can expect to own a large part of the product, with lots of control on future development.

As part of the team, you will be responsible for desktop engineering to build and maintain a reliable, scalable product. Experience building Mac (Swift, Objective-C) or Windows (C#/C++) apps strongly preferred, and iOS experience or web/backend is nice to have.

The position is fully remote, but we work as a close knit team and encourage strong collaboration to build the best product.

  • Windows (C++/C#) or macOS (Objective-C/C++/Swift) required
  • iOS, Android, or back-end experience nice to have

  • Experience with shipping desktop apps to a consumer
  • Looking for ownership of a product
  • Excited about new challenges every day
  • Comfortable with low-level engineering & real-time performance optimization
  • Able to understand & build for customer needs
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Paid Media Manager (Facebook Ads)

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: Norrköping, Sweden
URL: https://thenaplab.se


We are a fast growing e-commerce company from Sweden called The NAP Lab. We specialize in products that can improve your sleep!

Our main markets are currently Sweden, Denmark and Norway. In 2021 we are also launching in more European markets including Germany and Finland.

We have a showroom in Sweden, in the city of Norrköping. In this city we also have our warehouse and an office. We are a small but driven team with a strong background in international trade and e-commerce.

For us having a pleasant work environment is always essential, regardless if we are working remotely or not. We want to create a culture where work feels fun and positive.

We are now looking to hire a Paid Media Manager. You will be in charge of the entire media buying strategy. In 2020 our ad spend was around 1m USD, but we are hoping to at least double that this year (profitably). 

We’re looking for someone with at least 1.5 years of verifiable success in PPC and ad buying. You must talk the talk AND walk the walk. You will be reporting directly to the Marketing Manager who has a very strong understanding of Facebook Advertising, so we will know if you know your shit or not!

It’s important that you can work at both strategic and tactical levels. While you will have copywriters, designers, and video editors to support you, we want someone who isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.

What will you be doing?

You will be in charge of all Facebook Ads media buying. Setting up and running the accounts, conducting A/B tests, suggest improvements to the funnels etc. We would also love to see you develop your skills in other areas of e-commerce as well (reporting, conversion rate optimization, SEO) as well as other types of media buying (Google Ads, Pinterest, Tik-Tok etc.).

Media Buying & Management
  • Develop, manage and optimize comprehensive paid social campaigns (mainly Facebook Ads)
  • Audience research, audience building and ad creation
  • Audit and optimizing existing social media ad campaigns
  • Manage social performance reporting process
  • Organize hypotheses and recommendations
  • Communicate consistently and professionally with Marketing Manager
  • Setup, verify and troubleshooting pixels, tracking codes etc.
  • Setup, verify and troubleshooting FB product catalogs

What we are looking for?

  • Growth Mindset – You’re constantly seeking ways to sharpen your sword, learning new skills, seeking out mentors, networking, researching best practices, etc.
  • Data-Driven – Comfortable flexing the analytical side of your brain with a passion for pouring through reams of response data to detect patterns of success to replicate
  • Passion for digital marketing so strong that you talk to digital marketers in your spare time
  • We would love if you have a strong command in any of the following languages (not a must): German, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian or Danish
  • Strong written and spoken English language skills
  • Able to analyze data, set up dashboards, and self-manage
  • Extremely detail-oriented and organized
  • Enjoy working with others to create media such as landing pages, marketing videos, and copy
  • You want to be known as a great growth hacker, digital marketer, or product marketer
  • 1.5+ Years of Verifiable Experience with Paid Ads, PPC and data analytics
  • Someone with a proven track record of delivering a solid ROAS in Facebook Ads

Why you should join us

A GREAT opportunity to join a fast growing and exciting company. You will be in charge of  paid media, so this is really a great opportunity to take a leading role in our journey. We will offer a great package to the right candidate.

We are a FUN team! We are doing this because we like the freedom, and because we believe in our mission to help people improve their sleep. The human side of business is the most important for us, we want to build a team where everyone can feel positivity and excitement in their work-life.

We will give you a lot of chances to sharpen your skills. Our network includes a lot of the fastest growing e-commerce stores in the world. We will give you opportunities to take courses, talk to other paid media mangers etc. on an ongoing basis. We all know how quickly the landscape in e-com and paid ads changes.

We are very flexible. For us the most important is that you do the job we agree on. Where you do it or when is not our main concern. We believe in trust and a mutual understanding of where we are heading.

We would love to hear from you! Please send us your CV and a paragraph where you outline your proven track record in Facebook Advertising. Also let us know your expected salary range and your availability.

Thank you so much for your time :)
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PHP Developer

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: 100% Remote
URL: https://www.onthegosystems.com/

OnTheGoSystems is looking for a talented developer who excels in back-end design. The ideal candidate has a strong sense for usability and works great in a high performing team. This position involves using mainly PHP and some React + modern JavaScript.

The project and the job:

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to join our existing team of highly skilled WPML developers and together make a positive impact on our wide and expanding community of clients through innovation and improvement of our products.

Skills required:

  • Working experience in PHP and Javascript (3 years or more).
  • Strong background in efficient database usage with MySQL.
  • WordPress background (non-exclusive if you’re willing to self-learn it)
  • Know how to write tests and deliver tested code.
  • Have a good level of spoken and written English.
  • Think and act like a leader.

Bonus skills (will increase your chance of getting accepted):

  • React expert
  • Excellent GUI design skills
Besides being smart, autonomous, and a great developer, you need to be a team player. We maintain a friendly environment, which allows us to be productive and enjoy our work.

What we offer:

This is a 100% remote position. Candidates must be self-motivated, focused and organized to succeed.

  • Be part of a team of smart, creative, and like-minded individuals
  • Work on exciting, high-impact projects
  • Get a full-time and steady position
  • Have the freedom to create and implement innovative ideas
  • Meet and collaborate with team members across the globe.
  • Get great perks, including paid vacation, scholarship program, personal Kindle with an extensive library, home office set-up allowance, and more…
Because this particular team is located entirely in Europe, we are looking for candidates from European, the Middle East or African working hours.

If you’re interested in joining us, please send your application and let’s talk.
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SEO Writer

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: Zagreb, Croatia
URL: https://www.gemboxsoftware.com/

At GemBox, we make fast and easy–to–use .NET and Java components for developers, with a strong focus on file formats and well–documented APIs. Our components are used by more than 7000 companies worldwide (including NASA, The US Navy, Microsoft, and Deutsche Bank) to import and export various Excel, Word, and PDF files.

We are fully remote with a small and dedicated team based mostly in Croatia, EU. The team works in an agile style using the Kanban framework, prefers documentation over chat, and aims for async communication. To learn more about the way we work, check our public company manual.

About the job

Most of our customers find us through search engines. Positioning ourselves well on search engines for keywords we cover is crucial for us. We already have a list of keywords we target, SEO optimized pages for them, and tools that track our SEO metrics.

We want to improve our SEO, expand the list of keywords we track, and continuously improve pages that cover them. We have all the knowledge required to bring our SEO to a higher level, but we don’t have time to execute those tasks ourselves. We need someone who is excellent at writing SEO content to help us.

We’ll provide you with basic text that contains technical information and code snippets. If needed, we’ll tell you how to find keywords we should track and how to optimize pages for them. What we need from you is the willingness to learn new things, and the ability to improve our existing content so that it becomes easy to read and understand. You will also combine existing texts into new content that will cover new keywords, and continuously track the status of current keywords and optimize pages for those that are not positioned well.

Later we’ll expand your list of responsibilities with tasks such as contacting customers and writing about their success stories with our components, and improving our social media pages. 


  • Excellent understanding of the English language
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Basic understanding of HTML

Hiring Process

Our goal is to make an offer within two weeks. We have a structured approach to hiring and successful applications will progress through each step:
  • Take a SEO Writer test to assess your skills. It will take about an hour and include 12 questions ranging from English comprehension to basic technical skills
  • A video interview with a colleague from your future team
  • Job offer

What we offer

  • Salary from $21,000 to $30,000 USD per year
  • Work from anywhere with flexible working hours
  • We cover the cost of a coworking space
  • Work-related education costs are covered
  • Paid public holidays based on where you live
  • 24 days of paid vacation
  • Paid sick leave
  • Paid special leave, including parental leave

To apply, start your screening test by clicking on the button below.

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Back End Developer - Java/Kotlin

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: London/Remote
URL: https://ledgercomm.io/

We are looking for someone to join our back end development team. 

We are looking for someone with 3-5 years experience, working on backend systems. 
  • Experience from a fintech/bank/financial services, would be very beneficial.
  • Database knowledge (SQL and PostgreSQL), API knowledge (REST), Web Application knowledge in general
  • We use a programming language called Kotlin, so experience in this is important. But someone with good Java experience who wants to learn Kotlin can also be a good fit, as they are related languages. 
  • Experience with cloud platforms like AWS and similar beneficial.
  • Any frontend experience welcome
  • Fully remote position (ideally GMT + 3 hrs max) 

As part of our team you will benefit from daily exposure to our 3 partners and will report directly to our CTO, Christian. Christian has delivered massive projects for large organisations and is a true innovator. By reporting directly to the CTO, you will receive levels of mentoring that are simply not open to you at large companies.  Presenting your work at our weekly releases to the Partners will give you a chance to impress at every stage.

As part of your day to day role you will:

* Be working on designing, developing and maintaining software that is fundamental to building our new trading and settlement platform 

* Be working closely with internal stakeholders to rapidly deliver new services and enhancements to our product

* Be working towards our weekly deployments and interacting heavily with sales and product owners of LedgerComm to constantly add key features to our platform

Values/Mission statement

At LedgerComm we use Kanban, we work fast and lean. We thrive on a culture of constructive feedback and everyone's opinion is highly valued. We want highly motivated, results driven people who want to be part our exciting new project. We value innovation and forward thinking, we want people who are comfortable with their ability to influence and change the way things are done. We want people to help us apply technical solutions to real world problems faced by multi-billion $ asset managers. 

There is potential here to impress and power up your career by helping us deliver a game changing product and smash through company milestones. 

LedgerComm is over 1 year old already has been flagged as one London’s top Fintech start-ups. We are excited about our product and the innovation it brings.


Be part of a growing technology startup and help shape the future of the corporate loan market
Collaborative, flexible, and friendly environment
We offer competitive salary plus the option of equity participation 
Access to product experts and a highly skilled cross discipline tech team 
28 days holiday 
Small team with direct mentorship from the CTO

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Senior Frontend Engineer

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: Anywhere
URL: http://www.remote.com

Remote is THE global platform that enables companies to employ people anywhere in the world, taking away all legal and compliance complexities. Remote handles global payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for businesses big and small. (read more about how it works). 

Remote is fully remote (ah!) and you can read more about us in our public handbook. More specifically, the team you'll be joining: 25 engineers, spanning across Frontend, Backend, SRE and QA. We're organised into product teams composed with engineers, designers, product managers, operations and finance, each dedicated to achieving the same goals in a specific domain.

How we work

We love Working Async and this means you get to do your own schedule. The Remote Engineering team uses a simple approach to productivity and task management and you can read more about it in The Remote Flow.

We empower ownership and proactivity and when in doubt default to action instead of waiting.


  • Previous experience working as Frontend Engineer/Developer for at least 4 years
  • Solid understanding of Javascript ES6
  • Proficient with React
  • Experience in writing meaningful tests to React apps, with Jest and React Testing Library or Enzyme
  • Interest in build pages with performance, accessibility and API design in mind
  • Attention to the details when implementing UI mockups made by our amazing design team.

Experience Bonus

  • Next.js
  • Cypress
  • Elixir/Phoenix
  • Docker
  • GitLab CI


  • Unlimited personal time off - Read our Time off policy
  • The equipment/tools you need to do your job well and comfortable
  • Training budget
  • Good salary and company options

Application process

  1. (async) Application is reviewed by your future manager (CTO)
  2. Interview with the recruiter
  3. Interview with the CTO
  4. (async) Code exercise (async, no deadline, a very simple exercise)
  5. Interview with the team (no managers on the call, just for you to get a sense of who you'd be working with)
  6. (async) Offer
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Sales Development Representative

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: United States
URL: http://flydata.com

We are 2nd time SaaS founders. We created and grew Recruiterbox.com to 3000 customers and a team of 55 (8 sales) over seven years. We sold the company to a private equity fund in 2018. In mid 2020, we acquired FlyData from its founder and are now growing its revenue to $1mm and beyond. Read our story here and more about our founder here.

About FlyData

FlyData is a SaaS product that helps engineering teams centralize their production databases to their data warehouse (Redshift, Snowflake). Teams with fast growing data need data warehouses for real time analytics. FlyData is the piping infrastructure that makes real-time movement to warehouses faster. Think of it as Zapier for databases.

FlyData is more than half way to a $1mm in revenue and has exciting customers such as MoveOn.org, GoPuff App, Mercato.com and many more. We are also certified Amazon partners. Our CEO Raj is a sales whiz and has put some growth experiments in place, and we are now kicking off a structured sales process, which is where the first SDR comes in!

About The Role

As our first SDR, you will pair with Raj and kickoff a consistent and progressive outbound process to connect with our target market and get them to try FlyData. The SDR will specifically be responsible for:

  1. Setting up and sending outbound campaigns on email, LinkedIn and phone.
  2. Analyze what is working and what is not, and tweak follow-ups and target personas based on lessons learned.
  3. Utilize the tools in place such as Leadfeeder and G2 Crowd leads and run campaigns on those segments as well.
  4. Schedule demo calls from positive replies and qualify customers and/or guide to the free trial.
  5. Share lessons with peers and other SDRs to help them improve and mentor better team performance.

About You

  1. You are a high energy communicator that thrives on reaching out to folks and help them solve problems.
  2. You enjoy keeping score and love learning about the business beyond sales emails so you can have larger impact on our revenue efforts.
  3. You aspire to lead teams and be a mentor to others.
  4. You enjoy working remotely, and don't find zoom calls lonely :)
  5. Even if you are not super technical, you can understand problems that others have (i.e. engineers) and be interested in finding solutions.


We provide competitive pay, stock options and a chance to be part of the most global & innovative SaaS factory in the world. We all learn together and you will have an opportunity to work for our portfolio companies and grow across multiple organizations.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/flydata-sales-development-representative

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Web Developer (Sales Focus)

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: Hong Kong
URL: https://ampifire.com

We are a high-growth SAAS provider and international distribution network that caters widely to both small to medium businesses and consumers in various niches.

While our company is a start-up, it is already profitable and continues to grow year on year.

We've already sold products to over 20,000 customers, supported by a small and talented team (which is where you come in...).

Primarily we work on building innovative SAAS marketing platforms through a process of creating minimum viable products, and solving problems nobody else on the planet has solved to help online businesses succeed.

... This leads to an exciting and rapidly evolving development, and being part of a fun, cutting-edge start-up!

And while our growth and success has so far has been something we're all extremely proud of and excited by...

... we've now hit a bit of a snag.

To take things to the next level, we need to expand our team of talented and enthusiastic people to keep the momentum going, keep our customers and users happy - and maintain the excellent quality and value we provide.

Right now, we're looking to hire a Software Developer to create and maintain our sales and marketing pages, sites & applications. This position will give you an excellent opportunity to take on a wide range of interesting projects and to learn on the job from our talented technology and marketing teams.

On top of that, we're a very 'dev friendly' company. One of the founders is a developer himself, so we appreciate the need for 'normal hours', flexibility , personal space and to work in flow. We respect ideas, ingenuity, and listen to everyone on our team for insights on how to do things better. We also like to balance the 'cool workin + cool livin' philosophy, so the team blends together nicely, keeps a balance on work & life, communication is open, and it's an overall fun place to work.

In your role, you'd be reporting to the Engineering Manager, and would be the go-to person for our sales tech-related needs. Our sales applications involve full-stack development, using a variety of tools and technology to get the job done. You'll be influential in choosing those technology solutions and, over time, you would take over ownership of the entire sales-focused stack.

Our award-winning flagship software suite is in use by tens of thousands of customers. Every one of those has gone through our Sales & Marketing sites. We use CakePHP as our MVC framework, Vue.js for our front-end, Jenkins to manage our testing & deployment, and Docker/Swarm for environment management. We pride ourselves on writing high-quality code, so we do frequent code inspections, pairs programming, and write lots of automated tests.

Sales & Marketing Technology requests often require quick turnaround and on-the-fly development as new requirements emerge. So you'd also be setting up setting up dynamic landing pages, implementing the vision of our designers and assisting with social media advertising.

In addition, all of our developers assist our customer support staff and take care of internal IT assistance.

Required Skills:

  • A positive, can-do attitude that is genuine and infectious
  • An ability to work through changing requirements by working fast and asking lots of questions
  • A sense of humor, for those days when you build exactly what was asked for... and it turns out they wanted something entirely different
  • A strong attention to detail
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Willingness and desire to learn and embrace new web technologies as they evolve
  • Excellent Communication and Fluent English
  • 2+ years relevant experience working as a web developer
  • Experience with a PHP MVC framework, Javascript + JS frameworks, as well as CSS and its variants
  • Experience with pairs programming and other Agile/Scrum development techniques
  • Experience working with a high-performing development team that prides itself on writing maintainable, readable & scalable code
  • Experience with Bash, Git and Docker

For our Web Developer position we offer the following benefits:
  • The ability to work from your home office on a full-time basis
  • Flexible work hours
  • Observance of religious holidays
  • Opportunity for performance-based bonuses and salary increases

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UX/UI Designer

Ingles 11 days

Headquarters: Irvine, California
URL: https://createape.com/

Work from home? Check! 
Full autonomy. You bet! 
Micro manage? Naaa ..ain't nobody got time for that.

We were going to post your average, boring job description but that just does not showcase who we are as a company ;)

Who we are:
Fun and lean ux agency

What we are looking for:
UX designer/researcher for remote contract role with potential for full-time.  
Salary is 3-5K a month with lots of room to grow. 

Type of work:
  • User testing and data analysis
  • Informational sites
  • Parallax sites
  • Mobile apps
  • Complex web apps
  • Wireframing + prototypes (Holla @ Invision/Figma yo!)

What you need to bring to the table:
  • We are really looking for a user testing, split testing, data crunching, analytics loving guru :)
  • Be able to work during our business hours (9am to 5pm PST).
  • Be available throughout the day via slack/email/etc.
  • 4 or more years of UX/UI design experience and a portfolio to back it up.
  • Wizard with Figma/Sketch
  • Ability to create clickable prototypes using Figma/InVision.
  • Experience with PM tools to post and collaborate on projects (we use clickup).
  • Extensive experience in using UX/UI design best practices to design solutions and a deep understanding of mobile-first and responsive design.
  • Ability to iterate designs and solutions efficiently, quickly, and intelligently.  
  • Ability to present to clients and work closely with stakeholders on projects. 

Big bonus if you can:
  • Have some print design chops working in Illustrator + indesign 
  • Basic knowledge of front end code (HTML. CSS, etc)

If you like what you see and want to get out of that commute...holla at us with your portfolio, resume, and seriously... a funny or interesting cover page!

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WordPress Support Specialist

Ingles 12 days

Headquarters: Mclean, VA
URL: https://www.yokoco.com/

Hi. We’re not looking for your average, everyday customer support specialist. 

For us, providing excellent customer support isn’t simply about checking boxes or resolving tickets: It’s about demystifying the technical, empathizing with people, and thinking about opportunities beyond the request. 

If you’d like a position where you can pair your primo technical chops (largely WordPress) with your top-notch communication skills, we’d like to hear from you. 


Your day-to-day will change, but your core charges include: 

  • Owning and managing “Yoko Co Support,” which encompasses a variety of issues reported by our clients. 
  • Researching, troubleshooting, and identifying solutions to resolve customer issues.
  • Providing prompt and accurate feedback while ensuring an exceptional level of customer care.
  • Partnering up with the rest of the Yoko Co team on development and technical tasks for ongoing projects and initiatives.
From listening to clients, to tackling requests, hands-on involvement and a positive attitude are absolutely crucial to your success here.

Technical Skills

  • Deep knowledge of WordPress, including themes, plugins, common configurations, and quirks. 
  • The ability to write and edit custom HTML and CSS.
  • An understanding of the underlying technologies behind WordPress and web development, including PHP, MySQL, and general website and hosting-related topics, like DNS, redirects, and site performance. 
  • At least 1-2 years of professional experience working with WordPress.

Added Bonus:

  • Professional experience developing WordPress plugins and themes
  • Experience with search and performance optimization

Soft Skills & Personal Traits

  • You should be someone who feels energized by solving problems and learning new things. 
  • You’ll need excellent communication skills. 
  • The ability to multitask is critical.
  • And, most importantly, you should care about the work you do.

About Us

We’re a digital marketing agency that works exclusively with clients who are trying to make the world a better place. Everyone here works remotely, and we have people located all over the world. Fostering an incredible work culture is extremely important to us, and we’ve been named one of the best places to work by the Washington Business Journal.


In exchange for your skills, we’ll provide a flexible work schedule, medical benefits, great pay, participation in our annual shutdown (we close for about two weeks at the end of every year), and we take off most federal holidays, plus a bunch of other days, too. Most importantly, you’ll be immersed in work that makes a positive impact.

Make sure you include your resume and tell us why you think you’d be a great fit for the position. Also, share something cool that you’ve learned recently. Weird trivia encouraged. 

We accept international applicants, but you have to be willing to work typical U.S. business hours (or something close to them).

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Account Manager - 100% Remote!

Ingles 12 days

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.inside.com

Hey! We’re excited to see that you have an interest in working with us!

We are Inside. We believe in the power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and those that dream and dare to build the world of tomorrow. We want to inform, educate, and inspire others in business and entrepreneurship, and share the power and opportunities those fields provide.

Inside.com is a network of B2B email newsletters. We publish high-quality roundups that curate, summarize, and analyze all of the most important news in many different verticals and industries. Some examples are venture capital, electric vehicles, XR, AI, e-commerce, and more. Our readers are tech-savvy business professionals based in major US cities and our main objective is to make them smarter so they can thrive in a fast-paced business environment.


In this client-facing role, our Account Manager's main objective is to support our clients and make sure their campaigns are a success. We mostly work with B2B companies like Slack, Canva, Electric and Flatfile. You will work with clients directly and support our account executives in all post-sale and some pre-sale activities.


  • Client onboarding: Owning the advertising partner’s transition from pre-sale to post-sale, supporting IO and other onboard activities like reserving inventory, working with in house creative team, establishing KPIs and other benchmarks for success and facilitating kick-offs.
  • Media planning: Supporting client partnerships team with pre-sale strategy based on client’s KPIs, budget, timing, capabilities, etc.-
  • Client success: Monitor campaign performance and make recommendations based on performance expectations and goals.
  • Client retention: Work closely with your AE team members to develop client renewal opportunities based on client goals and objectives.

Below are the necessary skills to be a successful account manager at Inside. We also consider relevant experience, culture fit, and willingness to develop new skills.

  • 2+ years of professional experience in sales and/or account management. Experience/passion in media, SaaS, or similar industries is ideal.
  • Creative and curious: Your main goal is to make sure campaigns are a success and get clients to renew. Crafting strategies and presenting ideas to clients requires creative thinking and problem-solving. You love learning new advertising strategies and are inspired by clever ads that engage audiences.
  • Data-driven: Our clients have goals and we need to help them get there through data and recognizing patterns over time to get the best results. You love analyzing trends but know how to take action and build out a winning campaign strategy.
  • Organized: You will be managing 20-30 campaigns at a time and you will need to be organized to make sure things run smoothly.
  • Resourceful: We’re a fully distributed team and you need to be able to operate when others are not readily available. We have plenty of team members across multiple time zones so you will likely always have support but taking initiative and being resourceful will help you succeed here.
Other nice-to-haves

  • Experience in digital marketing.
  • Familiarity with tools like Outreach.io, Pipedrive, Slack, and Notion.

  • We're a fully remote company!
  • Full-time position with a competitive salary and commissions.
  • Health, Vision, and Dental insurance available.
  • Generous PTO plan.
Are you still reading? Great, maybe you're a good fit. Please fill out this application and we'll get back to you soon!

Please be prepared to answer the following questions in your application:

  • Why do you think you'd be a good fit for this role at Inside?
  • What’s your favorite digital ad campaign and why
Questions? kevin[at]inside.com

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Outbound Sales Representative - Commission Only

Ingles 12 days

Headquarters: London
URL: http://bant.io

We are seeking a talented, resourceful Outbound Sales Representative, who will bring both experience and a roll-up-the-sleeves approach to sales. This is an opportunity to join a world-class team at a key moment for a proven product with huge potential.

This position does not require any prospecting as we will provide you with the outbound generated leads (positive responses with interest). You will be responsible for taking the conversation forward and closing the deals.

Impeccable English is a Must.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:
Be responsive and motivated to convert hot leads into new customers.
Agree and achieve growth and sales targets
Document all activities and customer touch-points in the CRM

IT literacy
Previous Outbound Sales experience and pipeline management
Strong Communication and Negotiation Skills

Ability to maintain sharp attention to detail
Excellent listening, negotiation and presentation abilities
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Impeccable English is a Must.
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Chief Revenue Officer - Machine Learning for Medical Diagnostics

Ingles 12 days

Headquarters: Berlin
URL: https://www.datarevenue.com

We build Machine Learning solutions for Pharma and Biotech research teams.

What it's like working at Data Revenue:
- Challenging and deeply technical topics (medical diagnostics & MLOps)
- A pragmatic, open minded environment with no bureaucracy
- 100% remote 🌎
- Team Trips twice a year - we usually go sailing. ⛵️

Your mission as the CRO:
- Win new BioTech and Pharma clients.
- Build a sales process – and later – a sales team.

What's special about this sales position:
- Sell to medical researchers and data scientist. Who are pragmatic, straightforward and curious people.
- Lots of supporting material: Our blog and free open source tools help you build trust with researchers.
- You'll be leading the sales efforts: You have the freedom to experiment and build up the sales process.

- 3+ years B2B sales experience, ideally selling services
- Eager to go beyond "best practice"
- Knowledge in either machine learning, Pharma & Biotech or selling software services

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Mid-Level Frontend Web Developer for E-Commerce Agency [Templating languages, React + Shopify experience a plus]

Ingles 12 days

Headquarters: New York City
URL: http://www.vaangroup.com

Hi there! My name is Xavier Armand and I am the co-founder of The Vaan Group (www.vaangroup.com): a remote UX design and engineering agency and product studio with headquarters in NYC. We’re looking to hire a mid-level frontend web developer to work on e-commerce projects. 

What do we mean by mid-level? To us, a mid-level developer moderate oversight, has some well-informed opinions on their tech stacks and is self-directed enough to get answers, can work with other developers, and are able to understand and maintain high-quality web applications. Well-qualified candidates have an excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, deployment, refactoring, design patterns, and other programming practices. For this position, familiarity with templating languages/CMS's (i.e Shopify or Wordpress), and React are required. Experience with Shopify a plus!

Our clients range from large e-commerce enterprises (>$100M per year) to successful mid-stage ($1M - $50M per year) direct to consumer e-commerce brands. You can see the full range client work/portfolio at our website.

In this role, you'd be improving, architecting, and supporting our portfolio of clients with their online stores. The is impactful work for brands that generate $10MUSD and beyond. Sometimes you'll be building custom themes using liquid. Other times, you'll be creating bespoke apps to support custom experiences in React. 

We’re a realistic group, not looking for rockstar ninja wizards. Our team resides (or is working from) New York, Poland, California, Spain, Brazil, Dominican Republic, The Netherlands and Norway.

Reasons to work at TVG:
  • Exciting projects and clients
  • Multi-national team + remote team meetups in places like Warsaw, NYC, and Lisbon (once Covid passes)
  • Profit-sharing program
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Python Developer Coach

Ingles 12 days

Headquarters: NYC
URL: https://raise.dev

We are hiring an experienced Python developer who loves to teach. You’ll support a group of early-career software developers as they work on applications in your language of expertise. Responsibilities include: 1-on-1 and 1-to-few mentorship, code review, pair programming, and a dash of community building.

The ideal candidate has enough on-the-job problem solving experience to coach early-career developers, competency with the language, tools, and libraries of their stack, experience contributing to open source, and strong communication skills. Individuals who are high-empathy, social, and well-spoken will thrive in this role. You should be ready to enthusiastically teach best practices of software engineering and remote work.

While you are focused on helping early-career developers, we will be focused on helping you. Our founder has over a decade of industry experience and has an equally long track record of helping their teammates advance in their careers.

We are looking for experience in the following areas:

  • General: Git / GitHub, Code Review, Pair Programming, Shell, REST APIs
  • Python: Django, Flask, ML

Looking to start in early February.
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